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To invest in Google Adwords or not to invest: this is the question that permeates the minds of several entrepreneurs. On the one hand, it seems quite attractive, on the other, are the results really valid? Is it worth using Google Adwords? To solve some of your doubts, know that online advertising is one of the tools […]

To invest in Google Adwords or not to invest: this is the question that permeates the minds of several entrepreneurs. On the one hand, it seems quite attractive, on the other, are the results really valid? Is it worth using Google Adwords?

To solve some of your doubts, know that online advertising is one of the most used digital marketing tools by companies, representing 6.8 billion in investments planned for 2015, of which 4.4 billion will be destined only to related advertisements research.

These data are from E-consulting and reveal that this strategy only tends to grow in the digital universe, so we gathered the staff here to make a big deal about the advantages and disadvantages of Google Adwords, the main platform for sponsored ads on the internet. Curious about whether it is worth falling head over heels in this strategy?

So stay tuned!

Why invest in Google Adwords

Obviously, let’s start with the benefits. After all, if there are so many people investing in Google Adwords, it is because for someone (or someone) it is being very worthwhile.

Ease of implementation

You don’t have to prepare for days or weeks to put a Google Adwords campaign into action. If you have a good marketing team, tuned to the profile of your personas, in a few hours you can create one, two, ten campaigns of sponsored links and go in search of your goals.

Flexible budget

Wow, investing in advertising is always very expensive, isn’t it?

Not so much. In Google Adwords you set your daily budget and never exceed your credit limits. In addition, you have the option of running a prepaid or postpaid campaign, which helps with financial control of your company.

Customer segmentation

One of the gifts of digital marketing, especially sponsored ads, is customer segmentation. With it you define precisely which profile of the public will be able to see your ads, making your campaigns more assertive and personalized.

Pay Per Click

The payment model most used in Google Adwords is PPC – Pay Per Click.

In it you define a maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a person to click on your ad. If nobody clicks, that’s fine, you don’t pay anything, but you don’t convert either. The way then is to invest in good SEO strategies to attract the right people and then generate qualified traffic.

Qualified traffic

Do you know that story of the right person at the right time? So, when you invest in sponsored links and create killer ads, you don’t waste time with those who won’t buy from you.

Your ads appear only to people who are looking for what you offer (hence the importance of SEO), increasing the chances of conversion right at the first click.

Brand visibility

Sponsored links are not just for selling. You may want to launch your brand on the market, promote content, or strengthen your relationship with your audience. All of this requires visibility to get you closer to your customers and potential customers, which Google Adwords does with primacy.

In addition to the search results, it has ads that are displayed on the display network, that is: partner sites that display ads according to context and relevance.

If you sell natural sandwiches, for example, your ads are shown on health magazine websites, blogs by nutrition professionals, among others. That is, once again, it reaches its audience with quality.

Real-time tracking

As if it weren’t enough to be accessible to any business, Google Adwords still has integration with Google Analytics, providing metrics and performance indicators for your sponsored link campaigns for free.

With it you know exactly how many times your ads were shown, how many clicks were given, how many rejections your destination link had, how many people were converted, how much each click cost and more.

Total control over results

Two days of campaign and no conversions? Don’t wait any longer.

Go to Google Adwords, pause your ads, modify the strategy and put it into action again. You don’t need to exhaust your budget to know that a campaign didn’t work. By monitoring your performance day by day, you make the necessary adjustments and maximize your return on investment.

Is it worth using Google Adwords? Why think twice before investing in Google Adwords

So many advantages make us want to put these sponsored links to work once and for all, right? But before you jump into this strategy, consider these questions:

Tight budget

If you sell products that do not generate a high average ticket or a large volume of sales, think carefully before investing in Google Adwords, as the return with sponsored links must be greater than your investment.

For example: Imagine you have a cosmetics store and your sponsored links campaign is to sell hair dye. A client will use one unit, maybe two, at most, per month, generating a sale that is between 25 and 50 reais. To invest in Google Adwords, you need to leverage sales volume, otherwise the strategy may consume more resources than the return it generates, compromising your budget.

Keyword competition

Google Adwords works through a keyword auction, which takes into account a number of factors, such as the bid you place, the relevance of the keywords, the context of the ad and the competition of the keywords, among others.

The greater the competition for the keywords you select for your ads, the more difficult it becomes to appear in the search results. So, before investing in Google Adwords, talk to an SEO professional to identify the keywords that best suit your strategy.

Relevant content

As much as you are able to attract a good number of Internet users with your ads on Google Adwords, if the landing page does not have relevant content, which captures the attention of the visitor, you are throwing money away.

There is no point in all your effort to get a click if after that, in seconds, the visitor leaves your page. That is why it is extremely important that you integrate sponsored links with a complete digital marketing strategy, considering all the tools available to attract, retain and convert more customers.

The final verdict is up to you: is it worth investing in Google Adwords? And if you want to know more about the tool, download now our free ebook on the topic!

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