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Who are Instagram’s top influencers in London and worldwide? Whindersson Nunes, Maisa Silva, Kéfera and more: get to know the biggest profiles and see why investing in influence marketing is an increasingly advantageous strategy.

Do you remember Fotolog? Orkut communities? Digital influencers, formerly known only as bloggers, have been around since the dawn of social media. Over time, the emergence of new platforms and the study of online consumer behavior have encouraged professionalization of these creators.

Through aspirational or inspirational content, top influencers draw a legion of followers, who can often be called even fans. This level of “loyalty” attracted the attention of brands, who started to establish partnerships with these people to reach more potential customers.

Reach is one of the main currencies of exchange for many influencers, especially those with many followers. We can understand the investment in this type of content as word-of-mouth marketing on a very large scale. After all, how could a brand speak to so many people at the same time and in a relevant way?

Do you want to know who are the biggest instagrammers in London and in the world? So come with us!

Who are the top London influencers on Instagram?

Now that you understand the importance of influencers, how about meeting those who are most popular on London Instagram? In this list, we chose not to include celebrities with many followers, to really show who works with the production of online content.

That’s why you won’t see names like Bruna Marquezine or Neymar around here. Come on?

Whindersson Nunes (@whinderssonnunes)

Since 2016, the Whindersson Nunes channel has the largest number of subscribers in the country (currently around 35 million). As you would expect, Piaui is also the leader among the top influencers on London Instagram – almost 30 million followers.

From videos that started quite homely to very well-produced parodies, today, he is also recognized for his stand-up comedy shows that move crowds across the country.

Not only is the number of followers impressive: the engagement rate of your Instagram profile is 2% higher than the average number of people with the same number of followers. The average likes per post is usually over one million and each publication receives around 15 thousand comments.

Top influencers 1

Maisa Silva (@maisa)

Maisa Silva has been nationally known since she was 3 years old, for having participated in Raul Gil’s program, on TV Record.

After winning the heart of the internet with different memes originating from her participation as a presenter of Bom Dia & Cia, at SBT, 16 year old man knew how to maintain his relevance as an online content producer.

She keeps on gaining followers on Instagram and, in her age group, is the one with the most followers there (almost 21 million), having recently beaten Milly Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things.

The teen star mixes extremely young content on his channels, with interviews relevant to the pop medium – especially on YouTube – as well as more engaged agendas. It is common for her to engage in conversations about feminism and relationships on Twitter, which attracts followers of different ages and, consequently, brands that want to attract this audience.

Kéfera (@kefera)

Creator of the 5incominutos channel on YouTube, one of the first to gain 1 million followers in London, Kéfera is also the third influencer in number of followers in the country – almost 13 million people accompany the young woman there.

Since 2010, the content of Curitiba has changed more than once. From vlogs to musical parodies, humor has been more or less present in its contents and, more than once, she has been involved in controversies for contradictory statements or statements.

In 2016, the influencer even took time on her channel to dedicate herself to her career as an actress – currently, she stars in the 6 pm soap opera on Rede Globo, but continues with her channel on YouTube and maintains a strong influence on other networks.


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Carlinhos Maia (@carlinhosmaiaof)

It was on Facebook that Carlinhos Maia started his journey on social networks, about 4 years ago. From there, he quickly moved on to Snapchat and YouTube. Currently, however, his followers follow him mainly on Instagram – a network in which he has over 12.5 million followers.

With content especially geared to everyday humor, it is originally from Penedos, a city in the interior of Alagoas, and it is common to see his family portrayed in his videos.

In celebration of the two years of Instagram Stories, it was announced that the London has the second largest number views in the tool – second only to socialite Kim Kardashian. Their engagement also leaves nothing to be desired and is 5% above the average of profiles with the same number of followers.

top influencers 2

Dani Russo (@danirussotv)

From Youtuber to the funkeira sponsored by the giant KondZilla, Dani Russo is the second largest woman in the social network of videos, behind only Kéfera. On Instagram, there are 11 million followers, which places it among the Brazilians with the largest number of followers in this network.

Currently, its contents are more focused on his musical career and his engagement remains high: 1.5% above the average of his most direct competitors.

Felipe Neto (@felipeneto)

One of the oldest youtubers in London (and the first to reach the 1 million subscribers mark), Felipe Neto is known on social networks since 2010. He has managed to reinvent himself and maintain his relevance not only among the biggest YouTube channels, but also in the most distinct networks until today.

Recently, he returned to the Twitter Trending Topics by raising relevant discussions during the presidential elections, and because of his involvement in the case of MC Melody’s hypersexualization.

Always talking to a young audience, Felipe brings content that is fun and very influenced by pop culture. On Instagram, your engagement rate is usually 2% above the average of other profiles with the same volume of followers.

top influencers 3

Mari Maria (@marimariamakeup)

Of course, we would have someone representing the makeup universe on this list! Mari Maria has been on YouTube since 2014, but her makeup tutorials are even more successful on Instagram, where she has 9.2 million followers.

With an average of almost 500 thousand likes per publication, engagement with its followers is one of its main differentials: each photo has an average of 7.5 thousand comments on the network.

top influencers 4

Nah Cardoso (@nahcardoso)

With almost 8 million followers on Instagram, Nah Cardoso is perhaps the only one on our list who started her path of influencing Twitter. From there to YouTube, it was a step.

On her channel, she brings mainly content about lifestyle – from trips to home renovations. On Instagram, colorful and well-produced photos catch the eye of anyone who comes across your @ in the feed.

Who are the world’s top influencers on Instagram?

In the same way that we did in the London list, we will limit ourselves to bringing profiles that have grown and solidified with the production of content on the Web – So, no Kim, Khloe and Kyle around here, okay? Let’s get to the names!

Huda Kattan (@hudabeaty)

34 million followers is little or is it good for you? This is the number of people who follow the work of blogger and make-up artist Huda Kattan on the @hudabeauty profile. An American of Iranian descent, it was through the success of her blog that Huda created a makeup line, world famous today.

The makeup artist has already been elected one of the 25 most influential people in the online world, in addition to being the most expensive Instagram influencer it is estimated to cost $ 18,000 per post.

Lele Pons (@lelepons)

We have Latin Americans on this list, yes sir! Born in Venezuela, Lele Pons currently presents La Voz – The Voice of Mexico – and is Huda Kattan’s biggest competitor on Instagram. There are already 33.6 million people following the influencer, who gained notoriety on Vine.

Before the platform ended its work, she had the most followers, as well as the most video views. The greater the number of followers, the lower the tendency to engage a fanpage, but this is not the case for Eleonora, who maintains an average of 3% above her competitors.

top influencers 5

Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas)

Cameron Dallas is also an influencer who came up on Vine. The notoriety on the platform was such that, since then, he has starred in two films and now has his own reality show, produced in partnership with Netflix.

On Instagram, there are 21 million followers, who follow their daily lives and guarantee an average of 400 thousand likes per publication.

Like any good marketing action, you need to think about the fit between this influencer and your persona, in addition to maintaining the production of a relevant and authentic content. Currently, the main practice in vogue is that of co-creation, a strategy that allows the creation of authentic material and more likely to be echoed organically.

Using top influencers in campaigns should aim not only at the greatest possible reach, but also a conversion that justifies the investment made. Those influencers are true opinion leaders and the association of a brand with them needs to be well thought out.

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