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Instagram is running tests to make 5 new types of Boomerang videos available, photo layouts on Stories, sharing comments and more. Check out!

Instagram is testing numerous changes to its app, according to some information released by network users in recent weeks. Among these updates are the development of Boomerang video feature, Story layouts and more!

Most of these news were reported by young Jane Manchun Wong, a technology blogger specializing in the discovery of new features and application bugs – even before they were announced by the companies themselves.

Are you interested in getting to know each of these new Instagram features? So read on and check it out!

New Instagram Boomerang Types

Perhaps the most notable of all features will be the possibility to create different types of videos in the Boomerang style. So far these 6 models have been presented:

  • Classic: the classic type already known by users;
  • Hold: its differential is a brief pause at the end of the first loop;
  • Dynamic: has a shaking effect at the end of each loop;
  • Slowmo: as its name already indicates, it is much slower than the traditional one;
  • Duo: slightly slower than the classic;
  • Duo (2): it is the opposite of the previous one, faster than the classic.

Creating Layouts for Instagram Stories

Another novelty that promises to please – and a lot – its users is the possibility of creating different layouts for Stories, without the need for third party applications. This way, it will be possible to make montages of two or more images, as in a collage.

According to Wong, Instagram has made some modifications to the operation of this feature, but as of now it “seems to be ready to be launched”.

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Sharing comments on Instagram

In addition, the social photography network is still evaluating the possibility of sharing comments:

“If this functionality is launched, there will be a“ Share ”button next to each comment, next to the“ Reply ”button. After testing the tool, it appears that Instagram is still working on complementing it – currently it works only on Direct, while attempts to share the comment by other methods have resulted in sharing the entire post feed. ”

Other features have been tested, including notification filters and some more advanced settings for the mobile application.

All of these bets from the network prove its quest to make the app more and more complete, in order to continuously improve the experience of its users.

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This text is an adapted translation of 9TO5MAC.