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Sales email is one of the oldest Digital Marketing practices and consists of using this channel with the aim of studying, engaging, converting and retaining the audience. Although it is frequently questioned by some influencers, it remains one of the most popular and effective strategies on the market.

Sales email is a real controversy in the world of Marketing. While some influencers question its effectiveness after the rise of social networks, others cannot imagine Digital Marketing without it.

Truth be told: 92% of the adult population worldwide uses email, 72% of consumers believe this is the best way to receive communications from companies and brands and 76.7% of London companies heard by Email Marketing Trends use this strategy.

In general, companies are good at generating leads, however, because they do not work e-mail marketing in the right way, they are unable to advance their audience in the Sales Funnel. In this post, we present some tips for building messages that really engage and convert.

Read on and find out how to heat up your email lists!

Create brief, thought-provoking subjects

Like the title of your posts in search results, the subject of the sales email is the reader’s first contact with the content. If you don’t catch your reader’s attention early on, all of your work may end up in the trash before it is even opened by the lead.

Think that you have a maximum of 3 seconds to convince someone to open your email. Therefore, it is essential that the subject is useful, clear, interesting and, above all, succinct!

Madhu Gulati, CEO of email marketing firm Marrina Decisions, revealed some important data in his LinkedIn column. After analyzing 260 million emails from 540 different campaigns, she and her team reached the following results:

  • subjects containing 6 to 10 words generated an opening rate of 21%;
  • subjects with 5 words or less generated an opening rate of 16%;
  • subjects containing 11 to 15 words had an open rate of 14%;
  • and 52% of all emails sent fall into one of these three intervals.

People commonly ignore long lines, either because of lack of interest or because of information overload.

On smartphones, where the display field is more limited, short phrases can be read easily. Subjects with six to ten words perform better because they are balanced in size.

Invest in a good hook for the opening line

Okay, you’ve come up with a topic that can get your lead’s attention and motivate you to open your email. Now it’s time to create a message with your content or your proposal. Once again, we will need to focus on the principles in order to maintain the reader’s interest.

Surely you will not surprise anyone using the same beaten copywriting that everyone else uses.

Texts like “Hi, my name is X, I’m a professional in the Y area and I have something to tell you…” have been used a lot and are already more than worn out.

The good news is that there is something that will always work very well: the hooks! Nothing like a nice excuse to start a conversation with someone, do you agree? That’s the idea. In a sales email, a good hook could be:

  • a common contact;
  • a personality they both admire;
  • a pain or a desire that your business is capable of resolving;
  • the download of some material (in this case, you can work on the topic of interest);
  • some conversion on the company’s website or social networks.

Just be careful with automatic messages. It is not interesting to be very robotic, as this discourages the audience, but it is also not cool to try to be too human and force an intimacy that does not exist. Personalize your messages with authenticity and balance.

See some examples below.

  • [Contato em comum] told me about your interest in [segmento do negócio] and I have some proposals for you;
  • Have you ever wondered what the secret of [área de atuação] successful as [personalidade influente da área] and how did they get this far?
  • I recently talked with others [profissão ou cargo do prospect] and I realized that one of your most common complaints is [problema frequente];
  • I noticed that you downloaded the [nome do material]. So I decided to get in touch to share some other information on the subject.

Keep in mind, however, that these examples serve only to illustrate a good hook to start your conversation with your reader and should not be used too rigidly. Being natural and original is essential!

Give priority to short, direct conversations

An efficient email marketing strategy should include messages of different models and sizes, either in an Outbound action or in an Inbound Marketing nutrition flow. Meantime, the most recommended is that short and direct messages predominate.

Long emails may be necessary, but they convert less and are often ignored. Don’t forget that most inboxes are chaotic.

Nowadays, email is a tool that is often used during working hours, when people tend to be more busy and anxious.

To deal with the multitude of stimuli and concerns of your audience, and to ensure that people read your message to the end, it is not interesting to create sales emails that require more than 90 seconds of reading. Always choose a direct language with fewer words.

Offer content relevant to the persona

Basic principle of Content Marketing: it is not enough to produce texts, emails and videos simply for producing. It is essential that your content is really relevant to the audience. Otherwise, nobody will appreciate it.

Speak the language of your audience

Excess formality is not indicated at any time, especially if you want to build a more personal and human relationship with your audience. It is possible to be clear, respectable and professional using simple language.

However, there are, in fact, some market segments that require a more formal approach.

Regardless of the profile of your audience, it is necessary to ensure that the language of your content is aligned with the language style of these people in the context in which they are addressed.

If you sell complex products to companies and communicate with the executives of those companies, a more formal tone can add more value to your content and your business.

On the other hand, if you are selling entertainment and leisure items to those same executives, relaxed language will be much more successful.

Choose bold colors that draw attention

Colors can affect emotions and sharpen the senses. Therefore, a simple layout change is able to transform the history of a website.

Color Psychology is the discipline that deals with this subject and can help us choose the best colors for your buttons and small markings.

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Hit the call to action

CTA (Call to action), or call to action in free translation, is the call, textual or visual, used to take the user to a next step, such as reading another blog post, downloading material, subscribing to the newsletter, following on social networks, get in touch etc.

The CTA selection needs to consider the stage in which your reader is in the Sales Funnel, their previous knowledge and, of course, the objectives of their content. That is: who it is, where it is and where you want to take it.

Add a P.S.

The P.S. (post scriptum) is used to add some information that was not mentioned in the body of the text. In a sales email, the P.S. not only piques the reader’s curiosity but also contributes to the scannability. It is a kind of magic: if there is a P.S. in an email, make sure it will be read. Check out some suggestions:

  • comment on a common contact and relate it to the message;
  • offer a suggested content or a complementary course;
  • talk about some company value or insight.

Use a signature that stands out

Here is a very little explored field in emails: signatures. It does not matter if you are a self-employed professional, a collaborator or a company executive. A professional signature is able to instantly increase the credibility of your message, as it promotes empathy.

Insert a photo with appropriate costumes and scenery (according to the image you want to convey to your audience), provide professional details, contact links and a brief description of your work and ideals. That simple!

In non-copyrighted materials, the most recommended is to sign the email with the company logo, its value proposition and contact links.

It will not be as effective as a personal signature, but it is enough to highlight your message among the majority who do not pay due attention to it.

Caprice in persuasion

Finally, we need to work on persuasion in sales emails. For this, we will briefly analyze the famous work “Weapons of Persuasion” in which Robert Cialdini presents 6 principles capable of closing any sale.


Reciprocity, in this context, is the human need to maintain a balance between what you receive and what you deliver. By helping your persona by making relevant content, bonuses and discounts available, for example, you are urged to repay in some way.


People like to convey consistency. For this reason, they are often reluctant to opinions and decisions. You can exploit this behavior in your messages by working on the consistency of your leads throughout the customer journey.

Social proof

Individuals tend to give much more credibility to the opinion of ordinary people. So don’t hesitate to share stories and reports from satisfied and prominent customers.


We all like to be appreciated. Therefore, we deliver much more energy and attention to the people who value us. If your company respects and values ​​its audience, it will certainly always be respected and defended by your audience.


An authority is a model, a reference in your area. Reveal partnerships with renowned organizations, quotes in reports, customers with a high reputation in the market and any other type of information capable of increasing the perceived value of your brand.


Shortage marketing is well known in retail with the famous “limited offers”, “last units”, “just today”, among many others. However, it is possible to work with this feature in many other ways. The more exclusive, the more valuable your business is.

Social media has conquered the world, but electronic mail remains one of the main working tools for people around the world. Sales email is more alive than ever, however, its effectiveness depends on knowledge, planning and good practices in content production.

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