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Valentine’s Day. A date that can generate joy and warmth in the hearts of some, pain in the pockets of others, repression in enemies, hope for singles and a great excuse to stay at home watching Netflix, regardless of their status. But one thing is undeniable. It is a date that brings to our minds and […]

Valentine’s Day. A date that can generate joy and warmth in the hearts of some, pain in the pockets of others, repression in enemies, hope for singles and a great excuse to stay at home watching Netflix, regardless of their status.

But one thing is undeniable. It is a date that brings a lot of love to our minds and hearts. Everything very sweet, everything very cute…

And those who think that all of this is not about your company, especially your marketing, are mistaken. There is something very wrong if you are not in a serious relationship with your client or trying to win him over.

Today we will see how there is no Love Marketing like Content Marketing. One who treats customers as a persona to be conquered, not as a mere statistic at the end of the month.

7 out of 10 companies are already using this Marketing do Amor, and you can’t be left behind.

If you want to have a serious relationship with your customer you are in the right place. Today Websites Are Us is with a lot of love at heart and we will teach you the whole process, from winning to marriage, so you can start to believe in a happy ending for your brand.

Open your heart and check it out!

The first step in starting a relationship is to find the right person. It is no different for your company.

To better understand who your ideal match is, use our fantastic personas generator.

Imagine that you are going to enter the conquest market now, and single as you are, you need to conquer your first customers. For this you go to a suitable place to find a partner. There are several types of nightclubs (for example): for those who enjoy rock, for those who enjoy pop, for straight people, for LGBT people, etc.

Your target audience is one of those nightclubs.

But if you get there and try to scream in the middle of everyone “buy me” it won’t be very successful. It is no use trying to talk to everyone at the same time. You need the ideal match, the ideal persona. The one that represents who would be the definitive buyer for your brand. And it is she who you will approach.

Finding the right person is not so difficult. But here’s a reflection for life: are you the right brand? Are you the persona you are looking for looking for?

It is this reasoning that should guide how you will lead your persona through the Funnel of Love.

Jhonny Bravo vs Jéssica Rabbit

Before entering Funil we need to talk a little about the approach. You already know what Inbound and Outbound Marketing is, but here lies the truth never told, these two ways of doing marketing are an accurate representation of two seduction techniques that have as main representatives of their methodology the talkative Jhonny Bravo and the seducer Jessica Rabbit.

Jhonny is adept at Outbound, while Jessica, smarter and more subtle, explores Inbound. These two represent classic stereotypes and seduction and which you will recognize below:


The Outbound approach is usually invasive and interrupts us in the middle of our daily routines. Some examples of common Outbound campaigns are:

“Hey at home huh”

“How much curve! I even lose the brake! ”

“Are you sure you don’t want to?”

“Do you want to see the hair on my chest?”


“You must be Google. Everything I need to find in you ”

“I am a Pokémon without Pokémon, will you stay with me or not?”

Among several other variants, which are usually introduced by an unpleasant “what’s up, kitty?” and followed by some embarrassing and intimidating arm-holders, as well as attempts to shove the product down the persona’s throat.

Generally, supporters of this approach think “oh, Jhonny never deserved to be beaten”.

The approach can happen at the most inopportune moments, such as in the middle of the street, in a dialogue with a friend, while waiting for the boyfriend to go to the bathroom… and has a huge impact around construction sites, with a 0.1% utilization (with a 0.1% margin of error, probably less).

In general, for them, there is no ideal persona, only the target audience.

Customers are commodities, it doesn’t matter if X won’t buy if Y and Z will. When in fact customers should be and feel special. Even if Y and Z buy, X matters!

Any skirt in a skirt for Jhonny Bravo was the same.


Inbound campaigns take a completely different approach – and much more effective. You will never see Jessica Rabbit approaching a guy with an “ô at home” or “boy delight”.

With regard to conquest and seduction, Jessica gives Jhonny Bravo a bath.

They don’t have to be invasive, just a look, a hairdo or a song to get the persona’s attention. And when they are interested, Jessica presents quality content.

Companies that practice inbound need not be looking, but they know how to be found.

Funnel of Love

After knowing the two main types of approach to winning a client, we will focus on the one that you represent by Jessica Rabbit, but that should represent all singles looking for an ideal partner.

To achieve the ultimate goal of the brand, it is necessary to make the client go through the entire dating journey and at the end say “yes” to your company.

And nothing better for that than using a Content Marketing strategy.

This process can be quick when you find a persona who already knows what he wants and his problems. It already appears with interest and it is up to your brand to conquer it. But it can be a longer process with personas who still don’t know they have a problem.

The funnel is divided into three main steps: attraction, conquest and passion.


The first step in winning over your customer is attraction. You need to get the attention of a person who is not thinking of dating at that time. The top of the funnel is the beginning of everything.

Remember that in this huge nightclub called the internet, there are plenty of other companies wanting to attract your persona. Many of them will burn themselves, using prehistoric conquest techniques that would leave Kotler (the Freud of marketerian psychoanalysis) standing on end.

Many other brands will know how to present quality content to attract their ideal customer to them. And as we know, there are no companies that are not jealous. You will not want to lose customers to your competition.

Learn now how to stand out from the competition and attract your customer

Take care of your look

Nobody falls in love at first sight, but the first impression is that it will draw the persona’s attention to arouse interest in your brand.

Some techniques are essential for you to dress well and slap the look of your content:

Title: the title is the first impression a reader has of your content, and if it is unattractive why would he be interested in reading what you produced? Every title needs to fit the tactic AIDA: Ai DelA if you don’t click on me.

Just kidding.

AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. And your title needs to fulfill that role. Have you ever wondered if you are at an event and find a potential good looking partner, but using a crocs and a pouch?

A title needs to spark interest and show the reader what you have to offer.

Scanability: another problem that can ruin your look is the lack of scannability. Blocks of text, lack of intertitles, no image, etc.

There is no point in having a good title if when the customer approaches he has no desire to read the content.

Imagine the guy in the pack, now wearing a very pompous suit. Then you approach and the tie is crooked, the shirt out of the pants, three buttons unbuttoned and hair like yours when you wake up.


Even more important than the visual, is the content. Let us return to the young man in the suit, now with the buttons aligned and the tie with a beautiful Windsor knot.

He attracted the click and aroused the urge to read, but then the content … it sucks. A superficial being, who only talks nonsense and just wants to talk about himself and his deeds.

Bad top content is enough to scare the funnel customer.

Now you’ll learn how to make great content for the top of the love funnel:

Don’t talk about yourself: ok, the blog is yours, but remember that he is not for you, is for your persona. The content is not intended to solve your problem, but that of the persona.

Remember that you are at the top of the funnel, it is not time to talk about you. It is time to listen and introduce the persona why she should know you better and then you talk about yourself.

No one else wants to date a client who spends more time looking in the mirror than you do. Imagine your first conversation with the boy and he has already told you about all his relationships, that his mother makes the lunch box, that he takes 45 on the bench press and earns 10,000 a month.

Talk about what interests your persona! Series, marketing, agriculture, whatever.

Know your persona well: directly related to the topic above, getting to know the persona well is the ideal point to know what to talk to her about. You’ve punctuated the pains of this persona, it’s time to show that you understand them and that you know how to help.

Of course, it is not yet time to sell yourself as the solution.

Promise what you keep: as we said the title is the first impression and through it you make a promise. Deliver on that promise with your content. Don’t show up in a suit if you’re going to behave like a wild australopithecus.

Prove your good headline with good content and never promise what you will not keep.

Quality: Just imagine that cute company, squandering all its sales potential and when you get close, all she says is “5 reais”.

It’s that cute brand that only knows how to talk about one thing or that thinks more about quantity than it talks about, rather than quality. Listen to the persona and respond to her expectations with good content.


Attraction wins, it’s time to win that customer. He’s already interested and you need to know how to take advantage of that interest. Now you can make some offers that you wouldn’t have done before.

If you passed the persona of the attraction phase and she is now a lead, you have her contact. It’s time to feed that attraction that went on the night before.

Of course, you shouldn’t be on top, but make offers spaced out with the use of email marketing and observe how it reacts.

In positive cases, it is time for a second date with the client, it is time to take him out for ice cream in the square and continue with this flow of passion nutrition.

At appropriate times you can talk a little about yourself, of course, without going into too much detail. You will conquer it little by little. Do not deliver everything at once. You need to have your surprises for the moment to awaken the passion. A little suspense doesn’t hurt anyone.

Offering some gifts at this time is positive. Flowers in the form of mini courses or a box of chocolates in the form of free ebooks, among other options. Follow your heart!


If you’re reaching the end of an achievement, it’s time to spark your client’s passion. Did he gladly receive your chocobook? Did you take good care of the mini-florsus?

Did he like your content in the middle of the funnel?

This means that the persona is willing to buy your fish. It’s time to invest heavily and show who you are and everything you have to offer.

Continue with the nutrition flow of passion and when you have the opportunity show a successful case, offer a free trial of your product. It’s that kind of content at the bottom of the funnel of love.

Now that she knows you, it’s time to go for the first kiss and finish selling your product. I don’t even need to say that the product needs to fulfill what it promised, right !?

But as this is not part of Love Marketing, it is up to you to deliver a good product.

It doesn’t end in the first kiss

As well? Already sold! I don’t need that customer anymore!

No company in history said.

As good and smart as you are, you know that it is not worth just a night of joy with your client or just being on the first kiss.

Companies want commitment to their personas, a serious relationship. Companies want to date and marry their customers.

That is why it is essential to maintain contact after the first kiss. It is much easier for that person to want to kiss your company than someone who has never kissed you and will have to go through the funnel of love.

Keep offering gifts, show that you care for him and did not just want to sell your product once.

It is important to emphasize that, in this story, only customers are monogamous. Companies, jealous that they are, will not accept seeing their customers with other companies. She really loves the customer.

And they need to do everything to make them feel special and feel safe, knowing that they don’t need other companies to be satisfied.

The client, not jealous, respects the polygamy of the companies and when they like what they received, they speak well to their friends, bringing more and more dating to you.

So don’t let it end in passion. Feed and retain your customer. That’s where love comes from. He will always be by your side.

Content Marketing can make you and your client have a fairytale ending. Keep feeding the relationship, making special promotions for your current boyfriends and then they will say yes, every day, to your Brand.

And you and your client will live happily ever after.