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Landing pages are indispensable in a lead generation strategy. In addition to facilitating the capture of potential customer information, they also help to segment your offers, your audience and also generate value for your visitors. However, we know that many companies face difficulties when developing or improving their […]

Landing pages are indispensable in a lead generation strategy.

In addition to facilitating the capture of potential customer information, they also help to segment your offers, your audience and also generate value for your visitors.

However, we know that many companies face difficulties when developing or improving their first Landing Pages.

Each business ends up creating very different formats: one with many elements, others with little text, some with forms on the right, others with virtually no great information….

How to know which is the ideal Landing Page?

The first step is to understand that each persona relates in a different way to a Landing Page.

That is why, the ideal for you may not be the best for another company.

You should, as with everything in Digital Marketing, do tests, analyze the results and make decisions based on the data collected!

However, nothing prevents you from being inspired by companies that have achieved good numbers through their conversion pages, and thereby innovate in their segment or improve their performance.

So we selected some of these pages for you to know, take as an example and improve your own, with good references of design, format and content.


Wistia is a professional video platform, especially focused on Marketing actions.

One of its roles is to assist the visitor’s journey to the bottom of the sales funnel through user behavior analysis.

Therefore, they make use of forms and other strategies throughout their process.

With such expertise, their Landing Pages could not be incredible!

Simple and objective, the registration page for free users doesn’t have much information beyond the form fields and a good CTA.

All the text about the product – details on how the free account works – is at the bottom of the form area, making the user’s first contact and point of greatest attention with the page be in the most important part: the one that leads conversion.

Unbounce, one of the best Landing Pages generation tools on the market, also has incredible LPs, and it couldn’t be different.

On one of its conversion pages, which offers a course on techniques to improve the results of Landing Pages, there is a dynamic form, which looks more like a chat window.

As the visitor fills in her details, she asks for new information.

Thus, the user has no idea of ​​the size of the form, which varies according to the answers being given, and still has the impression of a closer and more segmented process.

The private transport company Uber, on the other hand, chose to add a kind of Landing Page right at the home of its website.

Upon entering the company’s website you are faced with a form to register and become a driver.

We always say that Landing Pages are landing pages focused on conversion and that the ideal is that their focus is on user action. Thus, they must not have menus, links or other elements that may distract the user.

That rule still holds!

However, for Uber, this process has certainly been tested and has generated results, and what contributes to this is precisely the prior knowledge that visitors already have about the business.

It is worth putting into practice as long as you have a clear objective with this format and evaluate the results of this test in detail.

Remember that the idea is not just to generate an absurd number of leads, but quality leads.

Algar Tech is a hosting and digital services company for companies related to information management.

The Landing Page of one of its materials draws attention by design elements and a very different proposal, which breaks with most of the concepts established for a good LP.

The first point is that, when accessing the page, the user is unable to view the form, but details about the offer, such as description and benefits.

The form is also slightly different from the conventional ones, in a continuous text format where the visitor puts his information as if he were filling out a term, explaining his desire to receive the material.

In addition, below the form there is a sequence, with bullet points that describe the importance of the topic covered in the offered ebook, which makes the page scroll even greater.

However, when it comes to design, the company managed to guide the reading of these points by creating a path that is covered by the eye.

Thus, users are encouraged to walk through all this information in a natural way.

In other words: has this Landing Page given results?

We don’t know, but this is good for you to understand that the ideal conversion page for your audience will depend on their behavior much more than on theory.

Basecamp is an information management system for companies, where you can join emails, projects, files and other content on a single platform to facilitate management.

To attract visitors to do a free trial on the platform, the company created a Landing Page within the site itself so that users can have access to the 30 days free.

The interesting thing about this conversion page is that only the email is requested in the first moment, and only after clicking on the CTA they ask for the other data.

In addition, you have the option of fill in your information using your Google account, which helps eliminate a lot of data that would need to be provided, reducing the number of fields to be filled in the form.

Inbound Emotion is an Inbound Marketing agency in Barcelona and, of course, they do their own Inbound.

With that, they have several Landing Pages.

The cool thing about this LP is that the form accompanies the page scroll bar, so at any point on the Landing Page it is visible and clear to the user.

In addition, they have a support link where you can ask questions, whether about the material or the company, even before downloading.

Of course, this is not feasible for most companies, but botting the most common questions can be a good idea, depending on your industry and the complexity of your services or products.

Another way is to innovate the way to show your benefits on the Landing Page to increase the chances that the user will carry out the proposed action. This is the case with PageCloud.

The platform for building customizable websites added to its free trial registration LP a video talking about the tool.

With that, in place of a text, visitors get all the main information about the product just by pressing a play.

In addition, the page allows you to fill in the Landing Page through your Facebook account, facilitating registration.

To complete…

We need to reinforce here that, as you may have noticed, there are several models and formats of Landing Page and, therefore, there is no formula that guarantees the results!

However, there are good practices that you can – and should – test on your conversion pages to improve your results and understand more about your persona’s behavior.

Get inspired by these pages, do A / B tests on your Landing Pages and build your own way to increase conversions on your pages!

And to ensure the success of your LPs, be sure to create good materials with the help of our free guide:

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