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Advances in technology are influencing, directly and indirectly, people’s daily lives. The way of doing things is changing and so is the market. The new concepts bring to the market new ways of doing marketing and the need for new professionals trained to deal with these challenges.

Digital marketing is increasingly present in the routine of companies. Whether through their presence on social networks, through influencers, or through content marketing.

If a good marketing campaign was previously limited to large companies with significant budgets, it is now more accessible through the digital world.

Today, with good planning, we can reach our persona with the help of online marketing. But accessibility should not be confused with something done anyway.

A digital marketing campaign can be much cheaper than a traditional marketing campaign, but it would only bring results if done correctly.

Given this, it is important that an analysis is made to know where it is necessary to invest and what are the measures that will bring better results.

Anyone can advertise a brand on a social network and have likes, but that is not the goal. The goal will always be to increase sales, and this is only achieved when the professional dedicated to this task knows what he is doing.

But who can I entrust the task of conducting my company’s digital marketing to? For the Digital Marketing Consultant!

It is about this new profession that will be our post today. Come on?

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

With the growth of the digital market, the new concepts of marketing and the emergence of new technologies, it is necessary a professional who has a broad view and knowledge necessary to implement new strategies that bring good results. And, due to this lack, the Digital Marketing Consultant appears.

The Digital Marketing Consultant is the professional who makes a prior analysis of the company to later make a diagnosis to create a strategic plan for internet marketing with a focus on the brand’s objectives.

This professional will guide and give the necessary paths to the managers or the team responsible for carrying out this task, in order to obtain the best results according to the stipulated budget.

The digital marketing consultant needs to be an observant, analytical, creative professional and be constantly updated on digital marketing trends.

What is the role of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Its main function is to guide those responsible for implementing the online marketing strategy, outlining the necessary guidelines to obtain the best results. For this you must:

  • understand how the company works and what its objectives are;
  • do a competition study;
  • determine or perfect the persona;
  • perfect the brand image and define the communication tone;
  • determine the creation or improvement of the company’s website and virtual store if applicable;
  • define content strategies;
  • plan presence on social networks;
  • define the email marketing strategy;
  • determine the campaigns to be carried out and the platforms to be used;
  • monitor the execution of the strategy;
  • monitor results and analyze metrics;
  • propose changes whenever necessary;
  • and whatever it takes to achieve the goal in a personalized way according to the needs of the company.

What training should a Digital Marketing Consultant have?

To become a digital marketing consultant it is not enough to attend a marketing college.

A consultant is not done overnight, it is a process that the professional must follow, taking specialization courses associated with the acquired experience.

This professional must have a solid background and deep knowledge in all areas of digital marketing such as social media, content marketing, corporate blogs, SEO, email marketing, branding, customer success, outbound marketing and even knowing about the sales area, since a good marketing job is related to that area.

Learn all about SEO

If your intention is to become a digital marketing consultant, it is essential to choose the right courses for your training and, in that, Websites Are Us can help.

WAU University has the courses necessary to make you an expert in digital marketing. There are 11 courses available to you, 4 of which you can be certified for free.

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If you have a company, before hiring a digital marketing consultant, make sure you are the right person, analyze your experience in the area, the results achieved in other projects and the ability you have to adapt to new challenges.

Each project is a totally different reality and the professional has to understand that each niche has its peculiarities. Also check your training, it is important that the digital marketing consultant is a prepared person, who has the appropriate courses and from trusted institutions.

But, if instead of hiring a digital marketing consultant, you want to improve your marketing and sales team, make them available in-company courses or invite them to take courses at WAU University.

In short: 4 tips to become a Digital Marketing Consultant

  1. train your sense of observation;
  2. practice to be more analytical;
  3. exercise your creativity;
  4. take good courses and study hard.

Are you interested in our courses? So get to know WAU University right now and discover the certifications you can get, for you or your team.

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