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For many companies, it is expensive and impractical to create your own server. In such cases, the best option is to use cloud systems to facilitate the service. If you’re still unsure, Google Cloud Platform is a good place to start.

You have probably heard of the term cloud computing at some point. It can be translated as cloud computing, which is when we use certain tools or data storage on remote servers and possibly shared. This makes the use of these systems more practical and flexible.

Currently, most companies are expected to have some cloud computing service, regardless of their size. To see a business develop, it is practically mandatory to use this type of solution. And one of the most prestigious providers in this area is Google Cloud Platform.

But, before deciding to make this investment, it is important to know the platform as a whole. Therefore, we bring you all the information you need about it.

In this article, you will see:

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

As the name implies, this is the cloud computing service provided by Google. Through your platform, you can manage all the software, storage and services you use.

That way, you can access all these resources with greater security and performance, in addition to the possibility of personalizing their use.

What are its features?

To better meet the demands of companies, Google Cloud Platform makes several tasks simpler, such as creating a website or managing internal processes. This is possible due to its main features. See now!

Creating virtual machines

A virtual machine is a computer emulated on another machine. In this case, the cloud server runs multiple operating systems on several other machines, instead of each computer having its own operating system.

That allows more efficient access control, fast file sharing and rapid preparation of new computers within the company.

Extensive cloud data storage

The idea of ​​Platform as a Service (PaaS) is already widespread in many sectors, especially with regard to data management and storage.

As you may well know, one of the greatest uses of cloud computing is to store large amounts of data on a remote server.

It is similar to Google Drive, however, on a much larger scale, which allows you to store and organize all company files and access them from any machine with access permission. IS great to avoid losing documents and to minimize the use of physical space in your business.

big data

When we need to make an important decision for the company, it is important to have data to support that choice. Even more so, today, in an increasingly complex and volatile market.

Google Analytics is an almost indispensable tool in this process, as it provides an extensive amount of data to be analyzed, or Big Data, as it is also called. The idea here is simple: the more information you have, the more certain your decisions tend to be.

Management and productivity applications

You may have heard of Software as a Service (Software as a Service or the acronym SaaS). Basically, this means that instead of purchasing a copy of an application, you hire it, receiving its current functionality and any updates, as they become available.

Google’s cloud computing service, in addition to its other features, also offers additional tools to facilitate productivity management on your system. Since they are presented as services, instead of products, you can contract them separately, according to your need.

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How important is it to work with Google Cloud Platform?

Cloud Computing is already a fundamental component for the growth of any company, helping with various tasks, such as creating a blog and managing its platforms. Here are some of the main benefits it offers.

Cost optimization

Data storage, acquisition of software and management tools can present high costs for the business, especially when they are acquired in parallel.

Having all these features hired as a service and integrated under the same platform helps you save a lot. In addition, of course, improve management work within your company and, consequently, your profitability.

Better use of time

Time and information are the most important resources in any business. But while information can be accumulated, time is always running out and needs to be saved.

Having software that helps make the company’s time more profitable is essential to maintain its relevance.

High scalability

A more scalable system is basically one that can be scaled up without having to undergo major restructuring.

Google Cloud Platform services are highly scalable, making them more easily follow the growth of your company without having to make a big reinvestment anytime soon.

Monitor market development

Speaking of following, it is always good to remember that in order to stand out from the competition, a company needs to be ahead of the market. That includes use the best tools, have more efficient processes and know your audience’s demand well.

This cloud computing platform is a good way to meet all these requirements and not be outdated.

What plans does Google Cloud Platform offer?

To meet public demands, Google offers different prices and plans for its cloud computing services. However, they can all be divided into two categories:

  • free: a series of services that can be used without charge, up to the established limit. You can check the details on their free services page;
  • personalized: for other demands, it is possible to choose the services you want to use, in what volume, and calculate your cost. Simply access the price calculator and enter the data to receive an estimate of the value.

With all this information, the importance of Google Cloud Platform for your company’s performance is already clear. But know that this is just one of the first steps to reach a new level in the digital age.

Do you want to better understand this topic and prepare to take the next steps? Then, also see our ebook on 360º digital transformation and what its impacts should be.