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Amid so many channels to distribute content that exist today, it is easy to pay attention to only the most common ones. Channels like blogs and social networks known to most people, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram dominate content marketing strategies in companies. But is it that outside this scenario there are […]

Amid so many channels to distribute content that exist today, it is easy to pay attention to only the most common ones.

Channels like blogs and social networks known to most people, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram dominate content marketing strategies in companies.

But are there other options outside of this scenario to help you increase the reach of your message just as efficiently? Certainly!

One of them is SlideShare, a social network of presentations on the most varied topics.

Want to know how to use SlideShare in your planning? That’s exactly what we’re going to show you now. Come on!

Why SlideShare is important to your strategy

70 million monthly users. This is the magic number of SlideShare, a social network that, in a way, manages to be as discreet as it is efficient.

Why do we say that? SlideShare is already known to the vast majority of us. Who has never seen an interesting presentation or found the relevant answer to a survey right there?

Even so, it is not the first option when planning a digital marketing strategy, is it?

But this is exactly where an opportunity presents itself: as it is a relatively little explored medium, there is less competition for marketing on SlideShare.

It is true that there are many other interesting channels, but we should not overlook such an interesting option, don’t you think?

Through this platform we can achieve several objectives, such as:

  • Create an audience;
  • Generate traffic to other channels;
  • Generate leads;
  • Improve positioning in search engines;
  • Among others.

So, let’s go straight to our strategy, which will help you create really great presentations on SlideShare.

The basis of everything: the content

The first and perhaps most important part of your presentation is precisely the content that will be broadcast to the public.

Unlike a blog post, it is good to remember that the presentation has a different format, and will be seen in a different context.

So it will be necessary to have a look more refined in the aesthetic sense, without forgetting the relevance of the message, because in the end all this will become one.

Here are 6 useful tips for creating the best possible content:

Think of the persona

Whether creating a blog post, an e-book, webinar or a SlideShare presentation, the first step is always, always, always thinking about the persona!

It represents the audience you want to attract, convince and, if possible, enchant, so always keeping it in focus is what will lead you to produce the best content possible.

Choose topics that are relevant to her, speak in a language that pleases her, think about what she already knows about the subject and go beyond that.

Only use high quality images

SlideShare is a highly visual network, as presentations take place primarily through slides.

With that in mind, the choice of images is of importance without size. Choose only images that relate to the topic you are talking about, even if indirectly.

In addition, take care in the selection and prefer to use only high quality images, so that your presentation fills the public’s eyes.

There are many free image banks that you can explore in search of something that fits what you need.

Capriche in choosing fonts

If the images need to be of high quality and take up most of the space on the slides, the fonts are not far behind in importance. Why?

The wrong choice of font can seriously affect the presentation, to the point of leaving the audience distracted and ultimately disinterested in what you have to say.

So choose fonts that are easy to read and aesthetically modern – no more Times New Roman! –

Also, know when to use them in bold, italic or capital letters to highlight any important expression, and always use colors that contrast with the background image.

Don’t overfill the slides

That famous phrase “less is more” turns out to be 100% true in the case of a slide show.

Instead of filling the slides with text and pictures, keep it simple by using just the background image and few phrases in each of them.

If you have a graphic to show, leave only the text of the legends, or separate the graphic on several slides, to facilitate the “digestion” of the information.

Following these practices will avoid so-called visual pollution in your presentation, and the persona will be able to get much more out of it.

Create a logical structure for the presentation

It is very important that your presentation, in addition to being visually pleasing, is well understood by those who will see it, and for that it is essential to think about logic.

Just as a blog post or e-book has an introduction, theme development and conclusion, it is essential that the presentation also has it.

Even more so if we consider that when viewing the slides the reader needs to make the transition on his own, different from a text that guides him from beginning to end of the content.

If he gets lost in this transition due to lack of logic, he is likely to abandon the presentation.

Cause positive reactions in the audience

Finally, like any piece of content for the web, a slideshow cannot afford to be monotonous.

It is crucial that you worry about arousing reactions in the audience, getting the reader to think and, finally, acting around the subject being presented.

If the content does not provoke positive reactions, it is a sign that it was not as relevant as it could for the persona.

Promoting presentation

After effectively preparing your presentation, you need to promote it, right?

Well know that this goes far beyond just uploading content to SlideShare.

In order to extend the reach of the material, you can take some important steps:

Promote on social media

The natural path of the content produced for a marketing strategy is the persona’s favorite social networks, isn’t it?

In addition, you have a special reason to promote your slides through networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn: the ones that stand out the most go to the first page of the SlideShare website!

So, in addition to the wide reach of social networks, you can get a turn in visits due to the huge publicity that SlideShare itself will make.

Promote on your blog

Another good option is to integrate your SlideShare presentations with your blog posts.

In fact, this is good both for increasing the exposure of presentations and for enriching the content of your blog and giving new ideas for posts.

A good example of this integration is the Agendor blog, which uses slides as a complement to several posts.

Thus, whenever they share the post, readers share the slide together, or they can also share it separately, if they wish.

Create a page on your website

This is not an idea so practiced out there, but it certainly should be considered with more affection by those who do content marketing in companies.

In the same way that many blogs have exclusive pages of free materials, videos, podcasts, etc. why not make a page with the slide shows?

This will certainly increase the reach of presentations and make audiences who are not yet familiar with SlideShare feel more attracted to it.

The next step: continue the conversation

Of course, the purpose of the presentation is not just to make the audience see that content and get on with their lives.

If possible, you want to extend the conversation, preferably by putting the reader in contact with more content that you have produced, right?

How to do this? Here are just 3 simple actions you can take to ensure your audience remains engaged with your brand through the content it has to offer:

Add links to other content

Link building is an important part of digital marketing, and luckily SlideShare allows you to add links to your channels in the middle of a slide.

So, just as you would in a post, how about putting relevant links to materials on your blog?

Of course, this should be done in moderation, but if placed well, few links will be more than enough to cultivate the person’s interest.

Use a powerful CTA

A CTA (Call To Action), or call to action, is critical to maintaining the conversation even after the presentation is over.

In addition to asking the reader to share on social networks, you can indicate that he access your website, blog or a specific post to learn more about the subject.

The important thing is to keep you engaged. At that time, take care of the look and ensure that anyone is attracted to click on the link.

Make it clear what is link

Whether by underlining the sentence, highlighting it with another color or placing an arrow pointing to the link, make it clear that that space is for interaction. Why?

You don’t want the person to watch the entire presentation without realizing that there are links, right?

In addition, the person must have the right to choose. Accidentally clicking on an “invisible” link will only leave you confused and frustrated, and this is not a good way to get traffic.

Achieving results with SlideShare

SlideShare is a very powerful tool, despite receiving relatively little attention compared to other marketing channels.

Just to give you an idea, we have separated 5 areas in which this social network can help your company achieve goals common to any digital marketing strategy:

Increase in traffic

There are many ways to get traffic from your presentations, some of which we’ve covered in detail here.

But here’s a list of what you can do:

  • Include your website’s link in the presentation;
  • Share the content on social networks;
  • Create a page with all the presentations on your website.

These options will help promote both your slides and your blog and will help attract qualified traffic to your business.

Search engine positioning

Search engines also take Slideshare into account, and this can be a good way to skip some steps when climbing the first results.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Integrate your presentations into your blog;
  • Integrate presentations into guest posts.

By integrating the presentations on your blog, you will be able to increase the relevance of the posts in front of the search engines, not least because SlideShare itself has a good SEO reputation.

By integrating it in the guest posts, you will get more backlinks, so important for building the authority of your blog.

Followers on social media

To gain more followers on social networks, there is nothing like good CTAs in your presentations and relevant content that deserves to be shared.

From there it is with the public, who will want to continue to follow your content and share it with others.

Email marketing list

Increasing your email marketing list also follows the same line as we talked about cultivating an audience on social networks.

The difference is that CTA’s focus will be on subscribing to a newsletter, and not following social profiles.

Preferably, give the public the option to do what they think is best. Whatever his choice, you will win.


Yes, it makes a lot of difference for your brand to have a strong presence on SlideShare.

A simple reason is that she will be alongside companies like Hubspot, Salesforce and IBM on the SlideShare platform.

But mainly because SlideShare is a platform that helps storytelling, and there is nothing better for a branding strategy than good storytelling.

The truth is that tools like SlideShare end up being underestimated in favor of other better known media, but the results it brings are too good to ignore. By following these tips, you will be able to create amazing presentations and see that the results are worth the effort.

Another valuable resource is the use of videos in the production of content, even on social networks. See valuable tips for making good use of this feature!

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