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Check out the main email marketing trends of 2018 and still apply for full access to Websites Are Us University!

When you arrive at your company, what is the first thing you do?

If you are like me, you will most likely open your email box and scan the latest messages received for something urgent or important.

This simple but extremely necessary act is just another argument that proves the importance of email in our lives and in our marketing strategies.

Because of this, nothing better than starting 2018 with an eye on the expectations and promises of this channel, right?

But this task is not as simple as it seems …

Finding or defining these trends for the London market is a challenge – and a big one! Unlike the United States, we do not have many portals with an exclusive focus on this channel, and the few that we have are shallow or do not position themselves as an authority on the subject.

Despite this, I decided to take a chance: I will build on the experience I acquired managing Websites Are Us’s Email Marketing strategy throughout 2017 for play seer and try to guess the biggest email trends for 2018.

Do you agree to venture with me? So come on!

Popularization of email marketing courses and specializations

I don’t know if you noticed it too, but in 2017 we had a significant increase in the number of distance learning courses and platforms such as: WAU University, Escola RD, HubSpot Academy, Inesplorato, Smartalk, among others.

And that’s good. In fact, this is great!

Normal institutions are not always able to keep up with the market or are not always accessible to everyone. In such cases, online courses are a great solution to develop or update professionals from the most diverse areas.

And many companies have been aware of these benefits.

As many of these online courses are free (or cheaper than the face-to-face versions), some companies use them as a hiring requirement or differential.

In short, in 2018, I think it is very likely that Email Marketing courses will gain new students. This will have an extremely positive effect on the London market.

Greater adoption and mastery of automation tools

With the popularization of specialized courses, email marketing professionals will have greater mastery of the strategies they can use, as well as the tools that will help them.

This makes me think of several developments:

Fewer errors in configuring personalization tokens

Do you know when you open your email box and see a subject that starts with a comma?

personalization email

This means that whoever wrote the message must have put a token with their first name in the subject, only you never filled out your first name on any form. Because of that, you receive this weird subject email.

I believe that with the popularization of courses and the greater mastery of automation tools, details like this will not go unnoticed.

More emails with creative preview text

Also known as preheader or support text, the preview text is that phrase that complements the subject of your email:

email preview text creative

When configured, it is a great tool for optimizing the subject and increasing your chances of persuading the reader to open the message.

It is a simple resource, but it can become a good differentiator. Don’t ignore him!

More segmentation and customization

Personalization has been a trend in the American market since 2013 (and maybe even before!). And although the London market still does not have much control over it, in 2018 we will take a few more steps along this path.

Next year, personalize beyond the names of people and companies in the context of email!

Segment by location, by area, by sector, recommend products and content based on contact history, deliver tailored reports and curators.

Create an experience just like the Netflix recommendations feed or Spotify’s “Findings of the Week” playlist. This is the key to surprising your readers and gaining engagement.

In addition, I also think that we will have more companies using nutrition flows, which leads me to my next topic:

Increase in the adoption of welcome flows

A good course on email marketing will talk about welcome emails. And good students will not let this practice pass by!

Any website or gringo expert already says this: the welcome email is indispensable for a successful strategy.

It is where you will present your brand persona, align expectations with the reader and indicate the next steps.

If you do it right, you can expect high deliverability, higher open rates, more clicks and fewer spam markings.

In short, there’s no reason not to join!

Using chatbots to capture new contacts

This year the chatbots booomed. And I am sure that this movement will not stop there!

Take advantage of this trend to engage your readers and capture new emails. Chatbots and emails, integrated with your CRM, can create an incredibly rich experience for users.

Want a good example?

Resultados Digitais has already promoted a Facebook live on Email Marketing where everyone who commented with “I want” received a message via Facebook Messenger (chatbot) asking for the email address to send the presentation slides.

example of using chatbot integrating messenger and email marketing

That is, in addition to increasing engagement on social networks, they have also captured new contacts!

In short, it is what we already know: with a good dose of creativity, the sky is the limit!

Push notifications complementing email strategies

Along with the chatbots, another little window has popped up on our screens: invitations to subscribe to push notifications.

I confess that at first I was a little skeptical about this tool just because it came from mobile.

But when analyzing the results of the 3 months of testing that we did here on the blog, I was convinced! Push notifications are an excellent channel to attract traffic and generate conversions.

There is still a lack of more efficient integration with CRM platforms, but I think that with the popularization of this channel, in 2018 it will be a great ally of Email Marketing.

Experiments with interactive emails

Finally, I confess that I chose a topic that does not seem to be a trend, but that I would love to see popularized here.

Outside there is already a certain movement in relation to interactive emails and the few that I saw left me enchanted.

Some examples are:

Search bars within email

search bar within email

You can also search this way here.

Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu opens and closes at the user’s click.

email burger menu


Email countdown timer

Hover effect in texts, images, background colors and motion;

Email Hover Text

And, my favorite of all, mini games!

You can play here too.

Your browser does not support iframes.

You can play here too.

Anyway, I don’t think this will be as popular in London as it is already in the United States … but it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

I don’t know if anything that I said here will actually happen… But I would love to get at least one of my “predictions” right!

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