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In recent weeks the subject of Big Brother Brasil has taken over social media. Much of this buzz comes from the marketing strategies adopted by participants such as Bianca Andrade and Manu Gavassi. Understand more about the transmedia strategy of the participants!

There are 18 years in the air, more than 300 participants and countless controversies. But isn’t it that, after so long following the same formula, Big Brother Brasil managed to innovate in its 20th edition?

While many people wondered if it was not time for the program to end, the production sought digital resources and gave new life to the reality show by inviting internet personalities to participate alongside anonymous people.

The idea brought not only the renewal of the program’s audience, but also great marketing lessons for the market.

After all, instead of the advertisers who bet on sponsored events, the participants themselves are giving a show of commercial strategy.

From rebranding the launch formula, the BBB 20 celebrities found ways to continue earning money, influence and even take a career turn even though they are isolated from social and virtual life, as we tell in this article!

Multiplatform strategy

When Rede Globo de Televisão announced that digital influencers would participate in the BBB, many people questioned what people who have thousands (in some cases, millions) of followers would do in a television program considered long overdue. The answer to that question is simple: expand your audience.

Although they have a wide reach in the digital world, these influencers know that there are people who do not reach with their channels and social networks – but who remain an interesting consumer audience.

An example is Bianca Andrade, popularly known on the internet as Boca Rosa. The blogger, who has 9 million followers, recently launched a cosmetics line that is sold in department stores across the country.

pink mouth make up line

The problem is that followers don’t always convert into sales. Just look at the case of the influencer with 2.6 million followers who was unable to sell 36 t-shirts to support her brand (remember here).

Much of Bianca’s audience is young. That is, it has no purchasing power to buy its cosmetics line. In addition, the blogger is also unknown to many consumers in department stores who do not buy their products due to lack of reference in the market.

Putting herself in Big Brother, then, was a way that Bianca found to advertise for free. And the best: on national television, in prime time, before an audience that she would never reach in digital.

Note that at all times of reality she is using her own products:

In addition, the blogger team takes the opportunity to share on Instagram all the looks – carefully planned and previously photographed – that she uses in the program.

It is common knowledge that the greatest demand of the Rede Globo Call Center is consumers interested in the products used by actresses and presenters of the house.

In the case of Bianca, the consumer sees her using a product at BBB and can find out what it is and even buy it at the same time, accessing Instagram. A real transmedia lesson.

Personal branding

Still on Bianca Andrade, the influencer is also taking advantage of the BBB showcase to try to change the way she is seen by the audience and the market.

It is worth remembering that Bianca has been trying to establish a career as an actress and presenter for some years: she made films, theater and even special appearances in Rede Globo programs.

All without much success, since she continues to be best known for her work as a blogger.

Now, with the launch of her products that have a broader palette every day – she started with lipsticks and today counts a complete line of makeup, shampoo and conditioner – she focuses on the title of businesswoman, which she even used to perform on TV .

pink mouth presentation at BBB20

The same movement was made by the Italian Chiara Ferragni, one of the main influencers in the world and owner of a beauty empire, who invested in a gradual change of image to project herself as a businesswoman and CEO of her own company.

The goal here is not to completely detach from the blogger label, which has gained a negative connotation in recent years due to the gaffes and extravagances of some professionals; but to show a more professional and reliable public image – which guarantees access to high ticket products and sponsors with greater purchasing power.

Launch formula

Despite Bianca’s various projects, the most peculiar strategy is perhaps that of Manoela Gavassi, a singer who is using Big Brother Brasil to publicize her new phase in her career.

Manu Gavassi, as he is known, became famous as a teenager when he joined the staff of Capricho magazine, from Editora Abril.

In the early days of YouTube, she took advantage of the visibility she had with the magazine to promote her videos with covers and copyright songs, and even made some hits on the radio.

For some years, it had been investing in the production of authorial content for its Internet channels, gaining the status of influencer and accumulating millions of followers.

In 2018, his main project was a web series for YouTube called “Wrong Girl”, in which he makes fun of his own idoloteen trajectory.

Taking advantage of the buzz he would have with his participation in Big Brother, Manu also planned for reality and recorded new episodes of the web series, answering questions that the public would have when he saw her on the program, such as who she is, why she went to the BBB and what she expects from the edition.

All the content was produced in a chronological way and heavily worked on storytelling, to dialogue with the singer’s confinement time and create the plot that she would, in fact, be on a spiritual retreat.

In addition, knowing his strong appeal to social media, Manu started to reproduce phrases and poses typical of memes used on Twitter, a network in which Big Brother is always among the most talked about subjects; which turned her into an immediate viral.

photos of manu gavassi

This, in turn, made her reach new audiences, as people watched memes on Twitter, went to her Instagram to find out more about her and came across the web series explaining everything about Manu’s career and life.

It turns out that the new episodes of the web series were nothing more than a ground preparation for Manu to release his new clip, “apology audio”. That is, all content was just a sales funnel applied in practice.

Knowing that he would generate curiosity with his participation in BBB, Manu Gavassi produced funnel top content in the program to attract new followers and left funnel medium content to build and qualify the audience until they were prepared to “buy” his music.

Own platforms

Finally, it is worth noting that both participants knew how to drive the audience of the program to their own platforms.

While many companies still invest in offline media without measuring the results achieved, Manu and Bianca took advantage of the visibility gained on open television to generate more followers on their networks.

Neither of them has access to Rede Globo’s audience numbers. But by taking viewers to their channels, they are able to measure the impact of their participation in the program through the growth of networks.

In addition, of course, to know the complete profile of the new followers and their consumption habits through the data provided by the platforms themselves.

Whether the strategy will work for one of them to win the program is difficult to say. But one thing is certain: they continue to earn money at home and London reality shows will never be the same after the BBB of digital influencers.

And, if you want to know more about the strategy of digital influencers, be sure to download our guide on the subject and learn the best way to use them in your business!