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Like other areas of knowledge and creation, design undergoes subtle changes every year. New trends emerge and burst for a period, some of which may last for several years. With 2017 ending, predictions arrive for what will be on the rise in 2018. If these predictions are right we will only know in the […]

Like other areas of knowledge and creation, design undergoes subtle changes every year. New trends emerge and burst for a period, some of which may last for several years.

With 2017 ending, predictions for what will be on the rise 2018 arrive.

If these predictions are right, we will know only next year. But until then I selected some that I consider the most promising.

So, without further ado, come and find out what they are!

Vibrant colors

With the increasing amount of information available to people on the internet, it is necessary that your content stands out among the rest.

In 2018 this will continue to be a necessity!

One way to do this is to use light and vibrant colors, which catch the user’s attention.

However, it is I need attention! As I have already explained here, the use of vibrant colors can visual fatigue, which makes people look the other way as soon as they see your content.

Try to balance vibrant colors in a harmonious way, just as the company Spotify did with its new visual identity:



Still talking about colors, a recurring trend since Instagram completely changed its visual identity is the use of gradients. I believe that 2018 will be no different.

Gradients used with vibrant colors can be the perfect combination for an attractive and eye-catching look for next year.


Examples of well-used gradients: the new iOS 11 wallpaper pack.

Typography and Lettering

Typography is also a recurring trend, but because it is quite changeable, it never goes out of style.

As with the use of colors, the forecast for 2018 is that these elements grab the user’s attention. So invest in large, thick and vibrant fonts.

The most popular typography styles are likely to be handwriting, 3D and geometric.


Lettering work done by artist Chris.

Geometric shapes and lines

Geometric shapes have been a trend for some time in design. I believe it will also remain present in 2018.

The forecast for next year, however, is that there will be an increase in the use of more “curved” lines, which result in smoother layouts.

Courtney Windham

A great example of geometric shapes in design is the poster from the design firm Courtney Windham for its 2015 internal award.


At the same time, in contrast to well-defined geometric shapes, there was an increasing use of handmade illustrations, which should remain strong for 2018.

In addition to giving a more human for design, allows you to explore a more visual relaxed and friendly.


Great example of illustration made by the excellent Ramotion.

Mix of styles

Illustrations are great, photos too. Why not join the two?

This is a trend that I think will be strong in 2018: the mix of styles. Whether from the example already given, whether using photos and 3D elements or geometric shapes and artistic brushes: the possibilities are many.

This is an excellent way to innovate in design and create a unique and original layout that stands out among the rest.

Maria Groenlund

Made by designer Maria Grønlund.

Double exposure

THE double exposure is a photography technique that generates beautiful and impressive results, in addition to making it possible to portray two photographs in one image.

It is a trend that has become popular with movie posters and music album covers. It has been around for some time now and the forecast is that keep strong in 2018.


Created by artist Alexis.

3D Shapes

3D compositions have attracted attention since it became possible to make them digitally. Over the years, the technological advances that we have today allow the creation of surreal images which, at the same time, are extremely photorealistic.

I believe that in 2018 this will become a trend, since this year was the beginning of the popularized use of this technique. We saw some companies migrating their logo to 3D and others using it as a product showcase.


Motorola has recently adopted the interaction between 3D and the plan in institutional images.

The use of 3D will possibly focus on two categories: colorful shapes and monochrome layouts.

As the description is already quite explanatory, I will talk about the benefits of using these compositions.

Both make the product or object in focus stand out quite. In the first, this is done by the contrast between an object and neutral background, while in the second, the volume highlighted with the play of light and shadow.

3d shapes

By artist Magdiel Lopez. By designer Hugo Aranha.

Negative space

The creative use of negative space makes it possible create unusual shapes where there would be nothing. It is a trend that is not new, but promises to remain strong in 2018.

The negative space highlights the object on which the focus is and directs attention where the user should look in the composition.


Announcement made by the Lew’LaraTBWA agency.


In addition, you can use the typography next to the negative space, resulting in an interaction that generates quite unique results.

Negative space

By designer Bernie Jezowski. By designer Olga Glric.


Animations are the icing on the cake. They are not necessary, but they complement any composition. After all, a moving image draws much more attention than a still image.

As 2017 followed this path, I believe it will be a trend in 2018 as well.

An example that I really like is the Apple website, which incorporates very unusual animations that generate an incredible result as you browse the page.



I confess, cinemagraph is a term that was unknown to me until the beginning of this year. These compositions are characteristics of being images apparently static with just one element or another in motion.

They are GIFs in which it is not clear when it is the beginning and the end, creating a eternal loop of a discreet movement.

Some designers prefer these compositions as they tend to be more elegant and comfortable to look than an ordinary GIF.

As I said in the topic of animations, they are small details that hold the user’s attention in a moving image rather than a static one, and this makes this trend gain strength in 2018.



Predict trends for the future it’s never an easy task.

As design is a very changeable area, we will only be able to see if the predictions written in this post will materialize – or not – next year.

However, looking at 2017 and how we are moving towards 2018, I am sure to affirm these predictions.

2018 will mainly be a dispute on how to make your content draw more attention than the competitor. I believe that using the tips presented in the text you can do very well in this.

Just restating, I’m not a psychic!

So, do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Leave a comment if you want to put your point of view! I hope it helped and see you next time!

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