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Achieving good results with a Content Marketing strategy is a very challenging task. There are many details and steps that require much more than just putting content in the air and hoping that it will generate results. This content is for you who achieved the goal of putting a strategy on the air and […]

Achieving good results with a Content Marketing strategy is a very challenging task.

There are many details and steps that require much more than just putting content in the air and hoping that it will generate results.

This content is for you who reached the goal of putting a strategy on the air and reached stage 4 of the Websites Are Us Methodology.

After all, if you’ve reached the last stage, what next?

This is a common question.

And today I’m going to show you how reaching stage 4 is still a long way from the end of your strategy. You will notice that for now, you are only seeing the tip of the Iceberg.

Let’s understand better!

What is Stage 4: Doing Business?

Is stage 4 achieving a key conversion and measuring your results?

Well, this is what you achieved when you reached the Doing Business stage. But what does this stage really represent?

Before answering that question, let’s look at WAU’s example:

Watch this chart that shows the growth of the Websites Are Us blog since its inception:

Content Marketing Analytics

Can you imagine where on this graph we reached stage 4?

Think about it, I’ll give you some time …

Well, I don’t know where you imagined it, but maybe the answer will surprise you a little.

The correct answer would be approximately at this point:

Stage 4 Rock Content


This shows us what this stage really represents!

Stage 4 is not the end of a strategy, nor is it the culmination of it! This Internship is the beginning of a strategy that generates real results!

And if it is just a start, what to do after we reach that point?

Well, again, look at the example here at WAU.

After reaching Stage 4, we achieved the greatest achievements and our main success cases:

In 2015 came our first big case, we increased our traffic by 1,772% in the interval of 1 year! Incredible isn’t it? (Want to understand better? See the full case here.)

In 2016, we doubled the traffic of a blog that had grown 1,772%. (Yes, it’s even more surprising!)

In 2017 we became the largest Digital Marketing blog in the country in approximate traffic and volume of indexed keywords and with good rankings.

In addition, 2017 was the year of my favorite case: Thanks Neil Patel!

And in 2018 …

gif simpsons

This means that, since we reached Stage 4, we have:

  • We increased our traffic by more than 870,000 visits per month (date this post was written)
  • We index 80,000 more keywords
  • We generate 10,000 more leads per month (than in that period)

Well, I believe that these curiosities were more than enough to convince you that Stage 4 is just the beginning of your strategy, is not true?

So I’m going to show you how we got all these numbers after reaching this stage, so you can learn…

What to do when arriving at Stage 4?

It is essential to understand, when reaching the Doing Business Stage, that what brought you here is not going to get you where you want to go!

Your Digital Marketing strategy is limited only by the size of your goals. Then it is essential that you think about how far you want to go.

What is your main goal?

  • Being an online sales machine?
  • Be the number 1 brand in your market?
  • Generate engagement and educate your audience?
  • Slap the competition in the face?
  • Relationship with the persona?

You will hardly have reached your final goal during the first year of strategy.

But, if you have reached it, it is not the end of the line of your strategy. It is always possible for you to improve everything you are already doing and make your Content Marketing more and more effective.

The main point to understand in Stage 4 is that you now have a proven strategy (that generates results) running. So, it’s time to understand your process and optimize it.

If you already generate sales and key conversions, you can certainly improve this number a lot.

Revisit what has worked so far

If you have reached the Doing Business Stage, your strategy has already paid off.

Now is the time to revisit it and understand what can be improved.

For example, in the 2015 success case here at WAU, we already had good traffic on the blog and we were already winning customers with our content strategy.

Remember that incredible traffic growth number of 1,772%?

Do you know how we reached that number? Revisiting everything we did at that time. See these excerpts from the case written by Renato Mesquita, our current Head of Marketing:

Biggest draws of 2015

As you can see, the biggest learnings are relatively simple, especially if we think about the current market maturity.

But it shows how that year, that number came to revisit part of our strategy, fixing SEO errors, finding the ideal size for content already posted and updating content.

Ebook Content Update

Check out some of the mistakes that prevented us from growing at the time and were corrected, an excerpt also taken from the case:

Errors in 2015
Mistakes in 2015 2

Revisiting our content, correcting these errors and watching our blog traffic multiply.

They already performed well and brought results, but these simple corrections brought an increase of more than 1,700% of our total traffic.

Some points you can revisit in your strategy:

  • Revisit your Social Networks
  • Flows
  • CTAs and conversion points (we’re doing this in 2018)
  • Contents
  • Link Building Strategies

Here in Marketing we have the following motto: “Done is better than perfect”.

This means that if you are waiting to have a perfect nutrition flow, you will never have a nutrition flow!

At the beginning of your strategy you will not have the blog of your dreams, nor the best content in your market. Ideally, you should produce quality materials that will be optimized over time.

Discover / vary your Acquisition / Conversion points

One of the main points to always improve in a content strategy are your acquisition channels.

Currently, we have identified that one of the main points of improvement in our blogs is the conversion points.

As a result, we are trying to discover new formats and CTAs to improve our number of conversions within the blog.

You will certainly find great opportunities to optimize your conversions if you check out their main posts and offers.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing is often overlooked when it comes to Content Marketing.

But when you already have a strategy running and generating results, investing in your customers can be a successful option.

Many companies manage to win customers, few manage to keep those customers.

The important thing about Marketing for Customers is not only to focus on retention, but to enchant them and turn them into true Promoters of your brand.

Focusing on enchanting your customers can act as an expansion Marketing for your brand, after all, being indicated by your customers is undoubtedly the cheapest and most efficient way to win new customers.

Find a new Goal

If you have already implemented your Content Marketing strategy longer and have already achieved your main goal with it, you still have an excellent option.

Tangled Gif

“The good thing about making a dream come true is that you can find a new dream.”

This sentence illustrates well the moment that your company lives.

With your content strategy you can find new goals and make a strategy that was already good to become even better.

  • Become the biggest reference in your market
  • Be the largest blog in its segment
  • Use your content to retain / delight customers
  • Invest in paid media and expand your results
  • Rank for your market’s main keywords

Among several other options for new goals that you can outline for your Content Marketing strategy.

New Goal Tips

Upon reaching Stage 4, it is interesting to set aggressive goals to stimulate the growth of the strategy and the maturation of your team.

I will make a list of interesting goals that you who have already reached Stage 4 can set for your team and amplify the results that your Content Marketing has already brought to the company.

– Double your traffic
– Triple your lead generation
– Improve rankings (update content between 6th and 20th on Google)
– Increase your conversion rate
– Expand your production (without losing quality)
– Overcome the best post in history
– Make a post you’ve never done before
– Clean your contact base
– Email marketing: achieve an open rate of 30% and a CTR of 3%
– Be copied! (there is no better sign to show that what you are doing is very good)


The main benefit of reaching Stage 4 is that you have already guaranteed the measurement of your strategy, from traffic acquisition to conversion to leads, nutrition and conversion to customers.

This shows that you have a validated strategy that is proven to deliver results.

This routine of monitoring metrics and results, certainly played a key role in bringing you where you got.

This certainty of good results allows you to continue optimizing your strategy and to validate new channels.

Inbound and Content Marketing are now validated channels! Now it’s up to you to make it generate even more results and discover new channels for it!

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