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We know that creating a blog and publishing a post is not that simple. So, we did this step by step for you to follow and not forget anything, from the first moment of looking for an idea until the time you answer your readers’ comments. The first preparations No […]

We know that creating a blog and publishing a post is not that simple. So, we did this step by step for you to follow and not forget anything, from the first moment of looking for an idea until the time you answer your readers’ comments.

The first preparations

Don’t run out of ideas

Worried about how you go about generating content constantly? Start by reading this article. It is not difficult to find inspiration for the guidelines of your articles, just know how to look a little. Read forums, search the Internet, chat with friends and customers and get out of the house.

Another interesting idea is to ask for help from the other departments of your company. Your sales consultants are always in touch with your customers and can give you valuable tips on what they want to read.

Make a list or a spreadsheet and write down everything you collect. So, whenever you need something new, just check the file and go!

Have a calendar

We always say that it is very important to publish frequently on your blog (read more about it here!). So, to schedule and organize all your publications over the months, create an editorial calendar.

With it, you will be able to plan which themes and subjects will be covered during that week or month and you will also be able to specify who is responsible for the text of each day.

And to help you out, we’ve made a calendar template that you can use! Just download it here.

The famous keywords

You should write your post thinking about what people are looking for, the words they use to reach the information you will provide. A keyword search can result in something else: an idea for a post. When you see that an X or Y word is in high demand, you can write a text with this theme and win new readers with it.

Starting your post

Now you have everything planned, you can start writing your first post. We here at Websites Are Us use and recommend WordPress as a platform. So, I will use it as an example in the next step by step.

We have to remember that the design of your blog will make a big difference in how your post will be presented at the end. Here in Content Marketing, we use a larger featured image, just below the title and place images throughout the text. But this is not a rule. You can vary according to your taste. We only recommend using a prominent image to get the attention of your readers.

The title

This is one of the most important points of a post. The title will be the first invitation for your reader to open your text, so you need it to be captivating. To learn how to make a successful title, read this article.

So, let’s get to the practical part.

title blog

The title is the most important heading on the page (H1). It will be one of the first things that Google will “read” to rank your page. So, put the keyword that your text will focus on in the title.

title wordpress

In WordPress, the title will be the first box to be filled.


The URL is the address where your post will be available. When deciding what your URL will be, remember that it must be descriptive but it cannot be too long. Also avoid codes or special characters.

url blog

In WordPress, the URL will already come with your domain. In our case:

wordpress url

The second part, in yellow, that can be edited.

The images

Images are extremely important to your post. They attract attention, break the text and improve reading.

sample image

Do not forget to put the alternative text for Google to “read” the image and relate it to the keyword in focus.

image in wordpress

To place an image in your text, just click on the Add Media button, highlighted in the Image and either take an image from your computer or place an image URL.

button for image

The Goal Description

Explaining roughly, Meta Description is that summary that appears in the search engines, just below the title and the URL. It should be brief and explain what your text will present by calling the reader to click on the link.

meta description

We suggest using a plugin called WordPress SEO from Yoast. There you can edit the meta description without too many problems. There are several other plugins that you can use to make.

meta description wordpress

Categories and Tags

To facilitate navigation within your blog, you should place your posts within Categories and define some Tags for them. This will allow your readers to find more articles related to the topic they just read.

tags and categories


When you are finished with the text, invite your reader to take action. Be comment, read another post or download material. The use of Calls-to-action are essential for this. They are one of the main ways to turn readers into email marketing subscribers and leads. (If you want to know how to turn your blog into a lead generating machine, be sure to read this article.)

call to action

The text

Finally, you still need to do a few things before hitting the Publish button:

  • There are some techniques to make your text better to read (or more scanable). We wrote a text about it and you can read it here. Be sure to use these tips.

  • Review your text for spelling and grammatical errors. A text full of errors diminishes its credibility and will hinder your relationship with your readers.

Now, publish the text and move on to the next step!

The last steps

Now that you have your text published on your blog, you still need to do a few things.

Disclosure on social networks

It is not enough to wait for people to simply come to your content, you need to get it in their eyes! Then, advertise on all social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Read this social media publishing guide and get more readers to access your blog!

posting on facebook

So, don’t forget:

  • Promote to groups and communities. You’ll be able to get your content out to people interested in the topic you’re writing about.
  • Link old articles to the new post. The construction of internal links is essential to gain better positions in the search engines and help your readers to navigate through your texts.
  • Email the article to influencers and friends who are interested in the subject. Showing your content to people who can help you spread the word will help (a lot!) To gain a new audience.
  • Have a shout at the office and ask people to share. Asking colleagues for help never hurts! This way you will also reach more people with your article.
  • Promote the article in your newsletter to generate even more engagement. Many people will pay more attention to what comes in their email than on a social media page. So, be sure to publish your articles in your newsletter.
  • If the article mentions other blogs / sites, be sure to mention them on social media at the time of publication. This generates more shares and you reach other user bases complementary to yours.

Track comments and make metrics

Always read the comments that are made on your posts. It is very common to have some doubts and your readers will trust you more and more if you solve them, answering any comments on your blog. In addition, you can find ideas for new posts and receive praise!

Also, be sure to look at your metrics (we use Google Analytics for this) and always adapt your writing and publishing strategies, to get even better.

We summarize this step by step in a checklist for you to download and use whenever you publish a post! Just click on the link below!

download now