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Defender Marketing is an innovative strategy to generate fans for your brand. Learn more about Defender Marketing here!

The survival of companies both inside and outside the universe online it is increasingly related to the participation and loyalty of its customers.

They have come to play an even more important role in marketing and business communication.

How many negative reviews of a place or product have you seen that have had no consequences for the brand?

Of course, there is also the other side, the Defenders side!

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Defender Marketing is a focused tactic for your business evangelists.

Those customers who are promoters of your company, actively participate and interact in their communication channels, in addition to advocating for your brand.

Ready to learn more about Defender Marketing?

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Who are your brand advocates?

Do you know that engaged customer, who disseminates your content, interacts on social networks and makes a point of depending / recommending / promoting your business to your followers?

He’s your defender!

They are customers who, through a good shopping experience, company values, product quality (or several other aspects) identified with your business and nurtured a closer relationship with you.

But the most important thing to consider is to understand how they can help your business.

Most of the recommendations that work best for businesses are made in person.

Clearly, your advocates consider your product, or service, to be a positive thing in their daily lives.

One of the great challenges for companies is to bring these conversations to the digital world as well.

Where they have more tools to interact and nurture relationships with new customers, who can become brand advocates.

How did the brand advocates

Brand Defenders are a natural evolution of so-called brand ambassadors (brand and product ambassadors).

This has always been a very common practice in the advertising world: a celebrity or well-known figure has become the defender of a product or service.

Of course, through an advertising contract. That is, it was a transaction.

Although similar ideas still happen digitally (with vloggers, bloggers, Youtubers, etc.), the ease of creating content and interacting through digital channels brings another type of “ambassador”: the common user, who uses networks to communicate with their friends, search for products, ask questions and more.

The brand advocates they are those customers who naturally tend to support a brand, refer them to their friends and acquaintances and help to spread the company in other markets, through interaction and sharing within the brand channels.

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Why is Defender Marketing important?

Today, consumers are looking for the added value of products.

It is not enough to have the best product or service, you need to offer something more.

Whether through the company’s values, communication, customer experience.

Does not matter.

What matters is to create this differentiation in the market.

Where does Defender Marketing come into this?

Well, you already have this differentiation, right?

Your customers like your service and are willing to defend your brand.

What do they need? From a voice.

O advocate marketing has as main objective to give voice to these consumers.

Thus, it becomes much easier for them, telling their positive experiences with your brand, sharing with friends and acquaintances how your business can also help them.

Think of that satisfied customer as a part of your online advertising.

But a type of ad that gives more return and credibility.

According to a Nielsen study, 92% of buyers trust products that are referrals from friends and acquaintances, 70% say that referrals from strangers also influence purchase.

The same study points out that brand advocacy referrals are 50% more effective than strangers.

What are the impacts of advocate marketing?

That defenders marketing is an excellent alternative to gain more customers, this is already clear.

But the benefits for your business don’t end there.

First, you win customers who are willing to defend your brand tooth and nail.

They are active on social networks, interact with your content and your channels.

But they also generate content!

And that is a very important aspect.

Brand advocates create content and that content is very interesting for your business.

Research by the Marketing Institute shows that content created by advocates receives 10 times more engagement than paid media and 7 times more than content published on the company’s official channels.

This is the type of content that helps followers and readers make the purchase decision (remember that advocate referrals are 50% more effective and 92% of customers make referral-based purchase decisions?).

This content, besides being much cheaper than the internal creation, is positive for your company both on social networks and on Google.

It is more than expected that your audience will be aware of the content created by other customers.

After all, other people’s opinions are very important when deciding which product to buy.

Thus, there is an expected movement on social networks, through a positive review or sharing a photo of your product.

The same works for Google.

Social media interactions, reviews, comments, all are important SEO factors – search engine optimization – and help your company rank better in searches (just think about Buzzfeed, for example, a channel dedicated exclusively to content created by users).

The Brand Defenders program

Within the marketing of defenders, one of the best strategies to win them over is the creation of a brand advocate program.

An efficient program is built with the customer in mind and how both he and his brand can benefit from the actions.

Think of it as an incentive for your customers to become more engaged, close and related to your business.

To create advocates, we need them to feel comfortable with the brand.

How to create a Brand Advocates program

To create a quality program, some details are important!

We have separated the main ones for you to consider when creating defenders marketing strategies.

Define what you want to achieve with the program

The first step is to clearly understand what your business seeks to achieve with a brand advocacy program.

Conquer new ones? Improve the engagement of the ancients? Increase sales from defenders?

You need clear goals to know where to start.

Make company goals clear to advocates

It is important that your advocates are aligned with the company’s goals.

Why does it happen?

Because all the content and actions that will be replicated by the defenders are directly linked to the objectives, strategies and tactics of your business.

Therefore, they need to understand (and support) the goals that your company seeks to achieve with the advocates program.

Believe me, they won’t mind helping to win more brand advocates for your company.

In fact, their main goal is to increase the exposure of your business and tell more people that you exist.

Know your defenders well

If you already have your brand advocates, you need to know them well.

Mainly because you need to ask yourself, are these the advocates I want?

Of course, we will not dismiss anyone!

But knowing your current defenders, knowing what your preferences are, how they behave and what they expect from your brand, it is possible to define the best actions to win over new defenders.

Create a scalable process

You may start with a defender, but the goal is to reach thousands (and millions!).

Therefore, a brand advocate program needs to be scalable, it needs to be adaptable to the expected growth of your strategy.

Do not forget to make the processes manageable.

An excellent tool for this is a software CRM – customer relationship management.

Don’t use Excel spreadsheets, huh?

Be engaging

Undoubtedly, your company has several interesting resources to offer to its defenders, right?

After so much time and money spent, they expect some return from your business!

They like to feel unique, and offering exclusive benefits and advantages is a great tactic to win over more defenders – and keep the old ones!

Encourage close contact between brand and consumer.

Give them access to exclusive channels and share content created especially for them.

Defenders like to feel their company’s rockstars!

Measure and optimize your program

Like everything in Digital Marketing, it is important to measure results and optimize efforts, isn’t it?

In a defenders program, it’s no different!

Define KPI’s – key performance indicators – relevant to your program and try to keep track of them frequently.

Define the key performance indicators is important, as they will give you the insights necessary to optimize your strategy.

Are the contents created generating results? Is the engagement of defenders satisfactory? Are new brand advocates emerging?

All of this will be much clearer with indicators to measure the performance of your program.

5 Advantages of Defender Marketing

In practice, a good Brand Defenders program brings expressive results to your brand.

We have separated 5 marketing advantages of advocates that you need to know. Follow!

1. Capture the best leads

Do you remember the indications of your defenders? They generate the best leads!

And they can be converted up to 5 times more than a lead generated through another process.

Encouraging referrals means generating more business opportunities with a greater chance of conversion.

Think of referrals as something like lead nurturing, but done by your advocates directly with your acquaintances.

2. Cultivate reviews

Positive reviews are very important.

Mainly because they appear in Google searches.

Defenders do not hesitate to make positive reviews and tell other people all the positive points of your product and your company.

3. Get the best references

Brand advocates are examples of satisfied customers with your brand.

So, they give tips and advice to your sales – and marketing – team about what works and what doesn’t.

4. Instant feedback on products and services

Need to test a new one feature or a new idea?

Certainly your Defenders will be on hand to give an opinion on a new feature of your company.

It is a good opportunity to test ideas without running the risk of damaging your company’s image in the market.

Sometimes, dropping an incomplete product or service can damage the positive image that has been built over the years.

5. More efficient content

The content you share becomes better and better with input of its defenders.

You will share everything, without fear, knowing that your followers consider that content relevant!

Not to mention what your own followers create.

It’s a material customer friendly, as it was created by themselves!

Remember to replicate them on your channels, huh?

It is important to strengthen the relationship and show your base that there are customers engaged within your base.

Defender Marketing is great for building a fan base.

Loyal consumers of your brand like to be recognized and a Defenders program is excellent for amplifying this interaction.

Brand advocates are not just loyal customers.

They are willing to share more, interact more and work for your company.

That is why it is important to create tactics aimed at them, actions that will expand their network of advocates, generate leads and strengthen your brand.

You can say that you liked the idea of ​​winning Defenders for your brand, right?

Therefore, we have separated one more indispensable content for you to learn how to combine Content Marketing and Defenders Marketing. In partnership with Vocatu, we created a super ebook on How to build defenders for your brand through content and the benefits of it. Be sure to read!

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