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Businesses that use social media well sell more. That is why they are so important for the sales strategies of every company. The investment and the right action can bring countless benefits to increase revenue, gain visibility and still be close to your ideal client.

Imagine the following scenario: a group of people with a common interest, the same taste for food, for clothes, for biotype, for hair products, for plants and a multitude of other common preferences. By putting all these people together, in a virtual space, a social network is formed.

Social networks are made up of people who share information in exchange for something.

Each person who signs up for a different social network generally does so for two reasons: to offer some information or to search for some information.

There is no denying how much social media has gained followers in a few years. This because most of the people we know are there It is like nobody wants to be uninformed, ends up engaging to find out what happens around him and around the world.

And that is why social networks have become a great sales environment.

Yes, using them well, social media sells. Therefore, find out here how your company can take advantage of them to gain visibility, strengthen your brand and increase your sales revenue.

Stay with us and we’ll explain how to do it!

Do social networks sell?

Social networks are virtual environments created for user interaction and engagement.

With this new platform model, people went from being informed to being informants.

Through social networks, it is possible to write messages, post photos, share news and sell. According to the Social Media Trends survey, in London, 96.2% of internet users are on any social network – 18.2% more than last year.

If 96% of internet users are on any social network, it is very likely that your target audience is also there. Being present in the media is being visible to the person you want as a customer.

What possibilities do the main social networks offer?

The first step for your company to be punctual when choosing social networks is to understand how each platform works.

This will be essential to produce the right content, that is, content that reaches the persona your company wants to talk to. See below which are the main ones.


Despite constant updates, and an algorithm that makes it difficult for your company’s posts to reach a following, Facebook is one of the most used networks in the world.

Despite the limitations, there are ways to enhance its use. Through Facebook Ads, you can boost your ads, which is ideal for product launches and price campaigns.

The strong point is that your company can talk to your persona through written content that describes a photo – since, in this social network, the text comes before the image.

This is a great attribute for your company describe a product the way it really is, before going through people’s perceptions. As in the comments that people can freely leave what they thought about the product.


Instagram is a more dynamic medium, because allows your persona to see your posts almost instantly.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is the image that comes before the text. That is why it is important to give the feeling you want to convey to your potential customer. Here, he is won over by what he sees, not by what he reads.

You have certainly heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. For this is the case with this network, in which it is essential that your ads impact your followers, as this is how sales start.

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers the option of paid advertising. This type of action causes the ad to appear to a larger number of people than organically.


Twitter was developed for engagement and, for companies, this is very good, because it’s like she talks facing with the consumer; in a simple and precise way – since communication is restricted to 280 characters.

Even so, the social network accepts the post of photos, videos and links. This is favorable if your company wants to take the persona to a purchase page, for example.


Pinterest’s main function is taking traffic to other advertising channels through image sharing.

A link linked to the images takes the persona straight to where the company wants to maintain a little more restricted and close contact.


LinkedIn is a network of professional contacts. It is not necessarily intended to sell, but rather to prospect people.

This network is widely used by the B2B market, because one of the actions that companies usually use is to prospect employees to reach companies.


It is a social network powered by videos and all its contents have this format.

On Youtube, there are several lines of content for every type of taste, for any age, gender and education level.

It is a favorable social media for companies that want to be the authority in their segment in the market.

Videos are simple to consume, which is why this network has more than 1 billion users.


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How do social networks help companies sell?

Today, the average London is 9 hours connected to the internet. It is a long time to leave you browsing without even contacting your brand.

Companies that want to expand, for whatever the outcome, need to be where their potential customers are. And, as we said, they are on social networks.

That is where the importance of being present comes from.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary for companies to invest in ads that have the right format and content, so that the prospect’s attention is captured.

This leads us to a second evolution, which is about adapting the content for the social network that makes sense for your company.

It is essential to produce content that is relevant and that clearly communicates what your company needs to say.

But it is not just advertising that social networks survive, but mainly the spread of information. In this sense, every day more necessary to invest in Content Marketing to feed the actions of companies in social networks.

This is the most effective action to communicate with your persona in the right way. This strategy has the mission of educating the persona and preparing it for purchase.

Thus, it is essential that your company shows itself on social networks in a position of assistance to help your prospect solve a problem, feeding this communication with information that will help him, in due time, to make the sale.

After all, how to sell through social networks?

Social networks allow companies to explore their platforms in exchange for visibility, audience and engagement.

In fact, they all offer the business segment to facilitate companies’ actions. Taking this into account, here are some important attitudes to sell on social media.

Create a strategy aimed at your ideal customer

The first step here is to adapt to the characteristics of the chosen social network. That done, the second step is to adapt to the persona.

There is no point in delivering valuable content in the wrong way, or delivering irrelevant content to the right person. Such errors can discredit your company and make your audience unproductive in response to your posts.

Match the quality of content to the volume of posts

It is very important that there is consistency in your social strategy.

The right content has the power to talk to your persona and get very close to it. Use content to create closeness and understand what your persona really needs, to show her how your product will help her to fulfill her wants and needs.

Maintain, in full operation, a posting firing schedule it is essential to maintain constancy, so that your prospect knows that your company will be there when he is prepared for the moment of purchase.

Social networks require campaigns to be engaging and original. If your potential customer realizes that your company may just be replicating other brands, it can be difficult to build credibility and earn your trust.

So, be aware of what you produce, how you produce and for which channel it is very important to achieve the expected result.

We can help you with content production. Want to know how?

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Have your own space

This point is to talk about the importance of your company having its own engagement network.

We know that it is hard work to look for groups that are interested and talking about your segment in the market.

However, once these users realize how helpful and usual your company can be, it will reach its place in the hearts of these people.

Nothing brings a seller and a buyer closer than common interests.

Don’t miss the opportunities for interaction: they may be the ones that guarantee your next sale.

Design – and follow – a plan to feed social media

Since social networks help to sell, you need to take them with the same seriousness that is adopted in any other channel or means of sale.

Below, we list a series of tips that you can not miss to plan your actions through social networks and, of course, when putting them into practice:

  • discover the right social networks for your business: it is important to research where your target audience is and invest with full force in creating content that is trending in your market share;
  • create a unique profile of your brand: if your company decides to invest in more than one social network, keep the same visual identity so that the public can easily identify your company;
  • have frequency in posts: keep the pages constant, because people like movement and, the more news, the better;
  • have an editorial calendar: define how many times to post and at what times to post. Here it is interesting to perform A / B tests to understand what your audience is doing;
  • don’t just talk about your product: focus on showing your advantages, but show in a way that is subtle and pleasant and that relates your product to the daily life of those who use it;
  • know what your competitors are doing: being informed about the actions of your competitors can not only bring some insights, but also great ideas for doing what they are not doing;
  • don’t ignore users of your page: take time to respond to engagement interactions, they show users how in fact your company is concerned with the quality of service;
  • have goals: keeping track of your metrics is important to see if what you are doing is really delivering any results – if it isn’t, it’s a great way to start changing and trying again;
  • understand your customers’ needs: listen to your customer, as it can be a great opportunity to improve your products and create new ones – for that, take quiz, create polls, encourage comments;
  • invest in paid ads: this action is an accelerator of results, allowing you to achieve healthy online visibility for your company.

Now you understand that yes, social networks sell, just know how to use them well. And, if you want to perform your social media strategies even better, be sure to read our ebook on Marketing Strategies on Instagram Stories.

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