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We know that a well-structured landing page not only guarantees a good conversion for your website, but also makes the user start searching for your products more frequently, since he becomes convinced that the services are worthwhile and are good quality. Different strategies can be tested […]

We know that a well-structured landing page does not guarantee only a good conversion for your website, but it also makes the user search for your products more frequently, as he becomes convinced that the services are worthwhile and good quality.

Different strategies can be tested and used, but in the middle of this experience some errors can occur, making the customer have difficulties to reach their goal and end up losing interest in the product or service being offered.

A page with little or too much content, without specific definition of the items available and difficult to understand can generate an opposite effect than expected for a landing page, whose main objective is to attract the customer to your website and convince them that they need the benefits of your products.

With that in mind, we’ve listed some of the most dangerous mistakes that can happen when optimizing your landing page and we’ve also provided tips on how to resolve them in order to avoid bigger problems.

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Few tests

There is no recipe: a landing page needs several tests to meet the minimum of expectations.

But what kind of tests are these?

Different configurations, layout of images and / or videos, type of CTA, location and size of titles and descriptive texts, that is: all the necessary resources for the optimization of a landing page need to be tested.

Each case is different: what works for your friend’s company may not work for you, so stick with the tests.

Confusing landing page

When a user accesses your site, they must know exactly what to do to gain access to the product they want, in addition to being able to view the objectives and benefits with clarity.

The page resources must offer full support to what the customer is looking for, so the landing page must have an attractive title, descriptions of the contents with some details and information about the benefits.

Be careful not to fill with vague and obvious content, giving the impression of a page poorly organized.

The link does not lead to the searched destination

Be careful that the links on your site are faithful to the product they indicate, since in many situations we see addresses that lead to the presentation of more than one product or different items, which can end up confusing the customer who ends up give up looking what you really need.

Also, whenever possible, identify the links with the same name as the product.

Pay no attention to first visits

When visiting your website for the first time, the user needs to be quickly convinced that your product is worthwhile.

To do this, offer some bonuses through free services containing tips, advice from experts in the field and a list to answer questions.

That way, the visitor feel more comfortable to search for specific information right there.

Lack of customer appreciation

Many make the mistake of investing in a good call and advertising to the customer, but then do not offer any form of thanks for their registration on the site.

Failing to give any feedback to the user does not allow him to feel close to the benefits offered.

Ideally, after completing the registration, the customer is directed to a specific page containing the acknowledgment.

Together you can still leave some well-intentioned phrase, such as the wish that you enjoy the product well.

How to build advocates for your brand

Absence of testimonials

Testimonials and opinions from previous users are essential for the positive reference of your website.

Try to highlight them in some space of the page, so that the visitor feels that the service offered is serious and has credibility.

It’s cool because you can select the most important comments or even switch them, showing that the product is being constantly sought after.

Difficulty in accessing different devices

We know that nowadays people hardly work with just one type of device.

A range of options on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones meant that digital platforms had to adapt to so many formats.

If your landing page does not allow access by different mobile devices, know that you are missing out on many access and conversion opportunities, so update yourself!

Lack of image

Using appropriate visual aids on your landing page can be very beneficial.

Of course, you can’t just choose any image, as the visitor’s perception can be easily influenced, both by good and bad images.

If the image is too neutral it will hardly transmit anything to the customer.

Stay here again importance of testing to find out which feature best applies to you; however, a tip already given by digital marketing experts indicates that background images that demonstrate a sense of freedom are positive and in general generate a greater conversion, such as, for example, a beach photo.

Absence of a CTA of influence

Is your page’s CTA weak or boring?

If it is a very simple call, the visitor will not feel comfortable enough to move on, as he will not have an established dialogue with the page.

People need feel they are getting the answers for your interests.

If the call is inviting, the customer feels safe to continue, so the CTA needs to be a big influence.

Pay attention to its layout and configuration on the page: it needs to be in evidence, with attractive colors and represented by large, easy-to-view buttons.

Your form doesn’t go straight to the point

Watch out for unnecessary and exaggerated questions on your form.

Remember that you don’t need to know the customer’s name, surname and other personal information, since the landing page is there with the main purpose of capturing leads for your website, not an infinite list of data.

Depending on the person, you may even find it rude that a site requires so many responses.

The most necessary information the moment the user accesses your page is fill in the email, because it allows you to contact your customers later, using e-mail services that make it possible to send mass messages to all interested parties who have registered.

It is clear then that, with a good dose of commitment and patience, it is possible to avoid past mistakes and visualize the results of the optimization of your landing pages.

The important thing is not to lose the desire to test different resources and possibilities, after all, not everything is ready and every experience is learning for growth.

Remember that persistence is and will always be a key item in achieving your goals.

If you still have any questions, check out our video on how to make landing pages that convert. Also check out our free landing page kit to improve your conversions.

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