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Instagram has released account verification for any user! Check out everything about the great news and learn how to get selective blue seal!

Yes! You didn’t read it wrong, now any user will be able to ask to have a verified Instagram account.

But calm down that things will not be that simple, the ordering process, although it can be done by any Instagram account, will still undergo strict acceptance criteria.

In addition, Instagram will also release some information, previously private, about accounts with wide reach.

Want to know how these news will work? Keep up with us!

Account verification request

The first big news, and one that is already causing a stir, is the account verification request.

Before the news, the profiles that had the verification seal were chosen by an Instagram analysis process. The criteria were based on authenticity, scope, originality and relevance, and on these points nothing has changed.

However, the big change is that users can now request verification and, if approved, become part of this select group of influencers and large companies.

The process is simple and can be done from the cell phone itself, as we can see.

verified account instagramverified account instagram

As you could imagine, the big change is already causing controversy, and it is really something that we can reflect on. Although simplifying this process is an opportunity to authenticate accounts that already do a good job and are relevant, it can also be treated as a trivialization of verification.

We will only know how everything will happen when we start to see how the process of accepting requests will actually be and the accounts that will be approved.

If Instagram succeeds in maintaining the judicious selection standard, we can have a powerful accessibility tool. Only time can tell us.

Information from great profiles

But that’s not the only news from Instagram. The platform, following the actions to ensure transparency in its operations, comes with another change.

In September, users will have access to account information with wide reach and visibility.

It is not yet known for sure what information will be available, but images published by the AdWeek portal already give indications of what is to come.

verified account instagram

According to representatives of the platform, the accounts will be able to review the information that will be available to the public before the news is officially launched.

Instagram also has other user protection and transparency initiatives. Continuing a series of actions that the company, also owner of Facebook, has been taking since recent controversies in both networks.

And you, what did you think of the news? Will you try to verify your account? Do you think they will improve your experience on the platform? Tell us!

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