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Making your website sell for you is not as difficult as it may seem. The recipe is simple: planning, organizing and optimizing. Having a solid Digital Marketing strategy will make your sales process highly productive and scalable.

A site can resemble a tree that needs to be fed and cared for in order to grow strong and healthy, go through the maturity process and bear fruit when it is ready.

Anyone who has created a website from scratch knows how good the experience can be – or not. But the fact is that when we create it, we have an objective.

If the intention is to sell something through it, you need to implement a strategy that will lead you to achieve the result you want.

Creating a Digital Marketing strategy that is personalized for your website will define how much you are committed to its growth and how much you want to emancipate it so that it works alone and returns even when you are sleeping.

In this article, we will point out the importance of implementing Content Marketing actions and make the optimizations to take full advantage of this strategy and, of course, find out how to make your website sell for you.

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Where to start

It’s needed define which way your persona will go through until you reach the common goal between you: the purchase.

Outlining a route for your conversion is essential so that it does not burn steps and fulfill the shopping journey that will educate you to purchase your product, which, in turn, will meet the prospect’s expectations, because she will be well informed about the benefits of your product.

One of the several advantages of fulfilling this journey is that the possibilities of selling again to that then client are greatly increased, because of the proximity and connection that, at this point in the process, will have already been created.

The purchase journey consists of producing targeted content, which will take the customer to the next steps without feeling that they are being led.

The quality in the production of these contents needs to provide an experience that is friendly, that arouses the confidence necessary to purchase your product.

The steps your persona needs to go through for your strategy to perform as expected are:

conversion funnel steps

Accomplishing these steps is important for acquiring new customers and, therefore, having the opportunity to retain these customers.

The importance of on-site optimizations for sales success

The optimization of your website is very important to offer the user a pleasant and intuitive experience.

Therefore, some techniques are applied so that the visitor’s comfort leads him to the purchase decision.

The most important of these is theIF THE(Search Engine Optimization), which means: search engine optimization.

SEO considers the functioning of search engines, especially Google, which is the most used worldwide.

Some of the points taken into account are:

  • search for keywords relevant to the persona and use them correctly and naturally throughout the pages;
  • produce relevant and valuable content for your persona;
  • technically fit it within the parameters required by the search engines (URL, title, description, intertitles, images, loading speed, etc.);
  • invest in link building with partners who have the same prominence.

Providing this alignment on your site makes it look and stay ready for work and sell for you, even with little investment.

This is one of the best cost-effective features of the moment, as the Internet is so significant and comprehensive for the population.

How to optimize your site for conversion

We have separated some optimization tips for your website to rank first in search engines.


1- Develop your own writing style

Originality is an important step in attracting the attention of visitors. Create unpublished content, provoke the user to return to your site, be constant in the posts.

2- Create headlines that draw attention

And that are consistent with the content. It is also important to include keywords in the title and throughout the text, naturally. So the search engines index your website content easily.

3- Bet on internal links

Link to the words that already exist on your site. This tends to increase the length of stay that the user will spend in contact with its contents.

And the longer he stays with what you have to say, the greater the chances of him buying your product.

4- Display content related to the text

At the end of the post, show content that will keep the reader interested because they are directly related to what he just read.

A good tip is to link content that has some kind of continuation and that takes you to the next stage of the sales funnel. This tactic tends to educate you and prepare you for the time of purchase.

5- Integrated video posts with your posts

They are also a great optimization strategy. People who like to consume video content and therefore have a good chance of finding your site.

6- Have visible sharing buttons for the Social networks.

It is a way to spread your content and increase its reach. And don’t forget to encourage the visitor to share.

7- Order the index of your website

Make it very visible and easy for the user to identify what they want to know.

8- Take care and preserve the quality of the posted content

Search engines penalize pages with grammar and spelling errors in their results – duplicate materials are also punished.

9- Have a clean template and without excessive images or information

Our brain, in front of a page with lots of information, colors, fonts and sizes, is able to distribute attention to each one of them.

10 – Simplify your layout

If you intend to spread a message to the reader, the clearer and simpler your layout, the more attention your visitor will pay to what you want to show.

11- Use the Google Analytics to track and measure your metrics.

If a page is not ranking well and is not bringing traffic to your site, you can correct it.

12- Invest in tools that can increase the visibility of your website.

A good example is Google’s Search Console, from Google, which analyzes your keywords and shows which ones are interesting to invest in. You can also see tips for optimizing your page and errors on your site.

Error pages reduce your qualification score and, consequently, your position in search engines.

13- Invest in caches

If they are programmed efficiently, they are able to decrease the loading time of your pages and thus maintain a good visitor experience.

14- Perform tests to improve website performance

As good as your site is, you can always improve it.

15- Make sure your website be responsive

Unfortunately, there is no way to know which electronic device your visitor will access your site from.

For this reason, programming your website to appreciate the best experience within your network will bring it closer to your product.

How to use CTAS correctly

CTA has its origin in English which means “call to action“, that is, call to perform an action. This triggering requests immediate action from visitors, leads or customers after having viewed specific content.

Whether at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the content, CTA’s intention is to take the visitor to take the next step along the path that their strategy has traced for them to follow.

CTAs are important because they stimulate interactions and help convert customers, stimulating desires at the right times.

It is interesting to take into account that they they must be clear, objective and promptly comply with what they are suggesting.

When the CTA takes the visitor to a place other than the one indicated, this implies the loss of the reader’s confidence and can jeopardize the site’s credibility.

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Practical tips to make your website sell for you

Understand that to make your site sell more, you need to operationalize your tasks, to avoid mistakes. The asset to increase your sales is to minimize errors.

Therefore, we have separated some tips for you to keep an eye and put to work in the best possible way.

Simplify the purchase process

Having an easy purchasing system saves your customer time and does not go through the hassles of having to go through a long process to buy.

Ask only for the data that are extremely important to you and, in the registration form that he will have to fill, do not put any attractive elements, so as not to give him the chance to give up halfway.

Exceed customer expectations

We all know how good it is to receive attention and “almost exclusivity” the moment we decide to purchase a product. Use this behavior in favor of your business and offer your customer what he does not expect.

We are talking about small attitudes that cause him a mixture of joy and surprise. This is a great feeling to make the customer sympathize with your brand and become loyal to your products.

They are simple gestures like a discount when closing the purchase, a different packaging, an unexpected birthday card – small attitudes that can bring great returns.

Search for the shortest delivery time

People are naturally anxious, so offering them such a differentiator can be a great advantage.

Using transparency as to the exact term that the product will reach the customer’s hands is extremely important. If you do not have the product in stock, do not make the sale as you risk burning your reputation.

Creating a system where the customer is notified of the delivery status is one more point to ensure a successful sale for you and satisfaction for your customer.

Ensuring that these didactics are presented here is to ensure that your site is really able to sell for you.

A practical solution

We also want to present a tool with huge sales potential, if you don’t have your website yet or need to fit it into the prerogatives that will make it sell for you.

Websites Are Us created the WAU Stage, which is a WordPress solution that creates your website optimized and ready for conversion into sales. Some of its advantages are:

  • WordPress hosting;
  • better performance and 24/7 support;
  • WAU Convert (specialized conversion plugin);
  • increasing your conversions with a marketing plugin;
  • professional services;
  • specialized team for those who don’t have WordPress;
  • blog creation in a few clicks and without the need for a programmer.

Now that you know the best guidelines on how to make your website sell for you, be sure to visit WAU Stage, for sure it can do for your website and your sales strategy much more than you think.

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