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“Self-knowledge is the secret of personal growth” – Author Unknown If you have never read the sentence mentioned above, it is likely that this is one of the reasons why you have not yet achieved the success you are longing for. But it is worth saying that this is also for those who read and never reflected on the real […]

“Self-knowledge is the secret of personal growth” – Unknown Author

If you have never read the sentence quoted above, it is likely that this is one of the reasons why you have not yet achieved the success you are longing for. But it is worth saying that this is also for those who read and never reflected on the real meaning of this phrase.

After all, what would this “such” self-knowledge be?

If you believe that self-knowledge has to do only with the fact that you have found something that does you good physically, like a food that speeds up your metabolism, you are wrong.

To know oneself well is to know what are your qualities, limitations, abilities and, mainly, your defects.

But can self-knowledge, especially weaknesses, help us achieve unimagined goals, such as increasing your profits in your own business?

In this post, we will help you understand how your weaknesses can be a source of profits and give you tips on how you can use them to even inspire others.

How much do you know about your weaknesses?

“What are your weaknesses?”

Who knew that a question that is often considered tedious in a job interview would be so useful in your life, right?

But believe me, knowing your limitations can directly collaborate with your professional and, mainly, financial future. However, it is not enough to just recognize your defects and difficult moments that you have lived in the past.

For this change to be possible, it is necessary that you have experienced some kind of difficulty or gone through a watershed, which stimulated decisions in your life. Even if, at first, such decisions seemed wrong or hasty, you can see that they were fundamental for you to achieve something that, today, has become “positive”.

Want an example?

Shyness in adolescence, the difficulty of finding a profession that would make you happy, among other difficult moments and weaknesses in your life, in a way, required a radical change for you to reap good results later.

Still don’t understand how it helped you?

Do the following exercise:

Go back to the past and look for some kind of difficulty, weakness or other negative moments that helped you become the person you are proud to be today or that, in some way, makes you feel better about yourself, emanating good energy to all.

Did you notice how some negative points have already made you change for the better?

How can your weak point increase your profits?

The content producer can be many things, but among them, the fact that he is a good storyteller stands out. This allows him to use his experience with producing texts to share knowledge or even to encourage people.

In other words, you can use your writing skills with the weaknesses experienced throughout your life as a story that can encourage a number of people to overcome what has hindered them. You make your experience an interesting story and increase your profit.

Understand that many people are going through the same as you did, or something similar, and they certainly think that there are no solutions. But their experience and knowledge can change that idea, showing a path that tries to help them overcome moments of difficulty.

It is that famous story that makes it possible to “combine the useful with the pleasant”.

How to stimulate the growth of your profits?

In times when digital has been increasingly valued, it is interesting that you start to consider the possibility of making the internet the official environment for your work. Thinking, then, of its weaknesses as a new source of profits, the idea of ​​creating digital products arises.

Digital products are digitally formatted materials distributed over the internet. They are generally products with educational content, with which it is possible to entertain and teach people in different ways.

The creation of content is something that has become popular in recent years due to the search of companies for professionals trained in writing, as well as for the mobility and ease that this type of activity offers to their daily lives.

So, why not use your skills as a writer, link them to your story and make it your source of professional and personal growth?

The practical part of creating a digital product is that, almost always, you make them from an experience or knowledge you already have.

By following exactly the idea of ​​using your weaknesses and overcoming difficulties, you can share what you have experienced, in an educational way, and increase your profits by selling a product that helps others who have the same challenges that you have already had.

What are the types of digital products?

Now that you understand the concept of using your experiences to your advantage, the time has come to identify the best format for your digital product.

The first step is to think about the content you want to share and then do the search for a format that is consistent with your theme and values ​​your content.

Understand that this is a very large universe, so it can be explored in different ways. After all, there is room for all types of people and products, but for that, you will need to be creative and dedicated to your work and test what suits you and the audience you want to reach.

Here is a list of digital product formats that you can develop:

  • Ebooks;
  • Manuals;
  • Subscription services;
  • Podcasts;
  • Speeches;
  • Digitized magazines;
  • Articles;
  • Members area;
  • Contest handouts;
  • Screencasts;
  • Video classes;
  • Among others.

How to make your content worthy of appreciation?

Don’t feel guilty about not knowing how to produce interesting content right away. To tell you the truth, it depends on each person and how comfortable you are with your product theme.

It is very likely that you will have some difficulties in the beginning, especially if you use your weaknesses as the focus of your business. But don’t let that make you give up.

There is no single standard for creating content that catches people’s attention, but there are some ways to attract the attention of others, such as creating suspense or even having a fun script.

The important thing is to use your creativity and do the best you can with the theme you have chosen. But, to help you get started, we have 5 tips for you to apply in your strategy:

Tip 1: Find the “tone” that makes you feel comfortable

Regardless of the digital product format you will start to develop, you will need to find a “tone” or pace of production. Think about which text, video, audio and other formats are most consistent with the story you want to tell. It is essential to find what makes you comfortable so that you can easily produce your content.

Tip 2: Create topics you want to share

People who have no practice in producing content may experience some difficulty in maintaining the pace of production. Therefore, the ideal is for you to create a kind of topics with all the information you want to apply from the digital product. With that, you will have a pace and a final goal in production, and you will not get lost in the middle of the road.

Tip 3: The story is yours, so there is no one better to tell it

It’s that old story: if you lived it, how will your neighbor be able to pass on the details of your experience?

There is no one better than you in producing content that shares your experiences and knowledge, and that is what you should put in your mind. This is a precious stimulus.

Tip 4: Talk about the pain (problem), and then offer the solution

Nobody buys a digital product with an interest in knowing only the pain the producer experienced or the problem he faced. On the contrary, people can sympathize with the issue, but their goal is to buy what has the capacity to offer solutions. So, talk about the pain, but teach how to solve it.

Tip 5: Look for ways to be attractive from start to finish

The tip about having a pace of development so that you can be comfortable during production also serves to create an attractive product. The idea is that you produce content that holds the person’s attention and doesn’t encourage their fast consumption, with the intention of seeing what your “solution” is.

There are many other tips that can help you produce a product that becomes efficient not only for you, but mainly for the people who will be your customers. What you need to do, as we said earlier, is to think of the best strategies for your type of business.


When we start to do some activity, be it personal or professional, it is very common to focus on what we have more skills, our strongest points. However, if you have come this far, you have realized that it is possible to develop your weaknesses and make them a source of profits.

If you liked this information, but want more ideas on how to increase your profits, read also our post on how to change careers.

Guest post produced by the team Hotmart.