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The WAU University Facebook Course brings all the necessary techniques for you to insert your business in this social network and be very successful – which is why we dedicate this article entirely to it.

To set up and manage a marketing strategy that brings results, you need to know which online channels your actions should appear on. Facebook cannot be left out and, for you to learn everything about this social network, WAU University is launching the Facebook Course.

Even though many of us are social media users, for them to become true business generators for your company, it is not enough to publish texts and images that you consider beautiful.

Everything you do on Facebook needs to have a strategic bias to achieve the goals you want to achieve in digital media.

And so that you know what these biases are and how the Facebook Marketing Course will help, continue reading this post!

But, hasn’t Facebook died?

This is a very recurring question both in the area of ​​Digital Marketing and in the lives of people who use social networks just for leisure or to spend time. And, for both cases, the answer is “no”, Facebook did not die.

And to see how true this is, let’s start with a phrase said by Mark Zuckemberg himself about the possibility that Facebook is dying:

“Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They are in contact with their friends and family, in addition to building an image and identity of their brands. They are connecting with the audience they want to reach. So, if you’re not on Facebook, that’s almost a disadvantage. ”

Well, now for some numbers. In London alone, Facebook has 127 million active users. In other words, more than half of the London population accesses this social network every day. That means, no matter what people you reach or want to reach, your audience, for sure, is on Facebook.

Why is it important to do Facebook Marketing?

Now that you’ve seen that Facebook is more alive than ever, let’s look at the main reasons why you need to do Facebook Marketing.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world

Although some people prefer Instagram – which this year reached the mark of 1 billion users across the globe – the social network of the white F on the blue background remains the largest.

Facebook has a total of approximately 2.2 billion active users every month across the planet, which equates to more than ¼ of the world’s population.

Therefore, if you are thinking about not doing Facebook Marketing for your business, we suggest reconsidering that. After all, do you really want to be outside the largest social network in the world? Your competitor certainly doesn’t want to.

Brand strengthening

Another advantage that Facebook brings is making your brand better known to your audience. Every time you post some content on your fanpage, for example, it can be seen, liked, commented on and shared in other feeds.

This makes your company’s brand spread and a greater number of people come to know that your business exists. And, as the sales funnel concept shows us, the more people who visit you, the greater your chances of selling.

Growth of your organic traffic

Posting content periodically to your fanpage – which, as we explain here, is different from your personal profile – makes your organic reach on the social network grow. It’s more than that, you can grow organic traffic to your website or blog as well.

After all, every time you share links from blog posts or content from your website to Facebook and people click, Google identifies which visitors are accessing that content because it finds them relevant, which contributes to your ranking in search results.

For this reason, we also suggest making paid advertisements on Facebook in order to promote your website or blog, a subject we will talk about now.

Best cost-benefit in paid ads

When we talk about paid media, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads (which also covers Instagram Ads) are the most cited channels within marketing.

However, unlike Google Adwords, Facebook Ads has a huge advantage: it is cheaper!

In addition, it is also possible to insert your ads in different points of the social network such as:

Audience targeting

Within paid ads, Facebook also allows you to segment your audience so that your campaigns can reach the audience you want.

Thus, when creating them within Facebook’s Business Manager, you can specify to which audience you want to show your ads according to:

  • location;
  • age;
  • sex;
  • interests.

You can even target campaigns to a list of leads or customers so that only they can see the ads or an audience that has similar characteristics to them.

Increased sales and tracking metrics

Of course, this punctuality contributes to what your company wants to achieve: sell more.

And so that there is no guesswork in this process, Facebook’s Business Manager also has tracking metrics by which it is possible to see how many sales were made from its campaigns.

Of course, to execute all these points, you need to know the social network in depth and, for this reason, WAU University is launching the long-awaited Çmarketing bear on Facebook.

How is the Facebook Marketing Course at WAU University

Through this course, we will show you how you can achieve bigger and better results within your Marketing strategies and actions using Facebook.

Check out the first modules!

Module 1: Course presentation

Here, you will be presented with the complete course structure.

Module 2: Getting to know Facebook

This module tells the reasons that make Facebook a strong social network and how to get started on it.

Module 3: Dealing with the brand on Facebook

Here, you will learn the concept of brand and brand persona within Facebook, as well as how to produce killer content on the social network.

Module 4: Engagement

As we said, having a good organic reach is important, and you will learn how to achieve this in this module.

Module 5: Facebook Groups

Groups are one of the best tools on Facebook. For this reason, this module is entirely dedicated to teaching you how to use them and what metrics you can measure the results with.

Module 6: Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights brings metrics that you need to know to know how successful your strategies and actions are, as you will learn in this module.

Module 7: Case study

To further inspire you, two very interesting case studies are presented in the seventh module.

Is there also a Facebook Ads Course?

Certainly. WAU University’s Facebook Marketing Course is complete, so it also teaches you how to create campaigns within Facebook Ads. Below are the other modules dealing with the subject.

Module 8: Facebook Ads

This module outlines the reasons why you need to use paid media on Facebook as well as the situations where you should not use it.

Module 9: Facebook sales funnel

Here, you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel on the social network in order to create specific ads for each stage of the funnel.

Module 10: Facebook Ads Manager

As we said, you need to know the manager well to set up your ads. Therefore, this module will teach its overview, how to configure the pixel, create audiences and define the conversion points.

Module 11: Campaigns and ads

Once you know the manager well, in this step of the course you will know how to create campaigns according to the phases of the funnel.

Module 12: Measurement and adjustments

Finally, the last module brings you Facebook metrics and how to adjust your ads to make them reach your goals.

How to register for the Facebook Marketing Online Course?

The course is part of WAU University’s premium plan. The registration process is very simple and does not require prior knowledge. The annual access price is R $ 499 in cash or 6x of R $ 99.80.

However, whoever enrolls this August in the Marketing Course on Facebook receives an incredible offer of 15% off! To win it, just click here or in the image below and insert FACEBOOK in the field that says “add a discount coupon”.


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