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Interactive email marketing is a new engagement proposal for publicity and relationship campaigns carried out by email. Its objective is to go beyond links, texts and static images by incorporating forms, quizzes, videos, games and visual effects in messages.

Critics forgive us, but email marketing is far from dying. On the contrary, this strategy, which dates back to the beginnings of Digital Marketing, has never stopped evolving and surprising users and companies.

In this article we bring the most recent proposal of this type of disclosure: the interactive email marketing. Check out the topics we have prepared on the subject:

Read on to understand how interactivity can contribute to your audience engagement and the results of your Marketing strategy!

What is interactive email marketing?

By definition, an interactive email marketing campaign is nothing more than a campaign of e-mail marketing in which the production and distribution of content includes interactive materials.

The interactive contents, in turn, are pieces that require direct actions from the user for their complete visualization or conclusion, such as movements of the mouse cursor, clicks, fills, adjustments and much more.

The purpose of these materials is to make the audience adopt an active attitude towards the content promoted by a company, in addition to making the user experience more interesting, light and fun.

What are the advantages of using interactive content in your campaigns?

The main advantage observed in interactive email marketing campaigns is the expressive gain in engagement, a benefit that naturally contributes to other essential factors for the success of any enterprise on the web. Check it out below!

Increased number of clicks

Interactive content instigates the user, motivating him to fully enjoy the experience. Thus, the first result observed in this type of campaign is the growth in the number of clicks and visits to the landing pages.

Higher conversion rate

Consequently, the conversion rate benefits from this increase in interactions. This implies an increase in email lists, a higher number of qualified leads and, of course, an increase in sales and results in relationship and loyalty campaigns.

More audience data

Another advantage that deserves to be highlighted is the greater volume of data obtained in tests, surveys and feedbacks.

The interactive content can not only reduce steps in filling out quizzes and forms, but also promotes the participation of more people, due to the attractive and thought-provoking presentation of the guidelines and issues worked on.

How are interactive emails? Resources and examples to inspire you!

To understand, in practice, how interactive email marketing can be worked on in your next campaigns, we have separated some interesting resources and examples for you to be inspired!

Highlighted buttons

The highlighted buttons – those that change the color, font, shape or all at the same time when the mouse cursor is positioned over them – they are already a rule on websites and will soon also be a mandatory resource in emails.

However simple it may be, this feature creates an automatic interaction between the user and the content, in addition to making the buttons with links much more obvious and attractive.

If you have an e-commerce with different product categories and want to offer direct routes to all of them in a single message, the highlighted buttons can also be a way to make your CTA more interesting. Look at that!

Source: EmailonAcid


Going a little further than the highlighted buttons, we have the selectable buttons or icons. The great advantage of this feature is that we have entered a new universe of possibilities in the development of messages: checklists!

Whether collecting arguments for feedback or evaluating products or services, the user has the opportunity to give his opinion directly in the body of the email.

Image overlay

One of the most used features in interactive emails is the rollover effect, one in which a image is replaced when the mouse cursor passes or rests on it. Its principle is the same as that of the highlighted buttons, but its use is wider.

In addition to creating an interactive experience, this feature can be used to present details about a product or service without detracting from the lean look of your message.

Source: EmailonAcid

With a touch of creativity, we can turn this simple effect into a fun game. THE gamificationinclusive, is one of the great trends of the Content Marketing.

In the following example, a brief guessing game is created to lead the reader to the image with a link to the landing page. Note that the message explores our standard reading orientation – from left to right and from top to bottom -, ensuring that the user scrolls through all the other images until they reach the link.

Source: EmailonAcid

Hidden Tips

What if instead of exchanging images you only provided hidden tips? Well know that rollover also allows you to do this!

When using balloons or information boards that become visible only when the mouse cursor passes or rests on small icons, you keep the look of your message clean and have the opportunity to enrich your images – highlighting your products, for example.

Source: EmailonAcid

Embedded videos

Enjoying a video directly in the email message is much more convenient for the user than migrating to an external address. It is worth mentioning that when directing your audience to a social media like YouTube, you run the risk of “losing it” to the related content that is displayed on the side or at the bottom of the platform.

Keep in mind, however, that the ideal is to incorporate only short videos or a snippet of the main video so as not to make the message too heavy. In the second case, it is recommended to leave an external link for the complete content.

Reading options

The first sites that had different reading options – like adaptable font size and type – were presented within an accessibility proposal. Its goal was to allow the user to adapt the layout according to their needs.

Today, however, design and comfort adjustments are also included in these options, such as the dark mode (which reduces visual discomfort at night) and the reading mode (which hides visual elements and gives priority to texts).

What you may not know is that these features are already being used in emails. Look at that!

Source: EmailonAcid

Interactive menus

Menus make the email experience similar to browsing an ordinary web page. Its biggest advantage, therefore, is due to its practicality when solving everything on one platform.


Nothing like a quiz to engage your audience and to raise data for your business. Even better when this feature can be incorporated directly into your messages.

Source: Trendy Minds

A more basic alternative is to create a “fake quiz”. In the example below, a question is addressed to the user and in the answers we can see that the incorrect options are highlighted in red and the correct one in green.

Source: EmailonAcid

You can insert a link in the correct answer by directing your lead to an external page where he can take the real quiz.


That’s right, you can embed forms in your messages, even if they have more than one question!

Usually, links are sent that direct the user to the address where the questionnaire is displayed in full. Meantime, some tools allow the incorporation of questions into the body of emails.

Source: EmailonAcid

Of course, this feature is not suitable for extensive research, but it is undoubtedly an interesting alternative to get instant feedback.

What should I know before investing in these resources?

Like any other marketing tool or strategy, interactive emails deserve some caveats, especially for those who have never used this feature before and do not want to risk making a bad impression on the audience. Check out some notes below!

Attention to compatibility

The features and infrastructure of different email clients can vary significantly, which may limit the effectiveness of your interactive email marketing strategy. Outlook, for example, does not yet support several types of interactive elements.

Ideally, your tool should create experiences that are supported by at least Gmail, Apple Mail and Yahoo! Mail, which are the most used services in this category worldwide.

Anyway, ensure that a static image or design is displayed when your message is opened in an incompatible environment or on smartphone apps, which support only a few interactive features.

The most important thing is to ensure that your leads do not encounter defaced layouts or codes exposed in their messages. You don’t want to be understood with a spammer, right?

Focus on your content

As you saw in the previous topic, the interactive features are very interesting and help to make the user experience richer, more practical and lighter within email services. However, its use requires parsimony.

By inserting multiple points of interaction, you not only overwhelm the email, but you also risk dispersing your audience’s attention and even compromising the conversion rate.

Remember that, just like on a landing page, the purpose of your message is to offer lean content that can lead the reader to a specific action. Thus, the ideal is to use only one interactive element at a time, preferably as a hook for the CTA.

Make tests

Valid recommendation for any type of campaign: test as much as you can! Although the construction and settings of the email are correct, all tools are susceptible to errors, in addition to the fact that the visualization of the elements may vary from one email client to another.

In general, some adjustments are always necessary, therefore, provide tests with control emails and the functionality of your own content creation tool.Check the display of the interactive features, the text, the links used and all the other elements present in your message before shooting to your contact list.

What are the best tools for creating interactive content?

Finally, the tools you can use to create interactive messages and surprise your audience with incredible content! Check out some suggestions among the best services on the market.


Zembula offers a platform full of options for creating interactive content. Its revelation effects, such as “peeling”, “tearing”, “pulling”, “scraping” and “sliding”, make the construction and reading of emails a process similar to the creation of a slide show.

The tool also allows the insertion of menus, videos and various effects on images and buttons.

Email Uplers

Uplers Email is the old Email Munks, and its tool allows the incorporation of a series of visual effects in your messages, with emphasis on the “accordion” type menus, which allow the insertion of categories with hidden items.

The platform also offers other display features and elements for emails, such as forms, videos and images, as well as the creation of messages using AMP technology (accelerated page for mobile devices).

ion interactive

Recently acquired by Websites Are Us, ion interactive is a complete platform for creating interactive content. Among its construction options we have quizzes, galleries, calculators, forms, infographics and various other interactive materials, as well as research, monitoring and conversion tools.

Its resources are compatible with the main services in the market, such as MailChimp, HubSpot and Google, and the company’s proposal is to offer customers a complete interactive content strategy, from attraction and conversion to closing and after sales.

Interactive email marketing is the newest engagement proposal for your content strategy. With the help of innovative resources, professionals and companies significantly increase their chances of capturing the attention of the audience and winning new consumers in their campaigns.

Do you want to know these features up close and discover all the potentials of an interactive content strategy?

So get in touch with us and understand how our platform can help you create more interesting experiences for your audience!