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If you follow the WAU blog, you already know that. But if it’s coming now, I’ll tell you a secret: good tools are essential in marketing. But tools can range from famous pen and paper to spreadsheets and, ultimately, online systems of the highest quality. It is this latter type of resource […]

If you follow the WAU blog, you already know that. But if it’s coming now, I’ll tell you a secret: good tools are essential in marketing .

But tools can range from famous pen and paper to spreadsheets and, ultimately, online systems of the highest quality. It is this last type of resource that we are going to talk about today.

And we have a warm novelty to tell you: in full RD Summit 2018, the largest Digital Marketing event in the world, Digital Results launched its own CRM.

The idea of ​​the new tool is to help small and medium-sized companies to organize the business process and generate more results efficiently.

Sound like a good idea to you? Then log on to this post to find out everything about the new tool, and have it on offer!

Why is CRM a key part of your growth machine?

Every company that starts to invest consistently in Digital Marketing – and we are not just talking about money, but time, energy and talent – wants to build their own growth machine.

In other words, the entrepreneur wants the first results, usually timid, to grow exponentially and sustain themselves over a long time.

I’m sure it’s no different with you. But there is no growth machine without organization of the commercial process . This is the basic premise that led RD to launch the tool.

Producing relevant content and generating leads from it is only the first step in the process. CRM comes to answer the second question: what to do next?

content marketing first steps

The story behind the launch

The launch of RD Station CRM is the result of the acquisition that the company made in August 2018, of Plug CRM.

Since then, the product and engineering teams have come together to renew the CRM experience, which has now been presented to the public with the mission of helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow.

It is worth remembering that Plug CRM was already a good option in the market, as it offered a simple and intuitive system that more than 2 thousand companies trusted to improve their relationships with their customers.

O improvement process that the system has gone through, with the touch of the talented people from RD, it certainly made the tool even better and will help many people achieve great results.

But what does the software offer? How much? When will you be able to use it? All of this you can see below.

Everything you need to know about RD Station CRM

Why have doubts when you can know right now everything that matters most about the DR tool?

Anticipating some of your main questions, I will show you everything you need to know before getting your hands on the new system:

How it works?

The software is simple and practical, so your actions are quick and time is spent interacting with leads, not regulating processes.

A video about the tool can help you better understand what to expect:

If you weren’t able to watch the video, here are some of the main points:

  • creation sales funnel: just define your company’s funnel steps. Thus, all salespeople work based on the same process;
  • integration with marketing: if you use spreadsheets to record negotiations with customers, you can import them and let the system automate the process going forward;
  • record of products and services: you can put in the system all the products and services that your company sells, to simplify the business process;
  • sticky notes for important activities: you know that follow-up that you always forget to do? Enough of that! In RD Station CRM you can create reminders for everything that is a priority;
  • alerts of interaction: Your salesperson will receive an alert as soon as a lead or customer is reading one of your emails. So you can call him right away and continue the negotiation;
  • real-time performance: it is possible to monitor the performance of the entire team, and also of each individual salesperson, with simple and easy to understand reports.

In addition to all this, one of the CRM versions has integration with RD Station Marketing, the largest marketing automation tool in London.

So, if you already use RD Station Marketing, you have one more reason to also adopt RD Station CRM and benefit from the total integration between the two.

Are you interested in knowing more about this subject? Then check out our free ebook on Marketing Automation!

How much?

Nothing. Zero. It’s free. Free. On the track. 0800.

I think I could understand, but to be honest, CRM has two plans: Free and Basic.

As the name says, the Free plan is free . And the best part is that there is no catch. It is not that limited free plan that is not even worth using.

The Free plan has all the features mentioned above, with no limit on users or contacts!

In other words, you have a CRM 100% free, unlimited, simple to use and in London, with the seal of quality from one of the largest digital marketing companies in Latin America.

So, what could the Basic plan offer the best? Full integration with RD Station Marketing, RD’s best-known product and also the largest automation software in London.

The Basic plan costs R $ 39.90 per user / month .

It is aimed at companies that already have a structured marketing and sales process, but still want to increase the predictability of results and optimize performance.

When will it be available to start using?

Right now! Once you’ve finished reading this article – it’s almost over, you don’t need to run now – you can go to the RD Station CRM website and choose the best option for your company.

There is no excuse for continuing to use outdated tools and having a disorganized business process.

Tools like RD Station CRM are what every small business needs to leverage business and understand once and for all that digital relationship with customers has profound impact on sales.

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