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Marketing Tools LATAM is a survey created and executed by Websites Are Us, with the objective of finding the favorite tools and platforms for Marketing professionals from all over Latin America.

If you are an enthusiast or Digital Marketing professional and want to keep up to date with the latest trends, you cannot miss our content to find out how the best marketing teams in Latin America develop their processes and activities.

If you want to know part of the results we found in 2019, keep reading! You will find out:

How was the process of preparing Marketing Tools LATAM?

The methodology used to conduct the Marketing Tools LATAM survey was to online questionnaires.

Beginning on August 8 and ending on September 9, 2019, questions were sent to more than 1,900 companies across the region.

Participants had to be Latin American organizations with teams or members dedicated to marketing. The research focused, in large part, on agencies in London, Mexico and Colombia.

The questionnaires were sent by email to those we had registered in our database here at WAU and to our followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And, to encourage companies, organizations and marketing professionals to participate in Marketing Tools LATAM, we offer 5 gift cards from Amazon with a value of $ 25 each.

Finally, we have 9 experts who responded and shared their opinions in a questionnaire related to the platforms and marketing tools most used by them and their teams.

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What conclusions did the research give us about the sector?

Now, let’s get down to business: the results obtained by Marketing Tools LATAM.

Next, we will talk about the most relevant conclusions that we obtained thanks to the research. Find out what we found!

1. Marketing automation does not yet dominate strategies

One of the most popular strategies for marketing teams is, of course, the automation of their processes, since it facilitates tasks, streamlines the workforce and allows the collection and analysis of a large data flow.

One of the results that we could see was that almost a third of the interviewees still do not use automation, as they are small teams. And the number increases more than 10% if we eliminate the London teams from the equation.

We also saw that RD Station and HubSpot are the favorites of agencies and marketers when it comes to automation.

marketing automation, marketing tools 2019

2. Data analysis is a trend

Data collection and management have become essential for companies dedicated to marketing and, especially, to Digital Marketing or derivatives, such as Content Marketing.

We identified that over 91% of companies collect and study data to improve their strategies and almost two-thirds of them use Google Analytics as a medium for this analysis.

When it comes to analyzing the competition, the SEMrush tool is the winner in the sector, with more than 25% of the votes.

data collection, marketing tools 2019

3. There are great opportunities for Content Marketing management

Despite proving to be a Digital Marketing strategy that drives and favors brands, over 40% of agencies LATAM Marketing Tools participants do not have Content Marketing tools or platforms and more than 14% still do not execute the strategy.

content marketing management, marketing tools 2019

Our results with WAU Studio show that Content Marketing produces, on average, 1.3 more visits to websites such as e-commerce or blogs and 1.4 more leads than those who do not use the technique.

This data suggests that there is a golden opportunity for content management experts like blog posts, ebooks, infographics and more.

It is a market that is still far from saturated and there are many agencies that have no experience in the area.

4. Blogs with WordPress are the most popular

The blog is the ideal space to capture and execute a Content Marketing strategy, and our research has shown that companies already have their favorite platform to create and manage the blog.

Among the CMS most used by bloggers and experts is the WordPress, with more than half of the participants.

The choice for WordPress is due to the aesthetic aspects and compliance with web standards and, of course, the practical usability of the tool.

blog management, marketing tools 2019

5. There is a wide variety in the use of SEO tools

SEO is used by companies to generate more organic traffic to their websites and gain digital authority. This represents a business opportunity, making it possible to increase the lead or customer base of a company.

In the survey, we got a great answer on this aspect with a particularity: there is no single or preferred tool for agencies or marketers, although Google Search Console and Google Trends are the leaders on the list.

SEO, marketing tools 2019

What we realize is that most use two or more platforms to work with SEO, this is because each one offers different and special functionalities that help in the analysis and adjustment of strategies according to the need of each one of them.

6. Customer service chats are not yet frequent

Finally, we will talk about the surprising indifference that agencies and companies convey when it comes to digital transformation in terms of customer service.

Over 35% of them do not have chats to guarantee quality and fast customer service. And we say “surprising” because this tool helps to reduce costs in organizations without the need for much investment.

Another interesting fact is that, about 17% have no idea what service to use or even what tools exist. Which is both worrying and curious at the same time.

chat, marketing tools 2019

That was just a taste of the results of Marketing Tools LATAM, there is a lot of information that we had to leave out of this post but that we want to share with you.

To continue discovering what we found, download the search and continue investigating the matter!