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When choosing a profession, we usually do a careful study of different areas of activity and add to that all our expectations of what would involve a successful career. Some of the main expectations may include a good salary, dynamism on a daily basis, the guarantee that the profession will still be relevant in the future, possibility of […]

When choosing a profession, we usually do a careful study of different areas of activity and add to that all our expectations of what would involve a successful career.

Some of the main expectations may include a good salary, dynamism on a daily basis, the guarantee that the profession will still be relevant in the future, possibility of evolution, etc.

Precisely for this reason so many people have been interested in entering the digital marketing market, since it is among the most interesting and promising areas today.

As you are reading this article, it is very likely that you are looking for a job in the field or looking for more information on how to work with digital marketing, right?

At the end of this post, you’ll have all the answers you need to achieve just that. Come on!

In this post you will see:

6 skills you need to work with digital marketing

Every profession requires certain skills, right? Some require above-average motor coordination, others require a high level of concentration and so on.

In the case of digital marketing it is no different, some skills need to be very well developed so that the campaigns in which the professional works can give results.

We have separated only 6 of them to give you a general idea of ​​what this career is all about and help you to prepare better. See what they are:

1. Knowing the digital world well

Digital marketing goes far beyond understanding some strategies and tactics focused on the internet.

For campaigns to really work, they need to take into account details of such a dynamic environment, such as user behavior and how they engage.

This even includes getting to know subjects that are not directly related to your work, such as knowing memes, popular terms on the web, new technologies, etc.

2. Ability to adapt quickly

One of the main features of the web is the speed with which things change. Concepts that were used yesterday may no longer be relevant tomorrow.

This makes the professional’s agility very important, as it is not enough to just adapt, but to do it before it is too late.

Taking time to act can be very expensive and is a risk that no company that invests in digital marketing is willing to take.

3. Analytical thinking

Many still consider marketing as an area that depends almost exclusively on creativity and that it is necessary to have a certain gift to work with it.

But, the truth is that without analytical thinking, focused to analyze metrics and extract insights from it, it is impossible to do well in the profession.

So, if you don’t have this characteristic, you need to develop it or you will have difficulties finding and maintaining a job in the area.

4. Creative thinking

But of course, digital marketing is not just about numbers! Creative thinking also plays a special role when it comes to creating effective campaigns and strategies.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that creativity is an imbalance factor in your favor. Why?

It can help you think of totally innovative solutions in a way that metrics analysis would never do.

5. Mastery of digital marketing concepts

How to work with digital marketing without knowing well the most used terms and concepts that are applied in the daily work?

To help you with this, here at WAU we have already produced several glossaries on various topics, such as:

But knowing the main terms is not enough. Dedicate yourself to deeply understand the concepts behind these strategies.

6. Team spirit

As you may have noticed, a digital marketing strategy involves many facets, so it needs to be developed as a team.

Therefore, it is essential that you have team spirit, know how to share information, accept suggestions – and in some cases, criticism – and not wanting to control everything.

These qualities will allow you to do quality work, promote a pleasant environment for everyone and learn from your colleagues.

3 tools that will help you get there

Following the traditional idea that a good professional has good tools, we will see some useful resources to help you achieve your goal.

Something you need to keep in mind is that knowledge is the main tool of a marketer.

Precisely for this reason, most of our referrals are aimed at increasing your knowledge and leading you to become an expert in the most diverse strategies.

Here are 3 types of tools and how you can use each one:

1. Books and blogs on marketing

Blogs and books on marketing are valuable resources to help you delve into the most diverse strategies and update yourself with the latest in the market.

In addition, blogs are sources of free information, and most books are inexpensive, some of which are also free.

2. Specific courses

Investing in Digital Marketing courses is also a great solution to specialize in certain areas of digital marketing that you consider most important or that you still don’t know so well.

Did you know that WAU University currently offers two free courses? You can learn for free about:

In addition, there are many other courses available to let you know the main topics of digital marketing.

Rock Content University

3. Job sites

You are already reading a lot, taking specific courses on your favorite topics and feel ready to try a marketing job. Where to look?

The main job sites that you can access to find the best jobs are and WAU Jobs, made right here by us, from Websites Are Us.

How to develop a respectful curriculum

The curriculum is one of the elements more important – and feared – when it comes to finding a job, and in digital marketing it goes a little further.

After all, the traditional curriculum model you already have may not be enough, as there are so many creative and innovative models circulating in the market.

In the search for recruiters’ attention, it is worth following some principles that can lead you to stand out, but without exaggeration:

Don’t forget the obvious

Before thinking about the details and how to make your resume unforgettable, let’s start with “rice and beans”, the basic information:

  • Full name;
  • Email;
  • Contact phone (preferably more than one);
  • Address.

It is common to include age, marital status, place of birth, etc., but by law none of these factors can serve as a selection criterion, so you do not need to include them.

Be direct in your message

The curriculum does not need to have too much information just to give the impression that you have vast experience or qualifications above average.

Be direct in your message, put only the essential information for the vacancy you intend to fill. This will save time for the recruiter and cause a better image about you.

Be sure to innovate

There are several ways to innovate with the marketing curriculum. Some professionals create a website with an interactive curriculum, others create videos, launch projects involving the company they want to join, etc.

The fact is that there are many ways to innovate, and a good solution is to seek inspiration online.

See what has already been done by other professionals in the field, how you can apply the ideas to the vacancy you want and get to work!

Show your skills through the curriculum

Take the opportunity to show your skills already in the curriculum. For example, a professional who creates an interactive website already shows that he understands the digital environment well.

In addition, there are a number of skills that you can demonstrate in the curriculum, such as organization, the ability to synthesize information, persuasiveness and so on.

Want to create an amazing resume to get your next job? Check out and download these amazing templates from Websites Are Us.

How to do well in the job interview

Congratulations, your resume worked and invited you for an interview! Now the concern is different, on how to do well to guarantee the second call or even if the job is yours.

As a marketer, you are expected to know how to “sell your fish”, so the interviewer is likely to be even more observant and cautious in choosing.

But, if you follow these 4 tips, you have everything to do well:

Show that digital marketing already lives

Through your answers, the recruiter will know if you really live digital marketing on a daily basis or if you just studied to give the right answers.

Make it clear, both in terms of what you say and the attitude in the interview, that you know what you’re talking about and that the concepts presented by the interviewer are not new to you.

Show enthusiasm and conviction

Enthusiasm and conviction are key to ensuring that the interviewer trusts your answers and sees you as a good addition to their marketing team.

How to show these qualities? Keep eye contact, try to be firm in your answers, but without losing your warmth, give examples to explain your opinions and always pay attention to what the person says.

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Research the company before the interview

This is a detail still underestimated by several candidates, not only in the marketing area, but researching the company in advance gives you an advantage in the search for the position. Why?

Many recruiters make room for questions. If at that time you show that you know what is going on in the daily life of the company, he will realize the value that you give the opportunity to work there.

Be specific in your responses

Do not take too long to answer, nor answer much more than was asked. Your ability to be brief and concise will also be noted in the interview.

No one wants a professional on the team who is too clumsy to explain a subject or solve a problem.

Thinking about that, be simple and respond in a practical wayis the best way to show that you are not that type of person.

4 tips to continue advancing your career

Even after getting the job, there is a lot to learn and accomplish. You will experience failures and successes, challenges and unusual situations.

The secret is to use these different experiences to become a better professional and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

There are 4 steps you can take to not stagnate in your career, but keep learning and eventually become a reference in the field:

Find mentors

Undoubtedly, you will work with more experienced people than you, and many of them will offer you help, either directly or indirectly.

Find these people to be true mentors and learn as much as you can from them. This can be done either by observing them or by asking questions where appropriate.

Learn from your mistakes

You will make mistakes, this is undeniable. Even the best and most experienced professionals do this. The secret is how you will react after making mistakes.

While average professionals can try to justify themselves or hide their faults by blaming external factors, those who become great at what they do learn from mistakes and no longer commit them.

Observe everything around you

Be a good observer, this will undoubtedly make your digital marketing career take a much better turn.

Those who observe a lot can learn from the mistakes and successes of others, see problems before they happen and opportunities where no one else sees.

However, do not just observe in order to point out flaws or criticize others, as this will not have the positive results we mentioned above.

Be sure to learn

Never stop investing in training and personal qualification, accepting suggestions and criticisms from others and let the metrics teach you what is best.

If you do this, maintaining a balanced thinking about your own skills and characteristics, you will be able to have a long and successful career.

Now that you’ve learned how to work with digital marketing, it’s time to work on continuing to develop your skills and attract recruiters’ attention with a respectable resume. And don’t forget that passing the interview is just the beginning of this exciting journey!

Participating in successful cases is one of the greatest pleasures of working with digital marketing. See, for example, how we use the buzz of a strong competitor to increase our traffic!

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