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Our team is constantly changing. In fact, this is quite common in startups. I don’t remember spending more than 3 months sitting in the same place. But this is all very important and is exactly what makes this type of company develop so quickly. We adapt to the needs […]

Our team is constantly changing. In fact, this is quite common in startups. I don’t remember spending more than 3 months sitting in the same place.

But this is all very important and is exactly what makes this type of company develop so quickly.

We adapt to changing needs in a short time and end up acquiring a lot of knowledge in this process, which can always be applied to test different things and discover new opportunities.

About a year and a half ago, we started – officially – the Product sector within our Marketing team, and I became part of it.

But, to be quite honest: I had no idea what that meant.

However, some time later, it is amazing how this new point of view about Marketing and about WAU itself changed the way we do Marketing, analyze our results and promote our service.

I decided to tell you a little bit of this story so that you can not only understand what Product is, but also understand how this concept can apply to your business.

It is important to note that, here at WAU, we work with a consultative sales model – more personalized and giving a consultancy to our customers.

Although this is not the ideal scenario for Product Marketing – which focuses more on actions aimed at product trials, for example – we managed to improve our processes in an absurd way.

First of all: what is Product Marketing

Product Marketing is a sector, within Marketing, responsible for the intersection of 3 very important areas in any business: product, marketing and sales.

Product Marketing
Source: Drift

Some companies look at the Product in a different way – going a little further and taking care of the support processes as well – but we pay attention even to these 3 aspects that directly influence a person’s decision making for their company.

In this way, we prioritize, here at WAU, for some points in particular:

  • How do we Marketing our product / service and generate demand in this regard;
  • How to improve the relationship between Marketing and Sales, not only in relation to the leads generated and how they reached the salespeople, but also …
  • How to improve the communication of the sales team with our potential customers, maintaining the same message that was already being passed in Marketing and reducing noise.

Product Marketing and Funnel Fund

As you may have noticed, Product has a very direct relationship with the bottom of the Marketing funnel, a point that deserves a lot of attention!

After all, you can have an excellent attraction of contacts, a great conversion of these people into leads, but if you can’t turn these people into customers, you are possibly losing money.

Source: Drift

Here at WAU, we expanded this point of view a bit and also took the middle part of the funnel – the conversion stage – into the Product sector, both to optimize actions and to make the process more fluid.

But, regardless of how you will migrate and implement this sector, the key is to understand that:

Product exists to improve your funnel fund, in metrics, in communication, in conversion, in sales and in the user experience!

Product Marketing responsibilities

Okay, now let’s get to the practical part of it all: how to do Product Marketing without just talking about your product at the bottom of the funnel.

As with any new industry, it is essential to have clear goals and targets and measurable to understand the impact that these actions are bringing to your business!

Generate demand for the company

We know that all Marketing already does this. But it is in the Product that the connection between the message passed through Inbound and the product that the company sells takes place.

Generating the bridge seems difficult for most businesses, which focus only on successful cases and content explaining their processes.

The idea of ​​this step in the Product is really to leave the comfort zone and think about new formats and channels that enable your persona to know more about your products / services and be able to fit them as a solution to their needs.

Understand the persona’s needs for the product

Creating content, tools, trials, quizzes and any other content that helps the buyer to have the first experiences with the solutions you can offer is a good start.

But you will only be able to do this if understand exactly what problems your company can solve, and for that it is necessary to take another step towards getting to know your potential customers better.

This can happen in several ways: testing content and evaluating results, talking to current customers, doing market research …

Marketing Research

But the main point is to understand effectively not who buys from you but the reason why people do that.

Help separate: who can and who can’t buy from you

Yes, there are people who can’t – or at least shouldn’t – buy from you:

  • Because they are not ready;
  • As they do not have service requirements (in our case, for example, the website is essential because we are going to generate demand for your business and we need these people to have somewhere to go);
  • Because it does not have the profile that your company expects and they may end up “churning” (canceling the contract), which represents more losses than profits for your business.

And those are just a few of the reasons.

But this is very important, both for Marketing to know exactly who to communicate with and who needs more nutrition, and for sales not to waste time with the wrong people.

In addition, it is essential that people have a good experience with your company, after all they are also indirectly responsible for Marketing.

So it is important to understand that failing to meet some people is a good thing for themselves and their business.

Position your brand in relation to your product

The idea is that through the Product you start to boost the market demand for the use of your product or service.

That is why it is important to establish here how you will convey this message: channels, language and differentials.

So much so that people really know what you do, and so that you don’t overdo it in that aspect of your communication – over-hammering your audience in the head of what you do without getting anywhere with it.

Provide good experiences with your product / service even before purchase

Here, thinking about all the contact points of our potential customers in the middle and bottom of the funnel was also fundamental.

For this reason, we paid special attention to our hand-raised pages and the contents of our website and blog that would take people closer to the bottom of the funnel.

For this, there is a keyword: tests!

Test what works best, how to leave as few doubts as possible in the mind of your potential buyers and how the messages you send can really look like your business and also clarity for those who interact with them!

Make Sales Enablement

The idea behind Sales Enablement is to empower your sales team: whether through content, technology or knowledge, so that:

  • They gain efficiency;
  • You can do more with what you already have.

In this sense, Product here at WAU strives to improve processes in the Marketing and Sales relationship, paying attention to the baton pass of the two teams and creating a favorable background to understand which points of this pass needed more maintenance.

What we gain from Product Marketing

Finally, in addition to all these processes, we gained other things with the implementation of the Product!

Both as professionals – of course – but also as a company.

We paid more attention to the bottom of the funnel

One day, in the middle of this whole process, we realized that although we were generating a lot of opportunities for WAU, the amount of content we had in the funnel background was very disproportionate.

And for less!

With 5 years in the company we created thousands of content on our blog, hundreds of rich materials… but when we looked at our funnel bottom, we had a maximum of about 5 materials!

We managed to chase the loss – without becoming boring and excessive in our channels – and that made us pay very special attention to all of our conversion points, especially at the bottom of the funnel!

We get closer to our product / service

It is impossible to talk about our product / service without understanding exactly how it works within the reality of each customer.

And this brought a very close relationship between Marketing and other sectors related to our deliveries.

And realizing these other points of view about what we do has helped us to understand new ways to get our message across and generate opportunities that are really focused on the solutions that WAU could offer.

In addition, as our platform was one of our greatest differentials, we also got closer to our Engineering and Product teams, both teaching a little more about Marketing, and improving internal communication about the improvements they made to our application.

We produce more content to help with the sales process

Another important point, speaking now of Sales Enablement, is that we also approached the sales team to better understand what were the biggest objections and difficulties they had in the process.

From this, we created training and practical content that would help the sales team, either internally – to better understand how to sell WAU – or directly in contact with our customers – solving their doubts and objections.

We improve our results measurement processes

Clearer goals guide the team’s deliveries, and we learn a lot about measuring results at the bottom of the funnel – both in Sales and Marketing – from the Product.

Today we know exactly how many opportunities we need to generate for sales, and how much this represents – in reais (R $) – for the company every month.

In addition, we found other points that needed more attention, from the top of the funnel (such as conversions on the blog) to the time of sale (such as the% of qualification and the number of contacts made by each salesperson with each opportunity).

We specialize

Especially for me, Product was the first step towards specialization in the Vendarketing area.

Remember the image at the beginning of the text where there is a junction between sales, product and marketing?


We understood how important this alignment was and I ended up becoming responsible for maintaining Vendarketing.

With that, I needed to study, certify myself, make benchmarks, produce content … all this so that our work could improve on both sides and so that we could measure this improvement.

Besides me, Werik Gonçalves, who at first was one of our designers, also specialized in web development and UX – user experience – to improve our website, our conversion points and the user experience in general with our channels .

This is amazing!

Both for the company, which gains more qualified people to work in areas of great impact, and for us who as specialists do not stand out in the market!

We improved the synergy between the Marketing and Sales teams

Consequently my specialization, the Marketing and Sales teams have greatly improved the alignment between them!

After all, there is now a person focused on maintaining synergy between the two teams, analyzing data, coordinating meetings and acting on the points of greatest need in a practical way.

If before each team had its own priorities, now we have managed to unite them in the same focus, and with that, join efforts to improve the whole, and not just one end.

Ebook Vendarketing

How can I start Product Marketing in my business?

The first step, of course, is to understand how that part of your Marketing already works today and, from that, define your needs.

Do you already have funnel bottom content? Is the alignment of Marketing and Sales clear? Is there a marketing strategy focused on your product / service?

The answers to these questions will guide the creation of your Product sector and help you understand how many people you will need to get started.

In addition, it is important to understand, from all aspects, what your priorities are, always remembering that the results will be the result of a synergy between product, marketing and sales.

This means that doing one of the points of intersection of these areas well will not be enough to achieve the same impacts that we had here.

But it is very possible and fundamental that you at least start to consider the Product as part of the future of your Marketing team!

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