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Live Marketing is based on a strong trend today: engaging the audience and bringing them closer to the brand. With outstanding experiences, it is possible to generate unforgettable moments, and this can be important for companies and also for the consumer.

Companies are always looking for the best way to communicate with their consumers. There are several possible strategies, with possibilities that grow even more due to the advancement of digital. Today, one of the strongest trends is the Live Marketing.

It is not by chance that marketing campaigns and advertisements need to be developed with more empathy. It is not enough to just show the public what your brand puts on the market. It is necessary to provide a unique and prominent moment to the consumer.

Engage you in a complete experience it is increasingly necessary to obtain the engagement that every brand seeks.

In this post, you will better understand how Live Marketing makes it possible to achieve the ideal results for your company. Learn more about this concept, see the benefits of doing and how to execute in your business!

What is Live Marketing?

At its current stage, marketing revolves around attract – as in the case of Inbound Marketing – generate value, engage, retain and provide conversions.

Throughout history, all of this has been possible in different ways, however, the tools have changed. The digital transformation brought more possibilities to generate actions, but the consumer became less easily involved.

His demands changed and it became more difficult to win him. At the same time, more and more companies are willing to offer a new approach, trying to be closer to their audience and generate feelings of belonging.

This is an important strategy, but it must be polished and executed based on solid parameters.

In this context, Live Marketing emerged as a concept that values ​​the greater breadth of promotional actions.

The proposal is to involve the audience in a deeper way, so that they participate in experiences. This is achieved through innovative campaigns that put the consumer at the center of the relationship with brands.

Sensory experiences

To mark the consumer, companies develop campaigns that provide sensory experiences when promoting products.

In this scenario, there is a high level of interaction with the consumer, and that is precisely what generates the sought-after involvement.

When they go beyond simple digital advertising, brands can have more relevance, getting marked for your audience.

The advancement of the internet has brought many possibilities to publicize a new product or idea. Currently, companies of different sizes and resources can serve online advertising.

For the consumer, it is advantageous to know more options, once he gets to choose. For companies, this facility represents a more competitive market.

Live Marketing is a way of being relevant in the midst of this prominence that companies have obtained thanks to digital campaigns.

If most brands are able to expose their ideas, providing a different and striking experience is the right way to stand out in their segments. With this in mind, Live Marketing actions have the purpose of stimulating consumers in a different way.

What are the benefits of Live Marketing for companies?

Live Marketing brings clear benefits to companies due to its differentiated approach and that involves the consumer at another level of contact.

In practice, the advantages help brands to stand out in the market, which brings economic development and makes them references. Understand these benefits better!


Engagement. If you work in marketing and read content on the subject, you know how important that word is. More than ever, you need to stay close to the consumer and make them empathize with your company.

Live Marketing is one of the most capable tools to generate engagement, and this is due to the complete experience it offers to its audience and persona.

Actions within this strategy associate the brand name with highlighted moments, which can hardly be obtained on the internet, for example.

This creates enormous value for the company’s image, and the consumer quickly absorbs this outstanding experience. So, to offer this is to win over the customer through innovation and the proper presence in the right place, generating engagement.

Become a reference

Brands always seek to be the largest in their respective segments. If you are in the food sector and sell beans, for example, you will certainly want to have the first product remembered by the consumer.

There are many ways to achieve this, however, Live Marketing is one of the ways that offer greater efficiency, meeting the current need for innovation and experience.

If a company is able to carry out differentiated campaigns, it already stands out just for that reason. For the consumer, the more he is impacted, the more you are likely to remember this company.

A good example is Red Bull, reference number 1 when thinking about energy drinks. With solid campaigns and a lot of investment in Live Marketing, the company continues with this position in its segment.

Increase the sales

Marketing strategies have several purposes, however, companies exist with a central and final proposal: make a profit.

For that, sales need to happen regularly and within an interesting volume. Only then, it is possible to keep the business solid and profitable.

If your company can positively impact the customer, naturally, this will generate more sales.

In an almost natural and consequential relationship, Live Marketing is an excellent way to bring a company closer to the path of good sales results. These campaigns arouse curiosity and, mainly, involve the consumer.

Involved in the midst of this complete scenario, this customer will be more likely to buy, which is the main objective.

How are consumers positively impacted by Live Marketing?

In all this context, not only companies reap the advantages and benefits of investing in the outstanding strategies that Live Marketing proposes.

Because they are on the receiving end, consumers can enjoy many benefits, being directly and positively impacted by these campaigns. Next, see how they reap good fruit!

Unforgettable experiences

Perhaps this is the main advantage: the consumer is always involved in unforgettable experiences when Live Marketing is applied.

These are unique moments that always give rise to good storiesnew discoveries and opportunities that perhaps could not be experienced before. This is achieved through innovation, technology and the search for companies to engage with the public.

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Advantageous promotions

Live Marketing also values ​​campaigns that offer outstanding promotions, marking consumers for their opportunity to have a good product for a low price.

There may also be an opportunity to receive an item for free, as there are many such actions – a direct mail strategy, for example.

Of course, having no costs or paying much cheaper is very positive for the consumer.

Market with best offers

The consumer likes to research prices, haggle and have several options for each of the products he normally buys. A heated and competitive market is always very advantageous, as companies seek to outdo each other.

The public can take advantage of this when they participate in better experiences, buy at interesting prices and have more and more news available.

How to run Live Marketing?

There are different ways to put Live Marketing into practice. Although its concept is about providing remarkable sensory experiences, it can be done in different ways. Next, see which are the main and most recurring, understanding how they impact the public.

Through promotional actions

A good promotion never hurts for the consumer! The customer simply loves to participate in contests and actions that require some effort, even if minimal, for something to be given as a reward. These campaigns have high adhesion and show how strong Live Marketing can be.

Today, it is very common to carry out these actions with the help of social networks. This comes through shares, reposts and interactions, like likes on posts.

Taking advantage of these resources makes all the difference to involve the public in the campaign and still move the company’s channels, gaining followers on Instagram and other media.

With the setting of points of sale

Points of sale still have great value, even with the growth of e-commerce. However, to make them stand out, you need to generate the right customer experience. For this reason, Live Marketing also values ​​the ambiance and conceptualization stores and physical points.

It is always interesting to promote consumer interaction with products or with technological resources that facilitate the trip to the store, such as totems of autocheckout and self service. The concept of the brand, a product or a collection must be reflected in the ambience, architecture and decoration of this space.

At events

The events are great opportunities to hold the brand activation. It is very common to see large companies associating their name with these achievements. Sporting events, parties, festivals, and whatever else is possible. The interesting thing is that these occasions have relationship with the brand audience.

At the event, companies can provide diverse sensory experiences to the participants. This can happen through the distribution of gifts, for example.

It is always important to take actions with prepared people who will properly convey the concept and the brand proposal.

What is the relationship of this strategy with technology?

Technology is also one of the most solid foundations for Live Marketing to happen and, with the advancement of resources, it is common for them to be used in experience.

The main relationship between these themes is the breadth of platforms that technological resources offer. In them, Live Marketing can be explored in different ways, always with a high chance of engagement.

In addition to interactions and promotions on social networks, campaigns can also offer experimentation with some new features. Innovation always catches the public’s attention and, when testing new technology, for example, curiosity speaks louder and this becomes positive.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is nothing new. As much as it seems very futuristic, it is increasingly recurring and has been used as an important marketing tool.

Brands have exploited this technology to provide a higher level of experimentation to the consumer.

One of the most classic examples is the visitation of spaces. Builders who sell apartments still on the floor make use of virtual reality to provide a visit to the construction project.

This becomes a great differentiator for the interested customer, since he can view the product that is not yet ready, in a model that faithfully simulates reality.

Which companies have already been successful using Live Marketing?

Live Marketing has been explored by large companies for some time, and this is important to generate successful cases.

Thus, other brands can be inspired and better understand how the path to prominent campaigns works and that provide outstanding experiences. Find out more about these companies and what they have done!

Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the great examples. She is always sponsoring large events and challenging athletes to overcome their limits.

In this way, she associates her brand with the idea that whoever consumes the drink is ready to accomplish things incredible. The brand has great contact with sports, especially adventure sports, and follows this path in Live Marketing.


IKEA is a giant of departments that innovated through technology. A pioneer, she brought her own development app to the market that let the customer know how a piece of furniture she sold would look like in her home.

For this, the application connects to the camera and, when filming the environment, the item is designed exactly where the customer wants.


Through the campaign The Fun Theory, the German automaker exchanged steps from subway stations for piano keys.

That is, whoever chose the stairs could have fun making noise. This action indicated the idea that possibility of having fun stimulated people. At the same time, it was an indication that healthier habits may be better.


Google brought the interaction as the main focus in his donation campaign for the development of small businesses in the Bay Area, in San Francisco, California (USA).

The company installed totems across the city allowing the population of the region vote to determine how the $ 5.5 million value would be distributed.

Live Marketing is present in today’s society, always ready to engage more and make a difference for both companies and the public. These strategies are highly capable of involving, converting and making different brands a reference in their segments.

Do you want a competent and capable marketing team to develop outstanding experiences? Learn how to manage a true Dream Team!