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Interactive media involves a series of concepts that aim to provide users with an unprecedented experience that involves them and makes them feel part of the construction of the content. It is present in applications, games, infographics, landing pages, among others.

Imagine being able to deliver content where people interact, advertise, engage and grow your customer base. It looks like a dream, doesn’t it? But this has been possible since interactive media came more strongly into marketing and, consequently, sales.

Although this promise is very strong and far from being unanimous, since everything depends on the marketing plan and strategy, the fact is that interactive media is invading the marketing and sales sectors due to its potential for viralization and success.

Find out more about interactive media and how they can bring good results to your company. In this article, we’ll talk about the following points:

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What is interactive media?

Interactive media refers to some type of digital media whose main characteristic the presence of some kind of interactivity between the user and the material to have a result specific, which is generated by audience interaction.

Various types of interactivity can exist on interactive media. They can be images, icons, symbols, texts, sounds, animations or videos. Everyone has the objective of attracting attention, since the interactive media depends on the participation of the public to reach their final objective, which is to build a unique answer according to the user.

This is what happens in the interface, since behind this there are other aspects that include programming, hardware, cloud storage, data processing, memory and artificial intelligence, depending on the project.

Interactive media is evolving along with technology, as they are directly related.

And despite being a format seen since the 20th century – because it practically appeared with the computer -, it is in these last years that it is gaining a prominent position, especially when companies discovered that the interaction draws the public’s attention in a non-interrupting way .

Investment in interactive media is a bet by the most up-to-date companies and has everything to grow and become popular, especially with the adoption by other companies, generating benefits for everyone.

That’s because IT and technology companies, when they see the market movement, also invest in building platforms for interactive media, lowering the cost of these tools, in addition to improving their quality.

What are the types of interactive media?

Interactive media is a generic term that covers multiple formats of content production. Video games are an example, having been one of the first formats that were made available on the market.

Interactive media

We will briefly cite some examples to show the formats that are being used the most, for being able to reach the public and involve them. Follow!


Interactive art is one in which the public participates, interacting with the installation or the artist, as is the case with the works of Marina Abromovic.

Interactive media example
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Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising can be presented in a variety of formats. Still, we included it here to highlight it due to the growth potential it can bring to companies. Videos, ebooks, infographics, quizzes and calculators are some of the most used formats.


The popularization of mobile devices and the creation of applications has made it easier for most people to understand what interactive media is. London is one of the most connected countries in the world and the number of cell phones with internet access is growing at a fast pace.

To give you an idea, it is estimated that there are more than 230 million cell phone units in use in London, against 180 million notebooks, computers and tablets being used.

Interactive videos

Interactive videos are a new format and came to take away the passivity that existed in videos. Before, the user was a spectator, who watched without being able to interact with the content, and now he can create a new script and a new ending for what he is watching.

Interactive sites

Interactive sites are those that open pages according to the responses to the exposed content. It is important to remember that the simple click on the website is not interactivity, as the user reads the content passively.

It needs to interact with the content, which is built according to the reader’s experience, so that it starts to act actively and becomes a user.

Pervasive Games

Pervasive games are those in which the real environment is part of the game. Pokémon Go is an example of an app and pervasive game at the same time, and it was so successful that it yielded several good stories for its players.

Virtual Games

Still talking about games, the concept itself is interactive, as it requires the players’ response to build a result.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an experience of immersion in digital content, where the user feels as if he is part of the environment and can interact with him.

Interactive infographics

The interactive infographic is a format that presents data according to the user’s interaction, being able to reveal or hide information while the public browses the content.

Interactive maps

Interactive maps are those that show geographical information according to the user’s wishes.

Interactive Ebook

The ebook is a very popular format for displaying interactive content. They can even show deeper issues according to the interaction.

Interactive quiz

The interactive quiz is a very common form of interactive media, as it engages users in a unique and intuitive way. In the end, they can find a personal result.

Interactive calculator

Interactive calculators are a type of interactive media that brings good results, as long as it is well applied in the marketing strategy.

It can even be used to obtain customer data – with their permission, of course. If such information is used strategically, you can improve, for example, the conversion rate, in addition to effectively helping customers with the specific problem they have.

How can interactive media be used in companies?

Interactive media encompasses various content formats and has been around for a long time. But for companies, interactivity came a little later, since it has been gaining strength in recent years, mainly due to the factors we mentioned earlier.

Besides that, the evolution of technology, both hardware and software, facilitated the adhesion of interactive media in companies. Until just over a decade ago, purchasing interactive media was very expensive. Thus, only large companies were able to invest in this type of content, or those who had robust IT and marketing budgets.

Interactive media has become an ally of the marketing and sales sector, since, as part of a well-planned strategy through an efficient marketing plan, it provides customer loyalty, increased brand value and market share growth.

The popularization of interactive media was responsible for improving quality and creativity in the creation of new formats. To show some examples of how it was successfully applied in some companies, check out our next topic!

How has interactive media been used in companies?

The use of ideal interactive media depends on a number of factors, such as budget, audience, niche market, knowledge about the audience, among others.

You need to study these points and analyze them coldly to find out which is the best interactive media format for your business. The answer, whether the strategy was successful or not, comes quickly.

That’s because the content, to be successful, depends on the interaction of the public, and their reaction to the material is the great measure of the success of the media. To help create good ideas for your company, we will show 3 success stories. Follow!

1. The Cheese & Burger Society

The restaurant created an interactive website, presenting its menu and getting customers involved in the preparation, absorbing new knowledge while interacting with the company’s sandwiches.

Interactive media

2. Quake Quiz SF

It is a quiz designed by the city of San Francisco, to educate people about earthquakes and other disasters, while walking around the city.

Interactive media example

3. The Geek’s Guide to London

London Technology Week used the ion interactive platform to create an interactive map of London.

Interactive media

The application of this type of media in marketing and sales is best known, but it is also used in the Human Resources sector, not only to retain talent, but also to train them.

These are just a few cases of the use of interactive media that have brought excellent results to companies, proving the power they have.

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