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Websites Are Us’s marketing director, Renato Mesquita, prepared this content to talk about his trajectory in the Digital Marketing market.

The universe of digital marketing offers a multitude of career possibilities for those interested in the area. There are many options of specializations to train professionals who will work in companies that have an increasing investment in digital.

In 2013, when I went headlong into this world fleeing traditional journalism (my background) at the invitation of a great friend (Thanks, Alberto <3), my life changed.

Everything really changed! The content was no longer just a text. It had to be optimized for search engines and focused on personas. The lead was not the same as that of journalism. What used to be parts of my text became contacts that I needed to learn how to generate and pass on to sales.

In short, I had to start from scratch.

As I was chasing the loss and against the clock, I had to dedicate myself a lot to start generating value. Also, to feel good about doing a good job.

I went through an absurd period of evolution and learning that was certainly facilitated by the market that I decided to venture into. Working with digital marketing is a marvel for the ease of learning that we can have quickly, depending only on our effort.

We have an absurd amount of free and paid content, in different formats (text, audio, video and images) that end up almost matching the need for a degree in the area.

I decided to write this article to help those who are in this same challenge that I have been and also for what is some steps beyond. Professional development is a very important issue and everyone has their own opinion. Here I will share some of the issues that I think are relevant.

To begin with, in my humble opinion, anyone’s biggest mistake is assuming they know too much.

The most important principle about professional development

There are some points that we can draw to identify the moment that you are currently in your career.

As a good nerd that I am, I will imagine that we are in an RPG and that we will divide the knowledge / stage of the career of each one in levels:

Level 1 – You are at the beginning: Possibly you still have no experience or just a brief knowledge that you acquired through studies. He never really got his hands dirty. 100% curious and willing to do what appears in the front.

Level 2 – You know a thing or two: Despite not having a vast experience you have already spent good hours reading and even got your hands dirty to do something. Perhaps you had an experience during an internship or even a personal project. Here you have the security to face a challenge and trust your knowledge more.

Level 3 – You know what you are doing: At that moment you have the security and tranquility to perform tasks and get into discussions about your work. Your knowledge and experience allow you to make relevant analyzes and your work is hardly contested.

Level 4 – You are good / bad at what you do: Apparently you are a reference in your area of ​​expertise or specialty. He has successful cases of strategy that he created and executed. He has trained people and managed to leave his mark where he works or with freelance projects he does.

Each of these four levels requires a different degree of commitment to achieve your goals. Certainly someone who is in the first two levels needs to work much harder than someone who is already a little more consolidated in his career.

Despite this, I believe that it is at levels 3 and 4 that we find the greatest number of professionals who believe they have achieved the “nirvana” of their careers and who know a lot.

Spending a few hours studying, reading and even talking to other professionals in the field may seem unnecessary. After all, your knowledge is already more than consolidated, right?


The most fantastic professionals I have met to date are people who, regardless of their level, are committed to always learning more.

Key point: do not be arrogant in believing that there is nothing more to be learned. Possibly you know a lot about the bubble that your area of ​​expertise allows you to see. Remember the endless opportunities for digital marketing? Well, there are certainly new areas for you to start venturing and become a more complete professional!

How to identify your development priorities

So, have you understood that you will continue to learn and develop forever? Great! The time has come to define where to start, or what your priorities will be. This priority is possibly linked to your reality, which should fit into one of the following three scenarios:

  • You already have a sense of what you want to do or what specialty you want to pursue;
  • You haven’t decided yet, but you already work and your routine will dictate your learning;
  • You have no idea of ​​anything but what to learn.

If you already have a clear objective of working in a company or marketing area, this will help you a lot. Focusing your efforts on one channel at a time can be a good alternative.

In the vast majority of cases, anyone entering the marketing field will have to do a little bit of everything. We will come across very small and unskilled marketing teams. This means that you will get your hands dirty all the time and in all areas of marketing. In my opinion, this is the most interesting way of learning.

In addition to getting the opportunity to learn how to apply a complete digital marketing strategy, you will never be comfortable in your work (which guarantees constant growth).

Now, if you don’t know anything about digital marketing and want to learn anyway, a good starting point is the T-shaped marketer framework

I recommend reading the article by the Growth Tribe people to understand more about it calmly.


T-shaped Marketer Framework

Download this spreadsheet for free and evaluate your Marketing knowledge:

This framework defines in a very comprehensive way what knowledge is needed for a top marketer. Do not despair thinking that you need to be an expert in everything, but here are some great concepts that can really make a difference in your career.

How to find the best way to learn

Finding content has never been easier. Although it seems to be simple, sometimes we end up getting lost at this point. Just play on Google what do you need to learn and devour the content you find? Maybe it will really help you a lot at level 1 and 2. It probably won’t help you at levels 3 and 4.

The basic content of those who are starting and crawling on some subjects is very easy to find.

The more advanced your knowledge and experience (in any field), the more difficult it will be to find new relevant references to learn. It is at this time that people start to become lazy to seek more knowledge.

You may need to spend extra energy to talk to someone from another company, spend a little extra money to go to an event, or even accept a digital / face-to-face certification.

My formula (nothing secret) to keep learning is always simple: invest in all possible formats.

There are some types of content that will really make you see things differently and also get more information than usual: lectures, podcasts, interviews and successful cases.

I have already written an article about the references I used. If you want to dive deeper into this subject, I recommend reading this content.

The secret weapon of learning

In addition to these formats, I believe that good old networking never fails. Here, too, we see a very common mistake. Expanding your network of contacts is not 100% connected to connecting with people on LinkedIn or Facebook for help.

Before asking, offer help.

I am an extremely shy person and I really suffer every time I need to give a speech or speak to a large number of people. Despite this, I always talked a lot with people from other companies to help with content strategies, digital marketing or even managing marketing teams.

I always helped without asking for anything in return. I feel that we live in a bubble where few people are really willing to help each other and that is a mistake in my opinion. Although I never did anything expecting something in return, whenever I needed someone’s help I was 100% attended.

Connect, create value for each other and expect nothing in return.

About opportunities, energy spent and going after something you really want

Whenever I talk about career and development they ask me the same thing: “Renato, what do you think was the main responsible for getting you so far in a short time?”

I like to divide this answer into two parts:

1º: I never did anything expecting something in return. I have always dedicated myself to doing everything that was proposed to me and that directly impacted my development. I have always faced the challenges that have been proposed to me and those that I have proposed myself, in the same way.

Do not expect or think that you deserve to receive something in return just for having accomplished a task. Do everything in the best possible way for your own good!

Regardless of whether you have the feedback / recognition or not, you had the opportunity to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone and whenever that happens we learn a lot!

2nd: Another key factor for my development was not believing that 8 hours a day would be enough to get me where I wanted to be.

During my 40 hours a week like any CLT, I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty, take on a lot of challenges and really test everything I was learning outside of work hours.

O investment what you do in your development is directly linked to the number of hours you spend.

I already had a time to wake up at 5 am to read and write. I’ve had time to stay up late reading, watching a lecture and listening to a podcast. I’ve had time to arrive very early and leave work very late.

Anyway, I believe that all these moments must and must exist if your goal is not to be just another professional in the market. That was never my goal.

If your goal is grand, invest the energy necessary to achieve it or someone else will do it for you.

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Two motivational phrases to pack your development

Yes, I’m tacky and I like motivational phrases to cheer me up!

There are two phrases that keep me thinking a lot about continuing to learn and growing in my career. Despite being the marketing director at the largest Content Marketing company in Latin America, I still have a lot of ground and learning ahead of me.

Without further ado:

  • The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill
  • What got you here won’t get you there

Both phrases have tremendous meaning in order to keep developing forever. Regardless of what level you are at and what you have already achieved, stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to achieve more.

For us who work with digital marketing this should be a routine.

A lot changes all the time and if you are not willing to evolve all the time, you will be left behind.

On becoming the most desired marketer on the market

Contrary to what you may have thought, the title of this content is not to promote me. Really!

I believe that all the steps I wrote in this article can help anyone to become a differentiated professional. During any selection process, it is clear to the interviewers who are the people who really want to grow and do something bigger.

As marketing director at Websites Are Us, this is almost always the profile of the professional we seek. We want people who are willing to learn and evolve constantly. This is really different in the market.

Now I want to know your opinion

Agree, disagree, do you think I traveled a lot or would you just like to comment on the article?

Write down what you found below and let’s talk.