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WordPress is one of the largest platforms in the world for creating websites and blogs. And, for yours to stand out, it is necessary that it is unique. The Websites Are Us University Advanced WordPress Course teaches you how to do this.

When doing Digital Marketing, professionals and companies need to stand out from the competition, this goes for both strategy and digital channels, with the website being the main one.

O WordPressis a very effective platform for creating professional websites and blogs, as they have themes and functions that bring you closer to what you really want.

But having the same themes, plugins and widgets as other sites in the same niche as yours does not make you unique. Also, what to do if you want a template that is 100% authentic? Or a theme developed based on conversions?

To resolve these points, the WAU University created the Advanced WordPress Course and we wrote this post so you can get to know him. Come on?

How to create WordPress site

First let’s see what it takes to create a website on WordPress.org using the steps we show you here.

Choose a domain for your site

The first step is to choose and register a domain for your website. You can do this through companies like GoDaddy to purchase a .com domain or Registro.br to purchase a .com.br domain. The price ranges from R $ 30 to R $ 60 per year.

It is recommended to choose a link that is easy for your audience to memorize, in addition to being consistent with the business niche.

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Choose a host

After having purchased the domain, the next step is to choose the host, that is, the server on which your website will be hosted.

If your site is new and does not receive as many visits, you can start by hiring a shared server. However, as the number of visitors grows and the site needs more capacity, it is interesting to migrate to a dedicated hosting plan. Therefore, when hiring, take into account these types of accommodation.

Install WordPress

Once you have your website’s domain and server, the next step is to install WordPress on your website.

To do this, simply go to WordPress.org and download the installation file in zip format. It must be inserted in the “public_html” folder inside the hosting’s file manager through cPanel or FTP.

So, when you enter “/ wp-admin” after your website URL, you should follow the on-screen instructions for installing WordPress. When the message “Success! WordPress is installed ”appears, it is a sign that the stage was successfully completed.

Choose theme, plugins and widgets

WordPress brings, by default, a white and unadorned template with the message “Hello, world”. Therefore, to give an identity to the site, it is necessary to choose a template that can be both paid and free.

Then, the site will also need plugins that give it the necessary functionality.

For example, let’s say you want social media sharing buttons on your website pages or lead generation contact form. Plugins can do this.

The widgets take care of the functions displayed on the website such as search bar, categories, calendar, among others. Within the WordPress dashboard you can choose which widgets you want.

How to create WordPress blog

To create a blog in WordPress, the procedures are the same as creating a website. However, Websites Are Us has a solution that greatly facilitates the process, in addition to optimizing the generation of results: the WAU Stage.

WAU Stage is the best WordPress solution that serves both companies and professionals in the field of marketing. So you can create a blog in just two minutes and focus on results. He offers:

  • managed WordPress hosting;
  • specialized support;
  • integration with automation tools;
  • real-time threat protection so your blog is always online.

In addition, the Stage also brings other tools developed by Websites Are Us, such as WAU Convert, which was created with the purpose of generating conversions from its blog posts.

How can Websites Are Us’s Advanced WordPress Course help?

As you can see by then, creating a website or blog on WordPress is not a difficult task. Before long, a simple website or even an e-commerce can be online. However, its appearance and functionality will be similar to so many other sites that use the same themes, widgets and plugins.

And, to stand out in the market, your website should not be the same as everyone else’s. To differentiate you, you need to have a deeper knowledge of WordPress. For this reason, WAU University launched the Advanced WordPress Course for developers.

After all, both the design and the functionalities of the website or blog need to be linked to the business objectives. In the course, you will learn this from the following modules:

Module 1: Development environment

Here, you will know how to set up your WordPress development environment.

Module 2: Theme structure

The second module deals with how the structure and hierarchy of themes in WordPress works.

Module 3: Theme development

In order to make your website or blog look exactly like the functions you want, you need to know how to develop the themes, as you will learn in this module.

Module 4: Design planning

Finally, this last module presents the essential tools to plan the design suitable for your website or blog.

BONUS: Collaborative theme

In addition to all the knowledge above, the course also offers a super bonus: the creation of a public theme on Github so that students can collaborate when creating new features, reviewing codes and building an amazing WordPress theme together!

At the end of the course, there is a test of 15 questions and, when you get 70% or more correct, you will receive the WordPress Developer Certificate from WAU University!

How to register for the Advanced WordPress Course?

The course is part of WAU University’s premium plan. The registration process is quick, easy and does not require prerequisites (although we recommend knowledge of WordPress in practice). The price of your annual access is R $ 499 in cash or 6x of R $ 59.80.

However, for everyone who enrolls in the Advanced WordPress Course this month, we have an offer of 15% off! To win it, just click here or in the image below and insert WORDPRESS in the field that says “add a discount coupon”.

advanced wordpress course

Good studies!