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Digital Transformation has come and changed the way consumers interact with businesses. It was an evolution in many senses, however, it is necessary to have a strategy that is scalable and sustainable to adapt to the new market prerequisites.

Globalization is already a reality and who would say that it would be a revolution in human behavior, right? Perhaps Bill Gates and Alan Turing, when they created the tools for digital approximation, already knew this.

THE Digital Transformation is now part of everyday life and we start to take note of its advantages. Along with that, the way of relating, communicating and even buying metamorphosed.

With this new business scenario, what can you do to have a digital presence? How to be relevant to your desired customers? How to prove that your product has more value than your competitor?

Here, we will explain that it is possible to configure a Digital Marketing tactic and outline a strategy that is consistent, sustainable, predictable and scalable to achieve significant results for your company. Come on?

The Digital Transformation in Marketing

Websites Are Us co-founder Vitor Peçanha has the habit of saying in his lectures that true Digital Transformation is one that delivers value to your audience through the right content and at the right time, making the Marketing become imperceptible.

Because instead of delivering a cold advertisement and, most of the time, without focus and specific study, it offers usefulness to your audience at the right time.

The exact way to attract this result is through differentiated and targeted content for the audience that you project to be the ideal customer, also called persona.

To define the persona, it is necessary to give it characteristics that will segment it. In this way, it is possible to build arguments about your product that will meet a need that she has.

When there is an identification between persona and product, Digital Transformation achieved its meaning and gained identity on the network. And the name of this process is our specialty: Content Marketing.

Content Marketing and the new moment of Marketing

It is Content Marketing that will give life to this process of making your product relevant to the persona.

Fact is, we are surrounded by content. Currently, there are more than 27 million content published per day. And Content Marketing is a strategy that aims to provoke consumer interest.

Your expertise is in a strategy omnichannel optimized, which leads us to a different way of doing Marketing. Instead of simply spreading the message, we attract the persona’s attention with content that responds to their “pains”.

The responsibility of Content Marketing is to give the user the best possible experience making their decision effective and satisfying.

Digital Transformation and Content Marketing

Digital Transformation came to position your company as a “digital business”. Frame it in a system so that your company has an online presence. It is the way to make your business appear through the production of relevant and valuable content.

The main function of Content Marketing is not just to talk about your product, but to say how your product solves a problem, how it works in practice, what is it for.

The content will educate your persona in a way that it clarifies your doubts before purchasing your product.

As we said, consumption habits have changed, today the consumer does not want to be a spectator in his buying process, in which he only watches what the brand wants to sell to him. He wants to be a protagonist in his purchase decision.

Consumers want to communicate with companies. Before, if purchases were made in an apathetic way, today, the customer has become much more demanding because he makes purchases aware of their value.

And companies capable of creating this connection and engaging their audience stand out in the market, therefore, they need to adapt to Digital Transformation.

Impacts of Content Marketing for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not a choice, it is the progress of technology that has fallen on us and impacts all areas of society, whatever their importance in the market.

One of the impacts that Content Marketing brings to Digital Transformation is to be the basis that will sustain the entire sales process to the end customer.

It is Content Marketing that will:

  • give the personality that your company wants to pass on to its consumers;
  • build your company’s credibility;
  • drive your persona up to the purchase decision;
  • position your brand in the market.

As you can see, Content Marketing is the foundation of Digital Transformation, since everything that demands exposure from your company comes essentially from the production of content.

As a result, some segments can simply get lost. Therefore, fitting into a Content Marketing strategy is essential for the Digital Transformation of your business to be successful.

Content Marketing works for all businesses

Yes. It works for all segments that use Digital Marketing. Consolidate a relevant digital presence on demand time, effort and resilience.

Time, because indexing your website pages is not immediate. Search engines need a period to recognize that their pages have all the requirements to appear on the first page of search engines.

Effort, because building and consolidating an identity is something to always do. Maintaining constancy when posting your content will tell your consumer that your company is current and is keeping up with trends to offer them quality information.

Resilience, because it is not something that is simple, but totally favorable to your strategy. It tells you how elastic your company can be to meet your audience’s expectations. This involves studying, researching, AB testing to suit your visitor’s preferences.

Fact is that every business needs content that describes it.

Doing Content Marketing optimizes the work of the physical seller, because once the customer is educated about your product, he will only need to identify the prospect’s needs, circumvent the objections and effect the sale, if applicable.

Speech has now changed, content is the lifeblood of every business

Creating content is a way to captivate your audience, expand your brand reach and increase your company’s sales possibilities.

Producing useful content is the perfect opportunity to give the right voice and tone to your company’s image. If brands previously depended on the perception that their consumers had, now they have the opportunity to position themselves as an influencer in the market.

Content Marketing has the power to create credibility, produce enthusiastic customers and more than that: promoters of your brand.

Roughly speaking, even Offline Marketing strategies depend on content that has the capacity to bring people closer to your brand. Content Marketing is not a market trend, it is a consistent and sustainable strategy.

Do you need to generate valuable content for your customers?

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Why companies should invest in this solution

Reasons why Content Marketing is the solution for your Digital Transformation:

  • it is 62% cheaper than traditional Marketing and generates triple leads, according to Content Trends 2019;
  • it is Content Marketing that sets you apart from the crowd that is the internet;
  • without it your Digital Transformation is unlikely to have worked;
  • it brings 2.2 times more visits and 3.2 times more leads to the companies that adopt it, as Content Trends 2019 says;

Its purpose is to guide the persona through the shopping journey and not to push it, as the advertisements do.

Content Marketing is Websites Are Us’s main line of business.

Content is made specifically to meet the need of your potential customer to enrich your website and increase the volume of traffic to your blog and, consequently, provide recognition for your company.

Its focus is to develop personalized strategies for companies that have difficulty progressing in Digital Transformation, because they know strategically the tools that can contribute, as well as producing solutions to add value to their brand.

But make no mistake, because Websites Are Us is not just a content producer, but also a strategist so that the result is exponential!

By using tools such as WAU Stage, which creates websites that are fully optimized and ready to sell in a few clicks and without having to understand anything about programming (and WAU Studio, which is a content management platform), Websites Are Us manages to be the complete solution for the various demands that may arise when designing a company’s strategy.

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