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Producing content in-house or outsourced is an issue that can make any marketer lose their hair. If you made it this far, I am absolutely sure that this doubt is taking your sleep away. Both options have positive and negative points and, to help you the most, I decided to write this article to you […]

Producing content in-house or outsourced is an issue that can make any marketer lose their hair.

If you made it this far, I am absolutely sure that this doubt is taking your sleep away.

Both options have positive and negative points and, to help you the most, I decided to write this article to help you make that decision.

After all, producing quality content and investing in content marketing is already a certainty for you.

It remains to be seen who will be responsible for this production.


First of all, why invest in content marketing?

Producing high quality content focused on your personas is not an easy task.

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If you still don’t understand the reason for the doubt about the production, I will present you some figures about the application of content marketing in London.

According to the largest content marketing survey in London that interviewed approximately 3,000 professionals, Content Trends, the adoption of the strategy is already more than a reality:

  • 70% of London companies already use content marketing;
  • Companies that invest in content marketing get 4x more visits on your pages and generate 5x more leads;

Okay, now for the numbers you really want to know.

When we talk about content production, things have changed a bit since 2015.

In the first edition of Content Trends, 65% of companies invested in internal content production while only 8% invested in outsourcing this service.

This year the story changed a lot.

THE adoption of outsourced content production rose to 22% while domestic production dropped to 60%.

Want even more interesting information?

Combined content production, which unites internal and outsourced, is hitting around 20%.

Okay, but what does that mean at the end of the day?

The first and most important point is that if you don’t already invest in content marketing, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. Second is that companies that already invest can identify the need to hire a specialized company or professionals to take care of their internal production.

And the third point – my favorite – a considerable number of London companies have already had sufficient maturity in marketing to understand how valuable the combination of in-house and outsourced production really is.

Before we continue, I would like to invite you. Open this link and be sure to check out Content Trends 2016. The search is incredible and you will freak out about the results we found! But first, finish reading this article!

Now let’s understand better about each type of content production that you can hire.

Why invest in internal content production?

When we talk about in-house production, it is understood that you will have a team from your company that will be responsible for producing all the content that will be used in the strategy.

After gathering your internal team, you will be able to measure what is the real production capacity of your team, without affecting the quality of the content.

In-house production is the best tool for produce content that is completely aligned with your company’s goals. Once professionals live the routines of your company, they are more qualified to produce content that way.

A great example is Content Trends itself, the research was all carried out internally by Websites Are Us.

Why invest in outsourced content production?

Whether you’re hiring a freelancer or 10, a digital marketing agency or even a company like Websites Are Us, a specialist in content marketing, you’re maximizing your production.

Outsourced production is one of the most scalable forms of production that you can purchase.

If you are looking for create a large volume of content in a considerable amount of time, outsourcing can be the answer to your problems.

Unlike domestic production, in turn, production outsourced it is more suitable for content of attraction and consideration. Since editors will not have as much contact with your brand or company. Except in some specific cases where there is a good alignment between the contractor and the freelancer.

When you hire a content production agency or a company that specializes in this, you certainly have two problems:

  • Lack of time and need for a large volume of content:
  • A very broad strategy that requires several specialists to play the different types of content you need. Ex: I’m a university and I’m blogging about Career. I need a professional from each profession. It is impracticable to hire each one of them for the team.

Soon, you can worry about other problems in your strategy that go beyond production. This point is undoubtedly one of the strategies that most demands time and knowledge from those responsible.

Complicated … what now?

Well, now that I have introduced you to the main characteristics of each type of production, the doubt must have been a little bigger.

Am I right?

Hope so!

After all, internal or outsourced, which one is better?

We are coming to the end of this article and I have some rather complicated news to give you.

The answer to that question is: It depends.

Yes, it depends.

It depends on the goal you want to achieve, it depends on the size of your company’s marketing budget, it depends on where you want to go and it depends on how long you want to get there.

Despite all these factors, we will work with a hypothesis that a company that recognizes the value of content, is willing to invest to grow its online business and aims to increase its sales.

And now, can you guess what the answer is?

Combined content production – How to use in-house and outsourced production to maximize your results

Despite not having a right or wrong answer, combined content production is the best way to get the most out of a content marketing strategy.

The best way to produce content in a strategy like this follows a very clear line of division of duties:

  • The team responsible for internal production will aim to produce content that will assist in the purchase process. They are content with the objective of assisting a potential customer in the consideration and decision phase.
  • Third-party producers will be responsible for the largest production volume. All content of the attraction phase, the top of the funnel, must be the obligation of these specialists.

When an in-house production team has time to produce high-quality, high-conversion articles, the results are very expressive.

Here we are talking about different formats. Mostly longer blog posts, ebooks and webinars.

Producing top funnel content takes a lot of time and effort. To hire a team capable of producing quality content for all stages of the funnel, you will lose efficiency.

The best alternative is to build a mixed team. No doubt.

How does Websites Are Us do it?

If you ever wondered about it while reading this article, the answer is right here.

At Websites Are Us we produce a huge amount of content. If you follow our blog frequently, I’m sure you may have noticed this already.

Our strategy is very robust. We are talking about at least 20 monthly publications, excluding all guest posts that we produce every month, which should be at least 10 more pieces of content.

It is worth mentioning that, all the contents that are published have at least two thousand words.

Okay, now you ask me: “Renato, how do you manage to do all this?”

Combined content production!

We use our own freelance copywriters’ platform – which already has almost 8,000 copywriters – and we also use the expertise of our own marketing team to produce some pieces.

This allows us to feed our blog in an incredible way, always posting content that will attract new visitors and convert those who are interested in content marketing.

This article you are currently reading is proof of that.

Currently, our strategy consists of publishing 5 weekly articles. One of which is produced by a member of our team.

Here is the reminder: Every Thursday is content day for someone from Websites Are Us Marketing!

There is no cake recipe to make this division.

You need to test to find what works best for you and your team.

Now I want to know your opinion

Dear reader, tell me what you think of this article.

Did you like it, agree, disagree, do you think that’s not how it works? Comment down there and let’s discuss it!

If you want to share, tell me how you divide your content production and how it has worked for you!

To the next.

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