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The Three Generations Report or 3G is a tool used to document the results of the applied strategies, as well as to understand what were the bottlenecks along this process.

A company’s goals are not only made to make managers and their employees happy. They exist because they are based on business objectives, so that achieving them makes the organization closer and closer to where it wants to go.

And to have a clear view that this path is being well planned and executed, it is necessary to make a Three Generations Report.

In order for you to learn how to apply this report in your business, we have separated the following points to be clarified on the topic:

Read on and learn more about each one!

What is the Three Generations Report

Also called 3G report, his objective is to point out everything that was done during the month in each sector of your company in order to know the actions that are being done and how efficient (or not) they are being.

The report’s name is based on three Japanese words that begin with the letter G, they are: genbutsu, genba and genjitsu.

Let us now see the meaning of each one and the importance of each one within the management of a company.


The first G refers to the problem. It is common for some companies to experience problems that they fail to notice. Let’s look at an example of an e-commerce that is not managing to sell as well as it would like.

Your website has good rankings and traffic, the products are good, but the sales are not coming. Finding the cause of this is part of the second G.


Here, the intention is to discover the source of the problem. Let’s continue with the example of the virtual store.

To find the source of the low number of sales, the company decides to do a survey of people who abandoned the cart.

So, most say that the payment form is exhaustive and confusing and that it made them give up on the purchase.


Once the problem has been identified in the genba, genjitsu analyzes the real condition of the problem.

In the case of e-commerce, the generator of the problem was the payment tool that was not working properly, which requires the work of a developer who can solve this problem.

Therefore, this last step, like the PDCA methodology, is focused on solving the problem.

Three Generation Report Template

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How the Three Generation Report Works

The 3G Report is based on the three concepts seen above and its application begins with respect to the past, present and future of the actions that take place within your company.

Now let’s look at the 5 steps necessary for the report to be composed, ideally, at the end of the month in order to analyze everything that has been done.

1. What was planned

The first step is to survey what was planned for the current month, from the strategies that were designed to the actions that needed to be carried out to achieve the goals.

For this information to be very clear, it is recommended to outline the strategic planning at the beginning of the month and document it afterwards. So, you just need to access the document to go through this first step instead of using memory.

2. What was done

Since execution planning may not correspond to what was actually performed, the second step is to identify what was done and the reasons for it.

After all, failing to execute what was planned is not necessarily bad as long as the results have been positive, which takes us to the next step.

3. What has been achieved

Here it should be pointed out everything that the actions brought, both positive and negative. It is also necessary to take into account other results achieved, even if they were not within the scope.

For example: the goal of the marketing team was to generate traffic and a guest post published with this intention made twice as many leads interested in buying the product or talking to a consultant. Although it was not within the plans and goals, it is a good achievement.

4. Problems identified

Then, you should list what problems you faced during the month, especially if the goal has not been met. The objective here is not to punish the member who did not bring the expected results, but to understand why he did not achieve it.

It is common for some followers to have difficulties in identifying these problems because they start from the premise that they did everything right. Therefore, meetings 1 to 1 are important in which the manager or owner of the business helps to find these problems so that the next step can be taken correctly.

5. Corrective actions

Finally, the last step is to know what corrective actions must be taken in order for the next months to be satisfactory. After all, the 3G Report is not intended to find the root of the problems solely, but also to point out what must be done to solve them.

Thus, by following the steps above, you will be able to make a 3G Report and share it with your employees so that they will put into practice what has been pointed out, resulting in a more efficient strategy.

Did you notice how the reports are fundamental in all sectors of a business, especially within the marketing team for being dedicated to generating more visibility, authority and opportunities for a company?

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