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Meet Wil Reynolds one of the greatest SEO professionals in the world and the lessons you can learn from him. See your trajectory of success!

Have you heard of Wil Reynolds? Possibly, not yet, but he is someone worth knowing.

Although not as famous as Mark Zuckerberg – creator of the largest social network in the world – or Neil Patel – with his controversial Instagram campaign – he remains a great personality in the world of digital marketing.

Responsible for the foundation of SEER Interactive, Wil has helped companies grow with SEO strategies since entering the market. Among them are important names such as Linkedin and Harvard University.

The SEO master, even though he doesn’t like to be called that, is always innovating. What motivates him are actions that really generate results: the Real Company Shit Stuff.

He shaped the SEO industry with his innovative and aligned strategies, which go beyond generating links and increasing rankings, and what they really want to do is make their investments worthwhile and with a spectacular ROI.

Wil Reynolds does this with passion, he founded his company and today he is one of the most respected professionals in marketing, all with a completely inspiring trajectory.

So keep reading and find out all about Wil!

Wil Reynolds’ trajectory

Will Reynolds speaking at an event

The professional started his career in 1999, shortly after graduating from the University of Delaware. His graduation was not in a communication or computing course, like most of the big names in the field, but in economics.

From an early age, he was skilled with BBSs – Bulletin Board Systems – precursors of the Internet, and this made him a heavy web user right from the start. Naturally, he followed that path and ended up in a digital marketing agency.

During his early years as an employee, he became a workaholic. During this period, he even slept in the office, which made him grow immensely in his profession, placing him as the agency’s number one employee.

The promising view of the digital medium as the future of marketing was not enough. The company did not have good business management and ended up closing its doors. Wil left with only a good letter of recommendation and his laptop: everything his bosses could offer him.

At that moment, he went through a great pain that marked him for the rest of his career: dedication may be important, but it’s not all. Even if you are good at what you do, you must have good administrative capacity.

In an interview, Wil said he would never want to put himself in that position and have to do the same with someone on his team for not knowing how to manage a project.

“You have a good company, you know what you are doing and you know the industry. However, if you don’t know how to run a business, no matter how good you are at your job, it won’t save you forever. ”

After that first professional experience, his intention was to continue in the business. That’s how he accidentally ended up becoming a CEO. Nobody hired him, so he had to start his own company to follow the path he wanted. Thus, SEER Interactive was born.

SEER Interactive

In 2002, Wil Reynolds realized the need for an integrated agency and founded SEER Interactive as an individual company in his living room.

Today, she already has more than 100 employees spread between Philadelphia and San Diego, being one of the fastest growing in Philadelphia for several consecutive years and even led Wil to receive the Philadelphia Small Business Person of the Year Award in 2012 .

Will Reynolds

Real SEO

Through SEO, SEER promotes the optimization of websites for searchers with SEO on page, the understanding of search engines in searches that dictate new strategies, and promotes digital marketing tools and techniques.

Its objective is to increase traffic and analyze its impact on companies through SEO, PPC and Analytics services, including organic and paid traffic.

SEER develops dynamic strategies capable of making the goals of traditional marketing converge in online marketing. This is #RCS – real company shit stuff – which goes beyond rankings and links, generating leads and increasing ROI.

“We are not here to get links or rankings for our customers.”

Surprisingly, for Wil, the biggest enemy of actions that generate results is Google. The reason is the obsession with its algorithms, which prevents several SEO professionals from paying attention to an integrated approach in the digital environment.

Of course, a good position in the search engines and an articulated link building is part of the process, but alone they are not able to generate money. You need to capture the right audience, generate leads and convert them into customers in a series of processes that promote business growth.

Achieving clicks with weak materials and black hat practices are easy, but do not generate results and only keep the end consumer away from the company.

It is already known that people look for quality texts and things that really interest them. So, why not bet on that to get a better result? Check out our blog post content production!

The tip to get good results is to really invest in the right persona, and in quality materials and ads that can engage with them. It is about prioritizing the audience over algorithms and putting content first, as we also believe.

In the company

With the lesson he had in his first job, Wil learned that it was necessary to take one step at a time, so he was in no hurry to take actions that could compromise SEER.

Assessing the needs of the company, he started to choose a good team to work with. Its best employees are the self-employed, who know how to solve problems on their own and are not afraid to dare to achieve their goals. Perfectionism sucks, what he really looks for is continuous improvement.

In order to get professionals with whom he felt comfortable at work, he did not try to sell the company as most do. On the contrary, it already separated negative characteristics and warned those who would not work well.

Today, he already has a recruiting team for this stage, but this sincerity has already saved several efforts, bringing people who would really grow up there.

In that same spirit, Wil values ​​those who recognize their weaknesses. Considering his first experience, he hired a finance officer quickly. In the first 5 months alone, he found that he was spending about $ 5,000 on energy drinks.

It is precisely this administrative part that he does not like to exercise so much. As an accidental CEO, the position was later switched with his partner Rand allowing him to focus on what he really loves: SEO and marketing strategies.

His position is that of Digital Strategy Director. That way, he can have his performance better utilized and use the strengths that he found in his team to make each individual achieve a better performance at SEER.

“I prefer to be a person who ends, than one who begins. I want to build something that will last and have an impact ”

Wil’s Marketing Lessons

Strategies must be complete

It is not enough to have a good positioning on Google and an elaborate link building. Certainly, they are essential steps, but it is necessary to think about a bigger strategy.

Consider creating e-books, landing pages, nutrition flows, email marketing, among other ways to convert a lead and become a customer!

Organic traffic goes well with paid

Organic traffic is essential for authentically bringing leads, but it needs long-term investment. The combination of organic and paid produce better results.

Wil explains very well that the Internet is already full of ads everywhere. Thus, with the presence of organic in the SERPs, PPC can assist in strategic keywords with Facebooks Ads and Google Adwords, guaranteed full presence on the web.

In a SEER survey, they found that CTR is around 56% when both are combined, while the average is 6% for each individually.

Invest in content

The obsession with rankings and backlinks keeps an SEO strategy at a shallow level. What attracts audiences are unique and quality content.

Invest in storytelling and branded content, using original stories that are part of the brand universe and disseminate them on several channels, increasing the chance of engaging with the audience and promoting phenomenal branding.

Social networks are the future

Engagement is important and generates results. When people like content, they spread it, which attracts even more audiences.

The internet started with forums, blogs and, today, we reach social networks, where everyone has a voice to promote their tastes and share with their friends.

The algorithms always seek to better meet the searcher’s demand. Naturally, Google will increasingly take into account the presence and interactions on social networks. So, it is important to invest in them now.


The best way to get a customer is to get them interested in the service or product, right?

Among the ads, there is a type that takes advantage of this interest even better: remarketing. It is great for investing in PPCs, since it is addressing precisely those who have already shown interest in a company.

Learn how to sell

Often, even though you are the best person in your field, you are not the best salesperson and you end up losing precious leads and falling behind other lower quality companies.

Wil went through this, until he recognized that he needed good salespeople to develop a quality sales process with the help of new employees and coaching.

Not only in the final sale, it is important to sell the product from the first moment. Therefore, it is necessary to have good prospecting in outbound marketing or develop a good path for the customer in inbound marketing.

Wil Reynolds is an SEO master who goes beyond the limits of marketing and achieves fantastic results, while inspiring human values.

Yes, he is very good at what he does. However, he does not like to be called a master or guru, because he believes that nothing good will come from the moment he loses his humility. He considers himself average when looking for continuous growth.

“My real goal is to wake up tomorrow and love the job I’m doing and love the people I can do it with.”

Like many successful people, Wil also recognizes the importance of giving back to society. He participates in several foundations for homeless people, homeless youth, child cancer and well-being for less-favored communities in his city and other countries.

Only then, he feels that he can enjoy life, which is what he does best with his family. In an interview, he already said that if it weren’t for working in marketing, he would be a concierge, so that he could make people have incredible experiences too.

You can see that your ambition is not to take over the world, but to do what you have passion for. Still, he is on his way to master marketing.

Now that you know more about Wil Reynolds, take his valuable lessons into account and learn how to build a winning Digital Marketing strategy for your client.