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Search Marketing makes it possible for your persona to find your content more easily. Thus, in addition to increasing the reach of your page, you can create relationships with the consumer and generate business opportunities. To this end, there are two main approaches: one paid and the other organic.

A few decades ago, to find a specific product or service, it was necessary to leaf through telephone directories or look for newspaper advertisements. Today, it is even difficult to imagine this type of situation. With the consolidation of digital transformation, it takes just a few clicks to find any type of information on the internet.

In this scenario, taking into account the high level of competition, the challenge of a marketing team is make sure your target audience finds the brand easily. To make this possible, it is necessary to invest in a solid Digital Marketing strategy.

Ideally, when someone searches for something related to your product, your page will be among the first results. In this article, we will explain how Search Marketing can help achieve this goal, in addition to detailing some of the main techniques of this approach. Check out!

What is Search Marketing?

The democratization of the internet has opened space for anyone to create content on all kinds of topics. To find what you are looking for amid millions of possibilities, the internet user is used to using search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

So, you can imagine the confusion it would be if there was no formula to rank the pages and organize your exposure for the internet user, right? Well, to understand Search Marketing, you need to understand how this ranking works.

When performing a search on Google, which is the most popular search engine, the individual is directed to a SERP, an acronym in English for “search engine results page”. In SERPs, content is divided into two categories: paid and organic.

The objective of Search Marketing is, through a set of techniques and tools, achieve maximum exposure for your page in search engine results. To do this, you have two non-exclusive options: invest in sponsored links and work on SEO strategies. Continue reading and learn more!

How to optimize your strategy with SEO techniques on page?

The term SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which, if freely translated into London, is understood as Search Engine Optimization. The term refers to a set of methods used to improve the ranking of your page in an organic way.

Most of these optimizations are performed directly on your page, although some are done externally, as we will see throughout the text.

To start structuring an SEO strategy, the first step is to deeply understand your audience, a goal that can be achieved with the creation of a persona.

From there, you must perform studies to understand the keywords most used by your audience. Inserting these terms in your content signals to search engines that your page has some relevance among the public.

However, the fact of creating qualified content does not guarantee your site among the best placed in the SERPs. In order to provide the best consumer experience, search engines consider several factors, including scannability and loading time. Below, check out some aspects that should be considered.


URLs are links that represent your page’s address. Often, the automatically generated URL consists of letters and numbers arranged at random, which makes it difficult to read.

A good practice for SEO is to use Shortened URLs, clearly stating what the content is about. If possible, including the keyword in the address facilitates recognition by the algorithm, which contributes to a good ranking.

Meta Description

When someone performs a search on Google, the results are accompanied by short descriptive texts. They are the meta descriptions. Although it is not an official factor for ranking, this element is fundamental to attract the attention of the reader and convince you to access the content.


As it values ​​the good user experience, the algorithm employed by the main search engines pays special attention to the design of the page. It is important that it is responsive, that is, it enables a fast and efficient navigation.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is important to ensure that the site can be accessed with the same ease on smartphones, tablets and computers.


In addition to prioritizing pages with easy navigation, the algorithm also gives preference to content that is deepened on a given subject. So, considering your persona’s preferences, create complete materials and stand out from others that already exist on the topic.

In this way, in addition to building your brand authority on the subject, you enhance the page ranking in the SERPs.

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How to work off page SEO?

As already mentioned, not all SEO techniques are employed directly on the page. Even if you use an efficient search engine optimization strategy in the content of your website, ensuring the contribution of external elements is a very effective practice.

In this sense, the effort to get links on other sites that point to your page. Called link building, this technique adds prestige to your content and increases the number of visitors.

To get this indication from other channels, you can establish partnerships with other blogs. However, the simple fact of producing quality content opens space for your site to be included as a reference in posts from other domains in a completely spontaneous way.

Another point included in the off page SEO idea is the sharing content on social networks. Make sure your page has a button for the reader to share the material on their networks. Thus, well-prepared posts are naturally spread over the internet, increasing their relevance.

What are sponsored links and how to use them?

Remember that we said that SERPs divide their content between paid and organic? Well, the SEO techniques described throughout the text are excellent for ensuring good positioning among organic results. However, there is a more direct way to place your page among the first placed: sponsored links.

Although paid, sponsored links have a good return on investment, since your billing is based on results. Therefore, if your goal with this type of ad is to increase the clickthrough rate on your content, you will only be charged as people click on the link.

Because of this approach, the strategy is highly scalable. That is, you can start with a low investment and increase the budget according to the achievement of goals. This is an excellent option for those who are starting and need to perform tests with the audience.

Sponsored links are obtained by creating campaigns in an ad generator like Google Adwords. Its implementation can be combined with an SEO strategy in order to optimize the reach of the page on all fronts. In addition to scalability, there are other advantages to this method. Check out some!

High segmentation power

When we launch content on the internet, we do not have full control over the audience that will access it. Thus, many accesses are performed by people who do not even fit the profile of your persona. With sponsored links, it is possible to segment the audience that will see the ads.

You can, for example, target the campaign to people with certain interests or who use the keyword you define. In addition, you can separate your audience according to demographic characteristics, such as gender, geographic location, and age.

In this way, the link will be visible only to people considered relevant to your business, which enhances your conversion rate.

Quick return

Unlike the generation of organic traffic, sponsored links bring a more immediate return. The moment you set up the ad, it is already available to the audience to which it is directed.

It’s important to remember that while your rise is fast, the link is live only for the time designated in the ad creation. Therefore, it is important to integrate this strategy with an SEO strategy, in order to guarantee more lasting results.

Amplification of other strategies

If you invest in a Content Marketing strategy for your business, you know that it can take some time before the public becomes aware of your materials.

If you want to speed up this process, you can invest in paid links to take the persona to your content for the first time. If she is interested in what she consumed, the chances of a return in future situations will be greater.

In addition, it is possible to direct paid links to a landing page. Thus, you open the way for the generation of leads, which can be used in nutrition or email marketing campaigns.

Applying Search Marketing to your strategy is an excellent opportunity to increase the reach of your brand and attract consumers to your business. Although the use of sponsored links allows faster results, it is important to invest in techniques to optimize your page for search engines.

From the moment that the persona establishes the first contact with your company, you can adopt different strategies to encourage the decision to purchase. One of them is scarcity marketing, which creates a sense of urgency for the acquisition of a product or service.

So, did you understand what Search Marketing is and how you can implement it in your business? How about continuing learning? In this post, we talk about the concept and application of scarcity marketing. Check out!