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When done manually, audio transcription is quite a tiring job. For those who work with it routinely, it is interesting to have the technology to facilitate this process. Discover 6 tools that can be of great help to you and your team!

Audio transcription is a very common practice for journalists, content producers and other professionals.

In addition to allowing the reproduction of content in different formats, it optimizes the consumption time of that material – if you transform an hour-long podcast into text, for example, reading would probably take less time.

The tools available do not necessarily transcribe word by word, but many can be used to make this job a little less manual and therefore less tiring.

Do you want to know the importance of audio transcription and the tools that can be of great help in this process? Then follow this text to the end!

Understand the importance of audio transcription

Audio transcription is the written reproduction of a audio material or video. Different professionals can find themselves in situations where this practice is necessary.

It can be done literally, in which what is spoken is transcribed in exactly the same way, or even in order to correct possible language vices or grammatical errors. In this last modality, the fluidity of the written text is prioritized.

Transcription has always been very common for journalists. During an interview, recording the conversation is very practical. When it comes to producing the article, however, work is easier with access to written statements.

Imagine that the journalist can find relevant excerpts from that interview much more easily if that content has been transcribed. a ctrl + F would solve the situation much more quickly than having to go back stretch by stretch of the audio, for example.

In addition to this already widespread utility, transcription can be used when there is an intention to work the same material in different formats (audio, video, text), which facilitates its dissemination and repercussion.

Content producers, in turn, may need the transcript to add captions or offer some accessibility to your content.

Discover 6 tools that can facilitate this work

Manual transcription is a laborious and time-consuming procedure, however, it considerably eliminates the chances of error in the material.

Currently, there is no tool that turns audio into text entirely.

However, several applications and software can be used to make this task a little less tiring.

Do you want to use technology to your advantage? Then check out our top tips below!

1. Transcribe

Transcribe is a transcription tool that works in three ways:

  • automatic transcription in some languages ​​with a promise of 90% accuracy;
  • from speech recognition, in which it is necessary to dictate the text;
  • through a reduction in audio speed, which allows for transcription / typing with fewer pauses.

One of its main differentials is the integrated text editor and audio player, which avoids the need to switch windows and makes the job easier.

The software offers a free trial month and there are two paid packages, starting at $ 20 a year. You can also add a program extension directly to Google Chrome.

2. oTranscribe

With a very similar name, oTranscribe works quite differently. It also offers the text editor integrated with the audio or video.

Its main advantage is that it can simply be accessed online, no download required.

This tool also provides different keyboard shortcuts, which can facilitate and speed up the transcription work. However, in short, when using oTranscribe, it will be done manually.

3. Cogi

Cogi is a recording and not a transcription application, but it is worth mentioning because it facilitates this process a lot.

Available for Android and iPhone, it works as a recorder for “sessions”, which facilitates the selection of the most important sections.

Efficient especially for journalists or other professionals who conduct interviews, it greatly reduces material review time, enabling a more accurate transcription.

4. Dragon

The Dragon app is one of simpler but effective software for dictation. You speak into the microphone and the words appear on the screen.

The mobility offered by the app can be a differential compared to other similar ones that we present here.

On his website, he promises to be a productivity booster. In other words, it also helps to “think out loud”. It is a way to save ideas in audio and organize them in text at another time.

5. Transana

Transana is one of more complete applications when it comes to organization. On the official website, they even describe themselves as an application for data analysis – not just audio transcription.

The archiving of audios can be useful for those who work as a team, both in cases where one person starts the transcription and another ends and in cases where there is a need for more than one individual to access and analyze the document after its completion.

Because it is more complete – and complex – there are different packages for purchasing this software.

In the basic modality, however, the price is 150 dollars. Students can negotiate a discount of up to 50%.

6. Speech

Did you know that O Google has a tool for audio transcription? It can be accessed directly through the browser and only requires connection to a microphone. Just select the desired language and dictate the material to be transcribed.

The tool can be quite useful for short texts, but it may not be so useful for longer materials or even videos.

In addition, the tool still has a considerable margin of error in the identification of words, so a dedicated review is necessary.

To make recording easier, to reduce pauses during transcription, to organize data or to transcribe through dictated lines, the tools presented here can make audio transcription work much easier.

Free or paid, the choice must be made from the material you have in hand and what you want with it.

Now that you already know how audio transcription can help in the dissemination of your content, and you already know the best tools to help with that, how about finding out how to include videos in your marketing strategy? Just download our ebook!