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Assemble an internal team to produce materials or bet on outsourcing your Content Marketing? Certainly this question does not concern a new issue, but it is an approach that must be reassessed at all times. You can see all kinds of opinions on the internet, but how to define whether this investment will bring […]

Assemble an internal team to produce materials or bet on outsourcing your Content Marketing? Certainly this question does not concern a new issue, but it is an approach that must be reassessed at all times.

It is possible to see all kinds of opinions on the internet, but how do you define whether or not this investment will bring a good return for your company’s specific case? We received several questions and openly addressed the topic in our discussions, but do you know if outsourcing Content Marketing is a good option?

Thinking about these topics, I decided to explain the great question and difficulty in setting up your strategy: how to produce high quality content, in a scalable and strategic way. Are we going to resolve this matter once and for all?

If you are reading this text, I can imagine that you already know what Content Marketing is and that investing in this strategy is a right option for you. But I decided to pass on the concept that we really like to use here at WAU to explain very clearly and leave no doubt about the topic – before we go even deeper into how to generate quality content:

“Content Marketing is a way to engage with your target audience and grow your network of customers and potential customers by creating relevant and valuable content, attracting, involving and generating value for people in order to create a positive perception of your brand and thus generate more business. ”

As we realized, Content Marketing goes far beyond creating content for the internet. There is a need for the brand to create value and recognition for its strategy to work, otherwise, I can guarantee that your time and money will be used very wrongly.

But how to create scalable guidelines, headlines that catch the attention of potential customers, relevant content that makes the brand authority in the market and retention and automation strategies that can bring a much greater financial return than other Marketing strategies?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain!

Drawing a parallel to the routine of companies, imagine that you are going to hire the services of an agency to prepare the advertising campaign for a new product to be launched on the market.

Of course, this important initiative needs specialized monitoring and professionals capable of planning all variables to achieve investment success.

For everything to be done in the right way, it is necessary to clarify the idea, build scripts, define the best strategies, choose the communication vehicles and, only then, put your hands on the dough to produce the finished material.

But is doing this internally the best option? Perhaps the answer is yes, but only those who share the complexity of these tasks know how to say the immense amount of work required to make valuable material – in addition to assembling a team of specialists for each stage of production.

The same example also applies to SaaS companies – a company that offers high quality and performance software, developed by specialized programmers.

These cases define how the reality of content production works. There are several steps to be analyzed for a material to be produced in order to engage leads and convert them into loyal customers.

It is not enough to know everything about your market and to write specific texts filled with all the technical knowledge on the subject.

A good Content Marketing strategy is one developed by trained professionals, who evaluate your audience, define the correct persona to receive what will be prepared and assist in ranking optimization and Marketing automation.

Another factor that we highly value here at Websites Are Us is that the materials do not just go through a disorderly production. They must be built in a structure of top, middle and bottom funnel articles. This planning is variable for each strategy and is certainly something that makes it possible for future readers to walk in a linear way to the final goal: to become loyal customers to the product / service that your company offers.

This doubt is common when there is an intention to outsource content production, but does this really apply at any time? To solve the question, I prepared a quick step by step on how this process works here at Websites Are Us.

Initially, there are teams prepared to serve each client, according to the business model and the size of the company in the market. This helps in a classification to deal perfectly with the different persona models, developing a unique strategy for the productions.

The strategy is constantly reviewed and its internal team actively participates in each part of the process, evaluating everything that is prepared and reviewing what is not appropriate to the company’s reality.

Once the stages of planning, strategy development and persona construction are over, the most anticipated moment arrives: the effective preparation of the contents. But who does that?

To escape the traditional paradigms of outsourcing, here at WAU we have one of the largest bases of editors in London, which undergo constant evaluations and training, in addition to being segmented according to specific themes. The internal team itself, together with the client, can choose a writer to become a strategy favorite.

Thus, the favorite copywriters of each project specialize in each client’s market segment, writing in-depth content, thus generating value and relevance in the market – the key point of any Content Marketing strategy.

In addition to our base of editors, we have an internal team focused solely and exclusively on advanced content production. All advanced content involves interviews with professionals who are references of the theme to be developed, in addition to an intense study to generate the best and most advanced content on the market in the client segment.

We also have a consultancy and automation team with extremely qualified professionals who closely monitor each client, proposing improvement actions according to the company’s final objectives.

Thinking about reducing the customer / company distance and closely assist the step by step of each customer strategy individually, we have an implementation team to touch the first steps and strategies and a team of Costumer Success and support to help, explain the next actions to be taken and answer any questions.

To show in practice the benefits of Content Marketing outsourcing, I decided to separate some success cases we had here at Websites Are Us with the strategy created by us and content produced by our freelance base.

And, as we know that each strategy and market segment is different, I will go through the main areas of commerce – education, e-commerce, software and technology – so that we have no doubts about the efficiency of outsourcing for any branch of your company!


As I said throughout the content, a content strategy is essential to reap good results, but I am sorry to tell you that this is not all.

And that was the case at Unyleya College! Our marketing automation and consultancy team found solutions that hardly any unskilled team or one person could ever solve to optimize results.

And an example of this was a simple, but strategic solution, proposed by our consulting team: use a simple pop-up that resulted in a generation of 286 students in less than 10 months.

In addition, after a study by our team, it was determined which were the best content to be produced during the strategy and which are the most effective channels for the dissemination and investment in any paid media.

All of this results in a solid strategy with a high return on investment.

Read the full Unyleya college case here!


In the e-commerce category, I chose to analyze one of the main references in terms of e-commerce platform. Xtech Commerce offers the most diverse management features that facilitate online sales for its customers.

With the objective and challenge of establishing the brand as a reference in the e-commerce market, in creating content and generating leads, Xtech generated 4,500 leads and obtained 3,300 page sessions in just 4 months.

The company now has a consolidated lead generation and visit acquisition channel, consequently generating more financial results.

Read the full Xtech case here!


iClinic is software for clinics and medical offices that aims to facilitate productivity and work organization. The system can be accessed remotely from anywhere and helps to organize schedules, send reminders to patients, in addition to being able to store electronic medical records.

One of the company’s biggest difficulties was to attract new customers, produce content and have a lead generation channel. After speaking with one of WAU’s consultants, our team started a work to be able to solve all the company’s problems.

For this, we developed a Content Marketing strategy that resulted in the 225% increase in the number of sessions, 149% in the leads generated and 130% in the number of customers.

Read the full iClinic case here!


Simply, a technology company focused on the financial sector, reached Websites Are Us with the intention of strengthening its Digital Marketing. For this, a strong Content Marketing strategy was developed, producing high quality content and with a more technical approach due to the company’s area of ​​operation.

This strategy resulted in a 400% increase in business opportunities, 115% in total traffic and 162% in organic traffic.

Read the complete Simply case here!

Imagine if you had left your Content Marketing strategy in the hands of a totally unprepared team or just one person. Think of the amount of resources – especially time and money – that you would spend on an inefficient and unsuccessful Content Marketing “strategy”.

I believe it was very clear that with a really prepared team, in the case of WAU, a reference in London and Latin America, it is possible:

  • Have content written by favorite copywriters who know the language of their audience, and, consequently, have a website / blog with relevant, rich and consistent materials involving the main pains of customers and potential customers;
  • Make strategies, be it automation, acquisition or conversion at the right times, optimizing stock investment;
  • Improve / implement lead acquisition and conversion channels;
  • Having a team of consultants and specialists close by to help your company achieve good results.

All this analysis comes with a single question: if you outsource your Content Marketing, are you doing it right or wrong? Just think if the service you are looking for is capable of offering a quality strategy and capable of meeting the needs of your business as if it were an internal team. If so, it will probably be worth the investment!

And, if you want to understand how a company specialized in the subject can be the great differentiator of your business, talk to one of our consultants!

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