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Do you know that little face you put on Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps? The name of this element is Emoji. It has delighted users of all kinds, especially those who use Emoji for Facebook!

Having a business profile on social networks does not necessarily mean following a formal and plastered language. It is possible and even well accepted that, on platforms like Facebook, Emojis are used to communicate with the public.

However, care must still be taken to give credibility to the content conveyed.

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After all, what are Emojis?

Before we talk about the right ways to use them, we need to make their meaning clear. A lot of people think that Emoji and Emoticon are the same thing, but this is a mistake!

The Emoticon came first. In 1982 it was only possible to use basic text characters. So, Emoticons were simple elements, created to express human emotions, like happy =) or sad = (.

At the end of the 90s, Emojis literally showed up. The appeal started in Japan, but it didn’t take long to win the world.

From time to time we see new updates and more options. In addition to human emotions (Emoticons), today we can represent places, sports, symbols and people with images – even dear Santa Claus is among the options!

But why use Emojis?

You have certainly heard the phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Emojis prove this to be true.

A simple happy face in the middle of a message composed of an extensive set of words is able to add a proximity of the reader to the companies.

Doubt? So you need to know the research conducted by Dr. Ownen Churches, from Flinders University, Australia.

He dedicated himself to studying how the use of Emojis influenced people’s behavior and made a great discovery: our brain can interpret these images as real human faces!

That is, when we include an Emoji in a message, the user has a closer perception, a greater connection. This can intensify what we want to convey.

For example, if you want to speak to someone who is angry, by inserting the correct Emoji at the end of the sentence, the person will have a clearer perception than simply with the written text.

Is Facebook Emoji well accepted on company pages?

We are living in the age of experience. Consumers have become more demanding and want faster and more efficient communication.

To meet this requirement, companies had to adhere to various channels of interaction, such as messaging applications and social networks.

However, the user does not want a mechanized contact. He wants to be close to the brand, to know who he is talking to.

So, using Emojis on companies’ Facebook is a great idea! After all, they manage to give a tone of relaxation, closeness and even intensify what you want to convey.

Even those companies with a more serious profile can take advantage of these images, just knowing how to use them in the best possible way.

To give you an idea, companies like Bud Light, Chevrolet and Ford have already embraced the power of Emojis, creating advertising campaigns with illustrations only.

Ford used a very interesting strategy to generate engagement with the public. She launched the Ford Focus “Let’s Go” campaign. In it, the company provided Emojis and exclusive car stickers.

As a result, the automaker reports that more than 25 thousand downloads of Emojis were made daily, in the period of 10 days. In addition, the publication on social networks reached more than 40 thousand shares, which generated a huge number of impressions, exceeding the million mark!

If you think about the low cost of this action and the effect, it was a great strategy!

What are the numbers of Emojis?

Did you know that there is even World Emoji Day? The date is celebrated on July 17th!

In London, the Emoji that we use the most is that of the happy face with heart eyes.

According to data released by Facebook, more than 700 million Emojis are used daily on the social network. In addition, in Messenger, more than 900 million messages are exchanged per day containing just the images, without any text!

How to use the correct Emoji?

So the recipe for success is filling Emoji messages? Nothing like that! More than adding images to your texts, you need to know how to choose which one fits correctly and the right time to use them.

With a simple Emoji you can totally change the meaning of your sentence. So, be careful!

To use images correctly you need to think in the context of the message. There are some Emojis that can present a double meaning to the reader and, therefore, should be avoided so that there is no confusion.

Also, make sure that your audience will understand the message using the images. It makes no sense to create a campaign with symbols that your audience is unaware of, right?

Also, be careful with too many Emojis in your sentences. You should use the feature with caution. Creating a message with a great mix of images and texts can damage your audience’s experience.

It is also strongly recommended that you do not use the resource when handling a complaint or criticism. These moments must be more serious and if you use an Emoji, it may appear to the user that you are not taking it seriously.

So, as we have seen throughout this content, using Emojis in company campaigns is an excellent strategy, provided it is done with planning and common sense.

Images are able to intensify communication and put more emphasis on what you want to express. In addition, Emojis can be useful to humanize the brand, bringing the public closer and generating more efficient communication.

Pay attention to the points we have listed, with the right and wrong times to use the images. This way you will be able to create good messages and engage your followers

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