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Having a good hosting service is fundamental to your Digital Marketing strategy. In London, Locaweb presents itself as a good option for several projects. Know its advantages and see if it fits what you are looking for.

Today, it is almost impossible to think of a company that does not have at least one website and one page on each social network. And, for that, it is necessary to have a hosting service that allows you to create a domain, set up websites, create email accounts and manage much of the company’s online content.

There are several options available on the market, each with its pros and cons. Let’s talk about Locaweb, to help find out if it’s what you’re looking for.

In this article, you will see:

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What is Locaweb?

THE Locaweb is a London company that offers accommodation of websites and email. It offers a server that will host all of your pages and information, allowing you to store everything in the cloud.

This type of system is indispensable for various jobs, such as creating a website. Without this, there would be no safe and wide enough space to store the data on the company’s website, nor the practicality of accessing it from any location.

What are Locaweb’s conditions and hosting plans?

In order to meet public demand, the company offers a set of hosting subscription plans, each with an adequate service level for companies of different sizes. See here what are the options offered and their conditions.

GO Hosting

Plan basic, indicated for personal websites and individual microentrepreneurs:

  • 3 emails of 10 GB each;
  • 1 FTP user;
  • 1 website;
  • Free SSL in the first year;
  • price: R $ 24.90 per month (R $ 9.90 per month with a 1-year subscription).

Hosting I

Plan initial, useful for micro and small businesses, giving more options on how to create a blog separate from the main site:

  • 25 emails of 10 GB each;
  • 1 FTP user;
  • unlimited sites;
  • Free SSL in the first year;
  • price: R $ 35.90 per month (R $ 15.90 per month with 1 year subscription).

Accommodation II

Plan expanded, with space for larger companies and more database options:

  • 50 emails of 10 GB each;
  • 5 FTP users;
  • unlimited sites;
  • Free SSL Wildcard in the first year;
  • price: R $ 59.90 per month (R $ 24.90 per month with 1 year subscription).

Accommodation III

Plan more robust, which includes companies with more employees and broader digital action plans:

  • 150 emails of 10 GB each;
  • 50 FTP users;
  • unlimited sites;
  • Free SSL Wildcard in the first year;
  • price: R $ 109.90 per month (R $ 42.90 per month with 1 year subscription).

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What are the advantages?

Considering the importance of hosting websites for Digital Marketing work, you will have to look for a service anyway. The question is to find the one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio.

To make a decision, see here the main pros of hosting with Locaweb.

Ample space

O storage space offered by the hosting company it is a very important factor in determining the quality of the service. Having enough space means you can create more pages, more emails and use more content without having to upgrade immediately, which saves time and resources.

At this point, Locaweb presents a great cost-benefit ratio, with plenty of storage space for each email and for the content of the website itself. This means that you get more out of the chosen plan, as long as you have done the proper planning.

Free website builder

Unless you already have expertise in HTML programming, then you will need to use a website creation platform to build your page. Fortunately, there are several options available online, each with its advantages (and disadvantages). However, not all are free, which may limit your options somewhat.

Fortunately, the service in question has a free website creator. You can access it directly on your platform, which saves more time and optimizes the management of any page on the company’s website.

Free domain for up to 1 year

Another very important factor in determining the return on a hosting system is to see what extra benefits you get from subscribing. Overall, the more you can get in the same price range, even if temporarily, the better.

In the case of Locaweb, you get the hosting your domain for free for up to one year. After that, the amount will be included in the subscription fee. This is very good for those who want to do a test before committing to the fund, as it allows them to better enjoy the benefits and determine the real benefit of the service.

Hosting for Linux and Windows

Windows is the most widely used operating system today, so it is natural that most companies have a system aimed at it. However, many businesses use alternative operating systems. O Linux, for example, is quite popular in some technology ventures, as it is free and open for editing.

Therefore, some companies already plan their hosting systems to be used in Linux. If that’s your case, then Locaweb has the resources to give you the support you need.

Free website and email migration

For those who already have a hosting system, one of the biggest headaches is migrate all sites and email accounts correctly. And this process can hardly be avoided, because without it, all the data already accumulated is lost during the transition.

Fortunately, Locaweb has a considerable benefit in this regard: it allows for the free website and email migration between systems. This is very useful for those who do not have much technical knowledge about the operation of the platforms and just want to make the transition without consuming a lot of energy.

More complete control panel

Another complication for those who use digital tools to manage websites is that, in many cases, the functionalities are spread among various software. This can force the user to open several applications in order to correctly manage each page, which takes more time and makes everything more complicated.

However, Locaweb offers a very simple solution: a widest and most versatile control panel. Through it, you can use all the applications associated with your website and manage the pages together. That way, you don’t have to mess with multiple windows to make any changes.

Local servers

Last but not least, the processing speed and ease of access to the site are two factors that depend a lot on your hosting. If the server is located in a very distant area, then the access time for users (and yourself) tends to be longer.

For being a London company, Locaweb has several servers located within the country, which is great for facilitating access by the local public. If your product is focused on national consumers, then this hosting is great for increasing contact with your ideal leads.

What are the disadvantages?

Of course, no product or service is free from defects, regardless of its level of quality. See here the main disadvantages of hiring Locaweb’s hosting system and how they can impact your decision.

Separate database

Having a database is essential, especially to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns and improve your results over time. The broader and more consistent it is, the better.

In the case in question, the database is not an integral part of the service and should be requested from the. There are many options available, which can be adapted to your needs, but you should still take the value of this service separately into your budget.

Limited application installation

In order to expand the functionality of the website and the control panel of customers, Locaweb offers a number of applications that can be purchased and installed. Each of them brings more resources to increase the quality of the page and facilitate the work. However, it is not just any application that can be used.

The platform provides a limited list of software that you can use, which means that your options are somewhat reduced. This is not usually a major impediment, but it may require some tool change, if you already use software that is not available in the new hosting.

Above average monthly price

Finally, one of the factors that weighs most in decision making: the monthly fee. Even with all the benefits in the world, it does not help much if the company cannot pay or if the return obtained does not pay off the investment.

Locaweb works with prices above the average, which matches many of the benefits offered. It is important to take this into account in your financial planning before hiring the plan.

Now that you know the hosting of Locaweb, you can decide if this is the service that best meets your demands. If this is the case, take the next step and research the implementation for the hosting system.

Want more tips to decide which service is ideal? Then see our article on how to choose the best hosting for your website.