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(Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave in the comments what you think.) The signature of professional email is important to add more seriousness in the communication through this tool. In addition, it also brings more credibility and standardization when it comes to a company. Some points must be taken into account […]

(Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave your comments in the comments.)

The signature of professional email is important to add more seriousness in the communication through this tool. In addition, it also brings more credibility and standardization when it comes to a company.

Some points must be taken into account when developing yours, so that it reaches the goal perfectly!

From data to design, everything needs to be in accordance with what is understood as appropriate in the corporate environment.

Want to know how to make a perfect subscription?

The following post will help you with that! Read on and see what to take into account when developing your own!

The professional email signature must have the basic data

This topic comes first and not by chance!

The initial care should be to provide basic contact and identification data, not least because this is the main function of email signature.

It is essential that the signature has a name, contact numbers and, if it is a corporate email, the name of the company, sector and specific position of the employee is also required.

If the subscription is for a personal or even a professional account, but private, as is the case with a freelancer, in addition to the basic data it is important that the area of ​​expertise is clear, for example: “João Silva – Web Copywriter”.

The signature must be very succinct, objective and discreet, so any data that goes beyond that can be too much. It is important to always be serious!

Logos must be, but in the right way

The logo is an important element for brands, so many companies choose to put them in the signature of corporate emails. There is no restriction on this, but it is important that this element is suitable for the space.

It is the understanding of the design that the logo is adaptable, that is, it is ready to be applied in different spaces, vertical or horizontal.

That is precisely why many companies have two ways of applying the logo so that it meets these adaptations.

For email signatures, the most recommended is that the horizontal version is used, as the vertical version can end up taking up a lot of space. The right thing is to observe and see which of the two options is better.

Remembering that this is not a rule, it is a recommendation for a better application.

Colors should help identify data

It is important that some data from this signature is colored. This helps to highlight some of the most important data, such as the name of the sector, the position and other information that is most relevant to whoever is contacting you.

The bold setting is also able to give this highlight effect.

Institutional colors are the most recommended, which just isn’t worth much if they don’t give a good read. There it is worth changing using more pleasant tones, but referring to the brand.

This choice must also be consistent, and the personal taste of the employee, for example, should not be taken into account. Although the signature is something related to the person, it is necessary to preserve the standardization.

Social media contacts must be present

More and more social networks are becoming important, especially in the business sector.

Corporate pages are on the rise on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, always promoting campaigns and strengthening the relationship with the target audience.

It is very important that the company’s social network addresses are in the email signature.

The site is a good opportunity to spread the pages. In addition, many companies offer these platforms as customer service channels.

The linked addresses should always be those of the company, never those of the employees of the subscription, unless the email is not corporate, there it is worth putting (but in this case you need to pay attention to what you post, ok?).

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Simplicity should govern design choices

There’s not much to invent when creating an email signature! It is necessary that it makes all data available in a clear, objective and functional way.

The design needs to be beautiful, modern but very simple. The flat is the most appropriate, without much depth in the layout.

Have you ever heard that phrase “Simplicity is the ultimate degree of sophistication”?

So, it was one Leonardo da Vinci who spoke, and he is very sure about it! Valuing this concept will result in a subscription that meets the requirements very well.

Care with the font used is also very important. It must always be easy to read, never in script styles, which are handwritten.

Responsive design meets all platforms

Smartphones are in the hands of 62% of the London population, according to the Google Consumer Barometer survey, and this should be taken into account when developing a subscription for professional email. That is, it needs to be responsive.

The concept of responsive is about something that offers a response to an act or stimulus. Contextualizing for smartphones, we can say that it is necessary for the subscription to respond to the common screen shrinkage when an email is read on a cell phone and not on a computer.

The signature needs to be done in a way that can adapt to any screen on which it appears, without undergoing any changes that hinder your reading, or that even cause it not to appear at the end of the email.

Tom according to the professional area

This should govern absolutely everything that involves email signing. For example, if you are a communication agency, there is an opening for a lighter design, perhaps for a catchphrase and a more fun and cheerful appearance.

The same does not apply in a law firm, for example. It is important to have this feeling and use the characteristics of the company’s professional area to apply that tone to the email signature.

Communication changes according to the segment, so this should also be applied to this issue, without much mystery.

With these tips you can have a really cool result when it comes to signing a professional email. This feature adds a lot of credibility to companies, so it should always be used.