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Far beyond a superhero story, the movie “Avengers: Infinity War” can bring valuable lessons to brands. Check out some insights about the film for marketers now!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe released its inaugural film in 2008. Looking back, I bet that many people did not expect that the success of “Iron Man” would culminate, ten years later, in the biggest meeting of superheroes ever seen in cinema.

On April 26 it hit theaters Avengers: Infinity War, a blockbuster that aims to set new fundraising records (depending on pre-sale numbers, box office records may be broken).

But, in addition to planning and mastering the fictional universe created by the brand, essential for the films to work, the company demonstrates having a huge knowledge of your audience.

The strategy of the most recent film, for example, was all built on the expectations of the fans.

But how did the company decide to embrace these elements of surprise as a way to bring more audiences to its films? And how does Disney use fan loyalty to increase conversations around the launch and generate buzz?

We will show you some factors that answer this question:

Production secrecy

The secret around the production is that the actors received fake scripts, so that they did not know all the events of the film and thus avoided letting any information escape.

In addition, few cast members actually read the full script, precisely to increase the suspense and limit the knowledge of those involved in the production as to the plot’s direction.

All of this information reaches the media and helps feed conversations, rumors and theories by the public. Which leads to the next topic:

Make fans curious

The audience that follows the Marvel films looked forward to this gathering of all the heroes. Knowing this, the company plays with curiosity, using it as an ally to build this aura of mystery and uncertainty around the product.

In July last year, at a company event, a preview of the film was shown and it didn’t take long for several cell phone footage and scene descriptions to appear from all over the web.

In moments the videos have already reached thousands of views and were among the most talked about subjects on social networks.

In addition, the trailers released by Disney later tried their best to keep the plot details just so that fans would be in the dark about the events of the film.

The actors themselves have asked fans not to divulge spoilers of the film after watching, as they believe that watching without knowing anything is the best way to be surprised by the production.

Movie Marketing


Disney is estimated to have spent about $ 150 million in advertising and promotional material for the film alone! This is a record even for Marvel, which always invests heavily in the promotion of blockbusters.

In addition to marketing the film, Marvel has made numerous deals with brands like Samsung, Duracell, American Airlines and even Coca-Cola to sell licensed products.

All this to feed a huge market of products related to the feature film that is already an intrinsic part of the current pop culture.

Experience Marketing

It is interesting to note that the company always seeks to invest in experiences to put fans in contact with the brand.

99 carried out an action for the debut of the feature, which consisted of the personalization of five vehicles that circulated during the three-day period in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The cars showed references to the characters in the film and even the possibility of getting discounts for the service.

Avenger 99 taxis campaign

This is an example of a very targeted action (circulation only in one city in London and a short period of time) that may, at first, seem inefficient.

But this type of experience generates sharing and commotion among fans, which is the main tool explored by Marvel to make its films generate subject.

This 99 case is an example of how a small share can gain a large circulation through the web.

Another action that follows this line was made in Australia and had a poster with the villain of the film stamped with the phrase: “Would you dare to remove Thanos?”.

Anyone who interacted with the poster by removing it from the wall would find tickets to see the film in theaters.

Avengers campaign


This illustrates how the company seeks, in small things, to approach the public, often in shares that do not have worldwide circulation, but that gain enormous proportions due to sharing via social networks.

These are some of the moves made by Disney to popularize the launch of the biggest movie in the Marvel Universe so far.

We will follow up to see if the company will continue to bet more and more on its releases and answer the question of how it will continue to work to keep the interest of the public, since the franchise already has almost twenty films.

What valuable lessons can we learn from this post that you can apply to your marketing strategy?
– Invest in the promotion of your brand and achieve more results
– Create a community and have advocates for your brand
– Make a good branding strategy and be up at the right time
– Know your audience well and know how to live up to their expectations