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Automation on Instagram is ideal for marketers who want to increase their productivity without losing efficiency. After all, it has features that make it easier to perform tasks on Instagram. In this article, we will present what the impacts of automation are for your company.

Time is a valuable item for professionals working in Marketing. Much of the day is filled with tasks that need to be performed efficiently to achieve the goal that the team defined in the planning stage.

The routine of a social media manager is no different. Only on Instagram, he needs to develop several tasks to maintain a good reputation of the brand in the online environment.

It is necessary to publish content, follow trends, dialogue with new and old followers, among other demands. At any given time, it is quite complicated to complete tasks with quality. That is why, automation on Instagram should be used by all companies.

It helps your team to develop repetitive tasks automatically and efficiently. In this article, we will explain the main information about automation on Instagram:

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What is an automation on Instagram?

Automation of Instagram serves to bring agility and efficiency to your business. Its main mission is to make Marketing analysts perform more tasks in less time. You can, for example, use automated messages to interact with new followers on Direct.

Automation on Instagram also allows you to enjoy the publications of those users who liked your content; shows which profiles interacted most with your brand and which ones stopped following your business.

In addition, they send a message to those profiles that are more engaged, respond to comments with agility, repost the content that is linked to your brand and follow a hashtag that is essential for your profile.

That way, you can use your time to do more strategic activities for your business.

Automation on Instagram brings several negative and positive points to your company. Thinking about it, we decided to make a list with the main benefits and disadvantages of this type of resource for your business.

What are the advantages of automation on Instagram?

Automation on Instagram can bring several advantages to a company.

Valuable insights for your business

The tool helps you understand how your persona behaves. That is: what is the best time to do your posts on Instagram.

The data tells you the days and times when your audience is most connected. This way, you will have the opportunity to reach more people and the message will arrive when it needs the content most.

More audience engagement

Another positive point regarding Instagram automation is the possibility to increase engagement with your persona.

Instagram allows you to have a more efficient interaction. From now on, your communication will be more direct with those people who are most likely to finalize a deal. This is very important as it increases the number of sales for your company.

Right strategies

The person responsible for your company’s social network must manage all interactions with users to monitor your brand’s reputation in the online environment. The big challenge is to monitor content efficiently, especially when a brand has thousands of followers.

Automation on Instagram helps you view this information in one place. Thus, you will know how the current scenario of your business is. If you understand how to interpret the numbers on Instagram, we recommend having the support of a company specialized in the subject – these professionals are able to pass on quality information that will influence marketing plans.

In addition, this type of automation capable of providing important tips for your brand, increasing engagement with users and facilitating the following of followers on Instagram.

Business visibility

The automation tool increases brand visibility. Your profile can follow other Instagram members. Through this contact, people may be interested in knowing more information about your product or service.

Following a person on the social network also increases the number of followers of your company because, generally, users like to repay the action that was performed at that time.

What are the disadvantages of automation on Instagram?

Automation on Instagram has some disadvantages. The biggest one is the loss of humanization in care, since all people receive the same message. Instagram starts working on autopilot. However, the speech that is used for João may not have the same effect for Maria.

The same strategy will not always bring good results for your business.

Most people don’t like talking to robots. This type of behavior can impair communication between the customer and the company. Of course, we are not condemning the use of the automation tool. However, it must be applied with a well-defined strategy. Otherwise, it will be more complicated to reach the goals on social networks.

How does automation work on Instagram?

Automation on Instagram is simpler than it looks. Communication with your customer becomes automatic as soon as he starts to follow your business profile.

These tools help the customer to remember your product or service more easily, as you do not have to contact them manually.

The messages that will be sent to the customer must be thought out with great care to generate the desired reach for your company. An automation tool can, for example, surprise new customers with a personalized message.

It is possible to create a welcome message, maintain the frequency of publication and improve the speed of responses. A simple conversation can bring more customers and profits to your business.

Monitoring of followers

We know how much the monitoring and control of a profile wears out a Marketing team. In just one day, she schedules posts, talks to other followers, welcomes newcomers to the network and tracks all the information that is published about the company.

Marketing automation brings more time for you to perform other activities such as:

  • ensure more followers;
  • reply to a comment;
  • analyze your profile numbers.

An automation cannot be used to gain followers on Instagram at any cost. That is not your role.

It is essential to make it clear that automation serves to schedule publications and assist in the management of communication.

A platform that offers another type of service should be ignored, as Instagram can report companies that are trying to find other ways to gain more followers.

What is the best automation tool on Instagram?

On the market, there are several automation tools on Instagram. Among the most common, are: Bume, Gerenciagram, Instazood, Perforgram and Postgrain.

Regarding automatic postings, we have the following tools: Agorapulse, Etus, mLabs, Postcron and Sprout Social.

To choose the best automation tool for your business, it is essential to analyze some items carefully:

  • check the practicality of the tool;
  • check if the platform has quality support to answer all your questions;
  • assess whether plans and prices are in line with the Marketing budget;
  • research on the company’s reputation with customers on social networks and on sites such as Reclame Aqui.

Another interesting point is that you should analyze how the tool performs.

There is no point in hiring a service that goes down several times. So, watch this question so you don’t get hurt by your strategy.

How to do automation on Instagram?

No doubt, investing in automation on Instagram is essential to guarantee the results your company wants.

However, the strategies must be in accordance with the goal and also with the style of the persona.

It never hurts to remember that Digital Marketing needs to be monitored to check the quality of its action plans.

So, choose a tool where you can execute the strategies and track the numbers of the business.

Gone are the days when Digital Marketing was developed based on “thinking”. Now, professionals need data to plan actions with more quality.

Automation on Instagram cannot be applied and overlooked by your company.

In addition to tracking the numbers, you should interact with those people who followed your profile or commented on a publication.

The lack of dialogue in the online environment can hinder your relationship with customers and even a negotiation.

Automation on Instagram is ideal for any type of business, be it small, medium or large.

However, you must have a definite goal to succeed on that social network.

This type of knowledge also helps to choose the automation tool that is most aligned with your company’s profile.

Now that you already know what automation is on Instagram, why it is important and how it works, download our ebook and learn the main strategies to enhance Marketing in Stories.