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Content Marketing, as well as other tactics that are part of Inbound Marketing, has become very popular with most companies in London and worldwide, and with good reason. High return on investment, improved engagement rates and authority generation are just some of the benefits that have spread this strategy […]

Content Marketing, as well as other tactics that are part of Inbound Marketing, has become very popular with most companies in London and worldwide, and with good reason.

High return on investment, improvement in engagement rates and the generation of authority are just some of the benefits that have made this strategy spread so widely.

Thinking about it, it is likely that you already work with it, or are interested in knowing more about it, right?

Whatever your case, you must know a guy named Brian Halligan, one of the main references in Content Marketing.

Are you curious? Then read on!

Who is Brian Halligan?

Brian Halligan

Image: Impact (www.impactbnd.com)

Brian Halligan is a parent of Inbound Marketing.

He is the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, one of the world’s leading digital marketing companies.

Long before founding HubSpot, Brian graduated from the University of Vermont and earned his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Brian has always worked in sales, and led several companies to expand their operations and increase their profits until, in 2004, he opened his own company, HubSpot, with another market beast, Dharmesh Shah.

Why is it so worthwhile to meet Brian Halligan?

The concept of Inbound is still relatively new, especially when compared to other more traditional marketing strategies.

Knowing Brian Halligan’s story gives us the opportunity to directly understand by the creator of this methodology what it means, why it is so important and how to apply it properly.

But in addition, we can see Brian’s other credentials, which enabled him to play such an outstanding role in transforming the way we think about such relevant topics as lead generation and customer loyalty.

Hold your breath, because his resume is not for everyone:


Shortly before becoming the legend we know in the marketing world, Brian was already helping startups to gain scale and strengthen themselves in the market by acting as an investor in Longworth Ventures.

Successful author

With two published books on marketing, one of which, on Inbound Marketing, has sold more than 50 thousand copies in 7 print editions and reached number # 17 on the general bestseller list by Amazon.

Award-winning entrepreneur

In addition to being the co-founder and CEO of one of the world’s leading marketing companies, Brian was also awarded for his work. Their recognitions are:

  • entrepreneur of the year in 2011, by Ernst and Young;
  • he was part of the top 10 of the highest rated CEOs at Glassdoor in 2014, 2015 and 2017;
  • appeared on the Founders 40 list of Inc. magazine in 2016.

Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management

In addition to his role as an entrepreneur, he also teaches at the same institution where he earned his MBA, the Sloan School of Management, from MIT.

Your course has everything to do with your experience and career, as it is called Designing, developing and launching successful products in a business environment.

Millionaire business and success in the circle of fire

Brian is one of those professionals who comes to transform the place where he works, and what shows this is the results achieved throughout his career.

His first major role was as Vice President of Sales at Parametric Technology Corporation, or PTC, where he led the construction of a $ 80 million business and 200 employees.

He did this while working in the region known as the Circle of Fire, which involves several countries in Asia, Oceania and goes to the west coast of the Americas.

After that, he also served as vice president of sales at Groove Networks, a business he helped reach $ 20 million in annual revenue, until it was sold to Microsoft.

With the sale of Groove, he started working as an investor in Longworth Ventures, helping startups to gain scale and strengthen themselves in the market. That’s when the idea of ​​his life came:

How Brian Halligan created a new business category

We kind of closed our eyes and did it.

That was Brian’s explanation when he told, in an interview for Business Insider, that creating HubSpot would be his fourth option to pursue the career, already established.

Still, between choosing any of the safest options and pursuing a brilliant idea with his best friend and college buddy, he took the most difficult – and rewarding – path.

As already mentioned, the idea that gave rise to HubSpot happened when Brian worked as an investor and dealt with several startups. He noticed a negative pattern:

I could see that many startups failed miserably in sales and marketing.

And the reason was simple: the techniques used were the same as always: cold calls, advertisements, email lists and other actions that just interrupted people.

It was necessary do something different, and talking to their friend Dharmesh Shah, the two decided that it was necessary to attract the public through quality content.

This attraction marketing, or Inbound Marketing in English, was the basis of everything.

They coined the term and launched software that automates the process of creating content to attract customers.

The idea was more than right! They created not just a successful company, but a new business category, in which they occupy the first place.

Even in the great recession that hit the American market in 2008, driving thousands of small businesses out of the market, Halligan did not lose his focus.

Instead, he invested in what he knew best: creating quality content and growing a business that people loved to the point of never leaving.

Once again, the effort was worth it. The company continued to grow, opened an IPO in October 2014 and became profitable in the first quarter of 2017.

Published books

The idea of ​​creating value and sharing it with others has translated into one of the oldest forms of Content Marketing that exists, books.

See more about the two books published by him:

Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead

Marketing lessons from the grateful deadAccording to Brian, who is a fan of WAU n ‘Roll (just like us here at WAU!), The band Grateful Dead is one of the most iconic in history, and not just for music.

The band broke several common paradigms in the music world by encouraging their fans to record shows and exchange tapes with each other and sell tickets directly to fans by mail.

The idea behind the book, written by Brian and David Meerman Scott, is to highlight what companies can learn from the band in order to create and maintain fan communities instead of impersonal relationships with customers.

Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs

Book cover Inbound Marketing - Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

If there is a book that every content marketer needs to read, it is this 2009 publication, written by Halligan himself and his HubSpot partner, Dharmesh Shah.

The first reason is simple: they created the concept of Inbound Marketing, so this book contains the purest possible explanation of what this methodology means.

Of course, since then, Inbound has continued to evolve, but this book still contains valuable lessons that can help any current strategy to have good results.

3 fun facts about Brian Halligan that you will love to know

Who said that the only marketing lessons we can learn are in the most remarkable achievements or success stories of great leaders?

Small details, simple curiosities and even works of fiction can serve as inspiration and have a positive impact on someone’s career or life.

Proof of this is our character-based content, from the X-Men to Frank Underwood!

Thinking about it, we separated some curiosities about Brian Halligan that you will like to see and, who knows, even help to release a spark of creativity:

HubSpot’s transparent culture came about by chance

Brian said in an interview that the transparent culture of HubSpot, one of the main attractions of the company today, did not even cross his mind at first.

He was surprised to participate in an entrepreneurship congress, and only then realized that he needed to pay more attention to the topic.

$ 30,000 for a good developer nomination

Currently, one of the most needy positions on the market is that of a developer, and Brian knows how to attract talent!

He created a referral program, in which a developer referral that results in hiring is rewarded with a check for $ 30,000 for those who recommended it!

So, do you know any great programmers?

Brian bought a guitar for almost $ 2 million

By now you already know that Brian is a deadhead (as Grateful Dead fans are called).

But he even bought guitar from Jerry Garcia, a member of the band, for an impressive $ 1.9 million!

Calm down, Brian wasn’t just squandering. He did this because the auction proceeds would go to social causes, something he often likes to support.

It has now become clear how much it is worth getting to know this digital marketing monster named Brian Halligan better.

The guy is simply one of the creators of the concept of Inbound Marketing and founded one of the biggest worldwide references on the subject, HubSpot.

After being inspired by his story, you’re better prepared to make your own journey more successful using Content Marketing!

The Inbound method, created by Brian, gained a lot of space, but there are still those who prefer the traditional style of sales. What is the best? See now who wins the battle: Inbound or Outbound!