launched the 5th edition of the largest survey on Content Marketing in London – WAU

The 5th edition of the largest survey on Content Marketing in London is now available!

The largest survey on Content Marketing in the country is in its 5th edition and had more than 4,700 respondents!

The search

Over the years, our greatest concern has always been to provide relevant data and material analysis for you and thousands of other readers of our editions – and in 2019 it couldn’t be different.

Following the evolution of the Content Marketing strategy in London, and the maturation of our marketing team, this is the fifth edition of Content Trends.

In this report, we explore the world of London marketing, going beyond just statistics and graphics.

We dive deeply into trends, practices, comparing company results and bringing even more valuable insights.

After all, for us, knowledge is of great value and to share it with our readers is to keep the content alive.

In the survey, you will understand more about the adoption of Content Marketing in London:

  • what are the profiles of the companies that are investing in the strategy;
  • what are the main impacts of Content Marketing;
  • what is the outlook for content production and consumption in the country;
  • what are the main challenges faced by companies;
  • what are the trends for the coming months;
  • and many more that we will share with you.

Understand the scenario and trends of Content Marketing in London and how your company is located in it. Download now!