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Applications for research, planning and task organization, advertising and sales, communication and information, data analysis: discover 52 Google applications that will make your daily life easier!

Google has consolidated itself in the digital world. Since its origin, when it was a simple search engine called BackRub, until today, many changes have occurred in its structure.

And not only that, the company has expanded its horizons and now goes far beyond internet searches.

Today, we can consider it one of the most valuable references for professionals in Digital Marketing, sales, project management and much more.

After 20 years, we see services, platforms, social networks, ad systems, applications.

Google is in everything and it is everything. Certainly, you use some of your endless tools in your daily life, be it an email account in Gmail or a smartphone with Android system.

But, if you still have no idea of ​​the greatness of this company, today we are here to show it.

In this post, we present the main google apps, separated by categories, for the most different objectives.

Research applications

1. Google Search

Most popular search engine on the internet today.

2. Google Books

The most diverse index in the world to search books in full.

3. Google Finance

Service that shows information about companies, including their latest decisions and most recent actions.

4. Google Scholar

Tool focused on content research and scientific-academic literature. Features quotes, links to books, scientific magazine articles, technical-scientific reports, academic papers and more.

5. Google Shopping

Mechanism that allows users to search for products on online shopping sites and compare prices between different suppliers.

6. Google Flights

Flight reservation service that allows you to organize the search by the number of stops, price, airline and duration of the trip, in addition to purchasing tickets through third parties.

Google Flight

Task planning and organizing applications

7. Google Drive

Cloud storage and file synchronization service. Covers the features of Google Docs.

8. Google Docs

Service that allows you to create, edit and view documents, in addition to sharing them with friends and professional contacts. Includes text documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations.

You have the option of working offline, that is, it is possible to save the files both in Google’s drive and in the device’s memory.

9. Google Calendar

Online calendar and calendar service that allows you to add and control events, appointments, share the schedule with synchronized Gmail contacts, among other features.

10. Google Contacts

Google’s contact management tool, and a standalone service, is part of the G Suite applications.

11. Google Trips

Application to organize trips. It is possible to consult reservations, set up itineraries, see restaurant suggestions, discover public transport options, discover nearby hospitals and much more.

Google Trips

12. G Suite

A package that offers features, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc., for businesses.

13. Google Assistant

Google virtual assistant available mainly on mobile devices. Performs everyday tasks, such as calls, sending messages, Google searches and even interacts with the user.

14. Google Bookmarks

Online service that allows you to save your favorite sites and attach tags and comments.

Advertising and sales apps

15. Google Marketing Platform

Digital Marketing and analytics platform that unifies Google applications, such as DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360, in order to facilitate the planning, evaluation and optimization of digital media and customer experiences in one place.

16. Google Ads

Google advertising platform. With this service, ads are displayed in the form of sponsored links when a user performs a search.

17. Google AdSense

Google’s advertising program that allows you to display business ads on blogs and websites.

18. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service that allows website creators to monitor and resolve problems viewing their site in Google search results.

Google Search Console

19. Google AdMob

Ads tool for app developers.

20. Google Contributor

Program that allows you to visit websites without any type of advertising managed, ordered and maintained by Google, in exchange for an amount paid by the user.

Course Applications

22. Google Primer

Google application whose premise is to teach marketing concepts in an easy and educational way. The lessons last an average of 5 minutes.

23. Google Digital Garage

Free Google tutorials to help entrepreneurs in the online world, such as website creation, digital marketing, social networks, e-commerce and more. Upon completion of a course, an exclusive certificate is issued.

Communication and information applications

24. Blogger

Google’s free tool to create and publish blogs.

25. Google Sites

Tool to create and host websites simply and quickly, without the need for technical knowledge.

26. Google Duo

Mobile video call application developed by Google, available on Android and iOS operating systems.

27. Google Classroom

Free educational platform that allows you to create virtual classrooms, in which the teacher can assign tasks and assessments with texts, audios, photos and videos.

28. Android Messages

Official Android operating system application for sending and receiving messages, its web version was recently launched.

29. Google News

Automated news search engine that constantly tracks information from major online media and displays it to the user.

Google News

Data analysis applications

30. Google Analytics

Monitoring and analysis tool for websites and applications. It offers data on traffic, visitor location, source channels and real-time information about what is happening on the site.

31. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research tool that allows you to find the most appropriate terms to create ads.

32. Google Trends

Tool that shows the most popular terms searched in the recent past, in different regions of the world and in several languages.

Google Trends

33. Think With Google

Insights tool developed to help Digital Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the market.


34. Google Cardboard

Virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google based on folding cardboard.

35. Google Chromecast

Google accessory that converts any TV with an HDMI input to a Smart TV, through a small device that transmits the content of other devices, such as smartphones and computers, to the TV.

36. Google Cloud Platform

Virtual space in which it is possible to perform a series of tasks that previously required the use of hardware or software and now use the Google cloud as the only way to access, store and manage data.

37. Google Open Source

Google initiative that brings all your open source projects together in one place.

38. Google Developers

Site aimed at programmers. The site contains open source and a list of services that support Google’s public API.

40. Google Pay

Online payment system developed by Google that allows users to make payments with smartphones, tablets or smartwatches.

Google pay

41. Google Station

Free WiFi hotspot service around the world.


42. Waze

Community-based GPS navigation application that contains user information and real-time route details.

43. Google Maps

Free service to search and view maps and satellite images of the Earth.

44. Google Sky

Google celestial map showing objects like stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, etc.

Google Sky

45. Google Moon

Similar to Google Maps, it allows you to see the surface of the moon based on satellite photos.

46. ​​Google Earth

It presents a three-dimensional model of the terrestrial globe, built from a mosaic of satellite images obtained from different sources, aerial images and 3D GIS.

47. Google Mars

Online service developed through a collaboration between NASA and researchers at Arizona State University.

It is one of the most detailed scientific maps of the surface of Mars.

Social causes and projects


It develops technologies to help address global challenges and supports innovative partners with donations, investments and resources.

49. Google Loon

Google project in experimental phase that aims to provide internet access in rural and remote areas using high altitude helium balloons.

50. Google Arts & Culture

Google site made in collaboration with museums in different countries. Using Street View technology, the site offers free virtual tours at some of the largest art galleries in the world.

Google Arts & Culture

51. Google News Initiative

Google initiative to encourage the growth of journalism in the digital age, including courses, programs, products and partnerships.

52. Google One Today

Application that allows donations of US $ 1 to non-profit institutions. The software displays different entities every day, reporting the cause fought and the NGO’s financial situation.

What did you think of Google apps? Do you know others? Leave it in the comments!

And since you’ve made it this far, enjoy and download our “Master Google” kit and become an expert in this universe!