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How we rank first on Google to guarantee a Valentine’s Day surprise for our customers Ana Tomich and Vinícius Faria.

It is on June 12 that all passionate souls meet to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Within so many love stories, Websites Are Us proposed to help a couple of customers to celebrate that date in a very unique way for both: with romance and surprises.

The story of Ana Tomich and Vinícius Faria became known in 2015, when the then fiance moved a network of friends and family to provide an exciting marriage proposal.

With tickets, balloons and even a jewel designed for the occasion, Ana and Vinícius became famous throughout the country with one of the most beautiful wedding proposals ever seen.

To learn more about this story – and sigh a little on this very special date – follow us.

The couple

Ana Tomich is a jewelry designer and in her company, Ana Tomich: Stories of Affection, transforms people’s lives by creating personalized jewelry for the most important moments in the lives of their clients.

Vinícius Faria, has a degree in Administration, and today he serves as general manager of his wife’s company.

Their story started in a quick encounter. Passing by car, Ana, delighted with the beauty of her future husband, decided to leave a note in her car.

Ana’s note

While single, Vinicius went to many parties and was enjoying life. On one of those days, when he stopped his car on the road, on the way to another of these parties, he passed a car that was passing by a man behind the wheel and a very beautiful woman in the passenger seat.

That woman was Ana, and that was the first moment that Ana and Vinícius looked at each other.

Love at first sight or not, Ana felt she needed to meet that handsome man she had seen in the car and, against her brother’s wishes, left a note for Vinícius:

“Hello, handsome guy. I was with my brother just now entering the garage in front, when you were getting out of the car. I liked you, Beijo, Ana. ” wrote with your contact information.

When he saw the message in the car, Vinícius didn’t believe it, but he got in touch. Ten months of meeting and falling in love resulted in a dating request.

The perfect apartment

Everything worked out and lives complemented each other as it really was meant to be. So the two started planning a future together. Marriage, finances and a house – this last one was certainly the most difficult of all, since no apartment was what they wanted or the negotiation was not going ahead.

Ana and Vinícius had already given up and were going to save money to wait for next opportunities. But the apartment on Rua Dona Cecília had great surprises.

He was the last one they visited and soon knew he was the chosen one. After all, the apartment had something very special: it was on the same street where they had met.

The apartment was destroyed, but Ana and Vinícius knew that they could make it their home. The way to that was not so easy and collecting the paperwork to get the property was a tiring and frustrating process.

In the stressful process, Vinícius discovered a saint named Cecília, the name that led the street that caused so many meetings for the couple. He bought an image for Ana and, as soon as she received it, the problems started to dissolve.

Right paperwork and prepared documents, plans for reform have begun. However, an important step for their future was missing: marriage.

And for that, Vinicíus prepared a big surprise.

The request

Vinícius knew that the request had to be the height of the story of the two together and relied on his creativity to bring together crucial elements such as the street they met, the note, the saint and everyone who was part of their history.

Having the approval of Ana’s son – a very important part of the process – Vinicíus built an order that would take Ana from the door of her house to their new apartment.

With many tickets, important people in their lives and a lot of love, they made an incredible request.

Better than telling, see the great feat of the groom:

The engagement video was a huge success. There were more than 500 thousand views on Youtube and more than 15 million on Facebook. The whole of London fell in love with this story, and they ended up on Eliana’s program!

Valentine’s Day

A few years later, Ana Tomich and Vinícius Faria started to bet on Content Marketing strategies for the jewelry business created by Ana.

When we got to know the whole story between the two, we agreed with Vinícius to promote a surprise for his wife right here, on the Rooftop of Websites Are Us.

The first step in organizing the surprise was to build a post that ranked first on Google for their names.

No sooner said than done!

Right after adjusting the strategy’s end points, we put the content on the air and got the first place for the couple’s name:

post ranking first on Google for their names.

The next step was to call the couple to record a successful case at WAU itself. We first talked to Ana, who was anxiously awaiting her husband’s arrival.

What she did not know, however, is that he was already at the company, but on another floor, waiting for a big surprise.

During the recording, we asked Ana if she had already searched for their names on Google and soon we did the search, showing a result that she did not imagine.

Within the content, a video of Vinícius apologizing for the false delay and inviting his beloved to meet him on our Rooftop.

text Vinícius

The rest of the surprise, you can see in our video:

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