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The migration of the public to the digital world makes it difficult to find someone who does not use technology in one way or another to carry out daily activities. This greatly increases the need for highly qualified professionals, who are able to talk to the public on digital channels and meet all demand […]

The migration of the public to the digital world makes it difficult to find someone who does not use technology in one way or another to carry out daily activities.

This greatly increases the need for highly qualified professionals, who are able to talk to the public on digital channels and meet all the demand for products and services.

With the dynamism of the digital market and the new relationship between professionals and work, the freelance work modality has gained special attention.

For those who want to have an extra income, specialize in digital marketing or even work entirely digitally, this may be the right opportunity.

But the market is demanding, and if you want to be a digital marketing freelancer you need to prepare yourself. Do you want to know what is needed for this? Then come and we’ll show you!

The current market scenario for freelance professionals

Just think for a while to see that there are great advantages to working as a freelancer.

Among them, the number of opportunities in various areas, the possibility of working in a different segment from the training itself and the evolution options that this presents for the professional’s career.

Here are some of the main aspects of the current scenario for those who want to be a digital marketing freelancer:

High demand for work in various activities

According to WAU’s report on the freelancer market in 2017, the most common activities of digital marketing, together, make up more than 61% of the performance of freelas in London.

This indicates that the digital market is in great need, in the most varied activities, from content production to SEO and social media.

Growing need for specialization

One of the concepts spread internally at Websites Are Us is that you can be prepared to do the job today, but not to do the same job a year from now. What does that mean?

That it is vital (yes, VITAL!) To continue learning, testing, studying and adapting to the news quickly to keep up with consumer behavior. No comfort.

More careful selection processes

Did you know that most digital marketing freelancers today are Millennials? The WAU report, already mentioned, points out that today they are 79.4% of the professionals.

If we count that the so-called Generation Z (born from 1997) is entering the job market knowing everything about the digital, the competition between those who understand the subject tends to be increasing.

In turn, the selection processes are also intensified. The unconditional search for degrees comes out (companies like Google no longer require them) and points like knowledge and practical experience enter.

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5 steps to become a freelancer as soon as possible

Many opportunities, but fierce competition and the need for constant adaptation are part of a freela’s routine, you can already see that.

But the main thing now comes: how to become a digital marketing freelancer and enjoy the benefits of this market that tends to continue growing as the new economy progresses?

We set up a step by step with 5 practical tips that will help you to enter the job market and get good opportunities without delay:

1. Consume content from the right sources

There is a lot of content about digital marketing on the internet. This endless material is available in the most varied formats:

  • blogs;
  • videos;
  • courses;
  • podcasts;
  • infographics;
  • and so on.

It is very easy to get lost in the midst of so much information – many of which contradict each other. So, choose good sources to learn from. But what makes a good source? Basically, it is the following:

  • those who run away from miraculous promises and show real, proven cases;
  • who cites statistical references and not just cheap motivation;
  • who teaches marketing concepts and not just formulas and hacks.

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2. Invest in specific certifications

This tip serves as an extension of the first tip. Certifications on specific digital marketing issues, created by trusted and respected companies in the market, are great sources of learning.

WAU University has several courses that are used to train professionals in companies that are a reference in their areas of expertise.

Among them, four free certifications, on:

3. Have a personal project

Having a personal project will greatly increase your chances of getting customers, as you will have something concrete to show.

What contractors look for most in a freelancer is the ability to deliver practical results.

A personal project related to your area of ​​choice may be the right way to make this clear. Creating a blog, a personal brand on social networks and even creating a digital product are some good ideas to execute.

4. Talk to experts

Digital marketing experts are on hand to answer questions and offer help around the clock. Why not take advantage of these opportunities?

It is not about spamming, let alone sending messages asking for work.

Just get in touch and ask any questions. It may even be about your personal project. It is also worth giving a sincere compliment, offering practical help in some way (without interest), etc.

All of this can help you learn from the best, not to mention the immense value of networking for the future.

5. Study not only marketing, but also the freelance routine

The life of a freelancer goes far beyond knowing how to perform your specific role well. It is necessary to organize yourself with schedules, workplace and personal finances.

Research about all this so that there are no surprises that hinder your performance and, consequently, the quality of what you will deliver to customers.

Working as a digital marketing freelancer today is one of the best ways to specialize in all the key points of the digital world. This will give you unparalleled practical experience to develop your own projects or build a successful career in the field. Now, just follow these tips!

Did you like these tips to become a freelancer? How about applying these tips while joining WAU’s freela team? See the opportunities that await you!

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