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Discover the web hosting solutions offered by Hostinger, learn how they work and check out the advantages and disadvantages of using this website hosting provider.

Do you know Hostinger? It is a company that offers website hosting services. THE choice of provider should be considered a priority when designing a website.

After all, it represents the availability that your site will have for its users. Therefore, it is important to research the best alternative among the several available on the market.

When doing this research, it is necessary to evaluate issues such as the storage space offered in the plan, what is available traffic, how the domain registration is made, among other important issues to guarantee the quality of the service and the availability of the website.

In this post, we’ll talk:

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What is Hostinger?

Hostinger was founded in 2004, in Lithuania, and offers website hosting services in more than 170 countries, with more than 29 million users. The company has seven data centers around the world and guarantees availability 99.9% of the time.

The message she wants to send to her customers is that they offer quality service and low prices. The company offers 24/7 support via chat, which can be accessed through the hosting plan’s control panel.

In addition to shared hosting, Hostinger offers cloud and VPS hosting plans, which are suitable solutions for companies that need to host large applications.

How does Hostinger work?

The company offers differentiated resources in its solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate some basic characteristics in each one of them to choose the most appropriate model for the type of website to be hosted. Next, we’ll talk about the importance of each resource and the amount offered by the company.


Evaluating storage is important when choosing a hosting plan, as it indicates how much space the site can occupy on the server. Hostinger offers plans with 10, 20 or 30 GB of storage, which represents a good space to store the files on the page.


Traffic or bandwidth is how much is transferred over the internet each time a user browses the site. The choice of this value must consider the number of accesses to the pages and the size of each one.

In other words, a page with many images and videos uses this resource more than another, with more text and few images. At Hostinger, the initial traffic offered is 100GB.


An important assessment is regarding the domain. If you only need one site, you can choose plans with lower prices. If the intention is to host more than one project, it is better to choose more complete plans. At Hostinger, basic plans allow hosting a website, while in others, this option is unlimited.

Another evaluation that is worth doing is regarding the free domain. The company does not offer this benefit in basic plans. In other alternatives, it offers a free domain, in the first year, for annual plans.

SSL certificate

The use of SSL is essential on a website. Currently, Google considers this feature to be one of the ranking factors. Therefore, this is a fundamental requirement for a Digital Marketing strategy.

Hostinger does not offer this free feature for all plans. Therefore, it is necessary to observe when choosing among the available alternatives.

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What are the solutions offered by Hostinger?

The company offers several types of plans to serve websites of different needs. Therefore, there is a solution suitable for small sites, for WordPress and for larger and professional projects. Check out the available alternatives, below.

Shared website hosting

Shared website hosting is recommended for those who need to develop activities such as creating an institutional website or creating a personal blog, for example, that do not require a large amount of resources. That is why, is an option that offers the lowest cost.

In this model of plan, there are three options for scaling resources: the Single plan, the Premium plan and the Business plan. In the Single plan, hosting a domain is allowed, and there is no free domain offer.

There is also no free SSL certificate or daily backup, features that are only available in the Business plan. Therefore, it is necessary to do the manual backup to have the copy of the website.

Another feature of this plan is the use of a control panel developed by the company for the management of hosting resources.

CPanel Hosting

This solution allows access to the cPanel control panel. So it is a suitable alternative for those who want have more control over resources offered for site management.

It also features three plan options – Single, Premium and Business – and there is free SSL for all options offered. The free domain is not available for Single. Another feature of this model is to offer the SSL certificate for FTP and domains parked in the Premium and Business plans.

WordPress Hosting

For users who want to develop activities such as creating a blog or a WordPress site, the company has a plan developed especially for this CMS. This solution allows for easy installation, in addition to promise greater performance through technical resources to offer this benefit.

WordPress hosting also offers three alternative plans: Single, Premium and Business. They all have a powerful control panel and intuitive access manager.

At each plan escalation, twice the speed is offered. Therefore, in the Business plan, WordPress is four times faster than Single.

It also offers daily backup, free SSL certificate and has a dedicated Customer Success team to answer questions about using WordPress.

Features offered in all plans

There are some features that are available on all plans. Check out the main ones, below.

Website Builder

The website builder is a tool suitable for users who do not have specific technical knowledge in website development, but want to create their own.

Your use is easy and intuitiveas it works similar to a text editor. It allows the addition of page features, such as images and buttons, just by dragging the controls to the desired location.

Website migration service and 30-day trial

The company also offers for some plans a free service so that the user can migrate the site from another provider. In addition, if the customer is not satisfied within 30 days, he can close the plan and request a refund.

Is Hostinger worth it? Find it out!

The choice of hosting provider should be well researched. It is worth mentioning that the price paid for the service is important, however, this should not be the main factor for choosing the location where the site will be hosted.

Other issues, such as the resources offered, how the support is made and the availability of the service, should also weigh in the assessment. Check out below the advantages and disadvantages that we perceive in this provider.


The price of hosting is very advantageous in most plans, including for the most complete options, such as the cPanel Business plan. However, attention must be paid to the payment, as the low value corresponds to the contracting the plan for a period of four years.

In addition, the amount is not paid monthly, that is, to get the good price, you will have to pay the entire amount at once. There is the option of contracting for shorter periods, however, the cost increases gradually.

Features offered in plans

When evaluating the cost-benefit ratio in each plan, we can see that very cheap options don’t offer important featuressuch as SSL certificate, free domain, daily backup, number of sites hosted, etc. Therefore, to obtain advantages in relation to them, it is necessary to choose between Premium or Business plans.


Support also has its strengths and weaknesses. While it is an advantage to have 24/7 chat service, on the other hand, there is no telephone service, which can make communication difficult in some types of problems.

Control panel

O control panel developed by the company is complete and simple to use. In addition, it concentrates the technical and administrative information of the plan in the same system. However, if the user wants to have more access to the resources, it is necessary to choose the cPanel hosting.

As we have seen, Hostinger offers different options for hosting plans. When choosing a provider, it is important to always assess what resources and facilities are offered in each plan.

In addition, it is necessary to check if they meet the needs of the site to ensure its availability to users and a good ranking.

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