Is buying followers good for your strategy? – WAU

Buying followers on Instagram is a practice that can damage your brand, mask your results and even negatively impact the reach of your posts on the network.

Starting new profiles on social networks is always challenging!

It is necessary to think about the best way to get the first likes, elaborate the contents that stand out and, still, not receive the expected return in the beginning.

Does this scenario look familiar?

Given that, buying followers on Instagram may seem like a tempting way to get the expected return from your profile in a short period of time.

In addition, those who work with content often wait anxiously for the moment to conquer the long-dreamed “Drag up” feature in Stories!

But what are the negative factors of investing in solutions to get more followers?

Below we list some of the factors that can get in the way of your success in your social strategy.

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Why is buying followers a negative for your strategy?

First, it is important to be clear about your goals with social networks. This step may seem obvious, but knowing what results your business expects from these channels will determine much of your strategy.

Imagine that lead generation is your focus, what actions and metrics do you need to focus on to achieve this goal? Having this issue clear can help you escape numbers that do not directly affect the outcome you expect.

In the case of lead generation, looking at network engagement may not be the best solution, for example.

On the question of increasing followers, in which part of your strategy will buying followers help your goals? Think about it.

At this point, you may even ask yourself: “Can buying followers help increase my brand awareness right?”

Not always.

Suddenly increasing the number of profiles that follow you may seem beneficial, but your acquired followers are not users who are interested in your niche, nor do they represent people who will interact with your posts.

That is, these profiles are inflating their total number of followers, but they are like ghost users, as they have not looked for your profile to follow and are not necessarily interested in consuming your content or service.

Therefore, these followers also do not help in the goal of increasing engagement! Once these profiles will not interact with your posts.

If your strategy is not related to increasing engagement, can it still be harmful?

The answer is Yes! Since your profile will increase the number of followers and will not have significant changes in the number of people who interact with your content, what does this mean for the algorithm?

Basically: it would be the same as saying that your posts are not interesting to users, thus affecting your reach!

An analysis of the profile of a company that has acquired followers by comparing followers x engagement (which can be done for free by online tools like Instagram Analytics) makes it clear to any user that a profile has acquired followers. This can also damage your brand image.

Instagram itself is creating measures that seek to minimize the effects of vanity metrics. The network recently announced tests to hide the number of likes that posts receive, in a move that seeks to minimize the hegemony of numbers over content.

Acquiring followers by means external to those offered by Instagram goes against the guidelines for using the platform and, therefore, may pose a risk of blocking or suspending your account!

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What other solutions are available?

In spite of all this, if the main positive point you see in buying followers is the increase in reach or the use of the “Drag up” feature, there are some other solutions that are much more beneficial for your strategy.

One of them is Instagram Ads! The resource offered by Instagram makes it possible to sponsor your content so that other people who do not follow your page can know your brand.

also it is possible to create ads for stories that redirect the user to your site with the feature of “Swipe up”, even if you haven’t yet reached the dreamed 10,000 followers that release this feature.

Growing a profile from the beginning takes time, but it is very rewarding! Gaining a loyal following and interested in your content can bring long-term benefits to your business.

Think hard about the role of social media in your content strategy and look for creative alternatives to distribute your posts!

Take the opportunity to continue learning and check out our kit of e-books on marketing on Instagram!