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Marketing for the elderly may be overlooked by some companies but they are the trend you should be watching. Learn how to do it here!

Have you thought about marketing to the elderly? Not yet? Then keep reading!

The definition of marketing, according to the American Marketing Association, is as follows:

“Marketing is an activity, a set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offers that are of value to consumers, customers, partners and society in general.”

Although the marketing proposal encompasses society in general, promotions and strategies are massively aimed at millennials, born in full digital development.

However, a minimal part of the promotional actions involve the elderly and, when they turn to them, they are usually dated and stereotyped.

Of course, innovations start with younger generations first, but eventually they reach the most traditional slice. Therefore, it is essential to think of strategies that include those who are over 65 years old.

They are migrating to the digital environment exponentially, they work more and more and remain active. The concept of grandparents who only stay at home and perform daily tasks is out of the question.

There are countless reasons to invest in marketing for the elderly, so come and find out why and how you should do it!

Why invest in marketing for the elderly?

In 2015 alone, there were 900 million people over the age of 65 worldwide. According to the WHO, by 2050, this number is expected to increase to a gigantic 2 billion people, totaling one fifth of the world population.

The population is aging more and more with the advance of life expectancy. Considering the decrease in the fertility rate, the population tends to age as a whole.

In addition to representing a huge demographic slice, the elderly have much greater economic capacity than the young.

According to Bloomberg, 70% of available revenue is concentrated in the hands of groups over 50 in the United States. By the end of this decade, the forecast is that this will concentrate an astronomical market of 15 trillion dollars.

Thus, they constitute a large group with high income and greater purchasing capacity, qualifying an extremely desired audience for marketing. For these reasons alone, we cannot ignore them.

And if that doesn’t impress you, know that the older ones represent the group that is most subscribing to social networks today. In the commercial sphere, 72% of baby boomers, the new elderly, have already made at least one purchase online, while 83% of them have already researched a product before making an offline purchase.

The internet is convenient and empowering. It works as a means of staying active and up to date with the world. For this reason, it has been gaining more and more senior supporters, who first of all use the digital medium to keep in touch with the family, but soon after use it to discover good purchases and promotions.

They already have a considerable income, will represent more and more of the population and are increasingly active in the digital environment: it is essential not to have marketing actions in this environment that are not aimed at them either.

That is, in addition to traditional marketing, it is possible – and necessary – to invest in digital marketing for the elderly. So be creative and use interesting strategies.

It is no longer possible to underestimate them and take antiquated actions if they do not see themselves as such!

How should marketing to the elderly be?

1. Communicate with the right persona

It is true that the elderly have some common interests, such as health, well-being, family and topics that become more important in old age. Still, the hobbies of when they were younger are still alive.

A man who has liked cars all his life will not stop liking just because he has aged, will he? The same applies to any other hobbies, which remain active and even intensify, as they have more free time to dedicate themselves to them.

Also look for representation through images and drawings. There is no need to do a visual action aimed only at them, just include them in visual representations to make them feel part of your brand.

Therefore, contemplate a persona with whom you can identify, but do not forget to segment them according to their individual characteristics. Every elderly person is a person with unique tastes, above stereotypes.

Guide to creating personas

2. Be direct and clear

You need to be creative, but there is no need to follow trends from the youngest and implement frills. Older people receive better campaigns that transmit direct messages. The ideal is that the person can recognize the purpose of the action in up to 3 seconds.

This direct action must also be present in the visual and textual language. Avoid loaded images, double meanings and modern slang that may be inappropriate.

Also thinking about a very common difficulty in old age, use letters and warnings in large size and easy to be read. Use clear fonts and apply the scan to make the reading as dynamic as possible.

The reader must be able to read your message and understand it quickly, or else he will switch to some other subject with which he can better deal.

3. Focus on usability

More and more elderly people migrate to digital, but even so, they may have difficulty assimilating certain resources. So try your best to develop intuitive ways for him to achieve the goal of your strategy.

Try to use banners and simple ads for the conversion. After that, opt for transitions with short and objective information exchanges. Another great solution is to offer a message exchange service to your support or sales team, which is straightforward and easy to use.

It is essential to create a path that they can take on their own, since they aim to remain independent.

4. Earn their trust

Older consumers tend to be much more loyal to a brand and are more cautious before changes in habits, services and products. So you need to gain their trust throughout the process and show how change can be positive.

Always focus on the benefits your product brings, not the price or some irrelevant data. More than selling, present what it means and how it will improve the life of the senior who will use it.

A great tip is to invest in good branding. Tell your story, show your values ​​and present your vision. You can use features like storytelling and win your purchase with what your brand represents.

Make use of testimonials from other consumers to give credibility to the effectiveness of what you are promoting. They generate identification with a problem and show how your product solved it. They can come at all times, in banners, sessions on your website and even from your sales team.

The elderly are also very fond of safety during the purchase. Show how your business is safe and committed to the customer. Demonstrate this through recognized certificates and thoughtful payment, delivery, exchange and return methods.

5. Have a great sales and service team

As most older people do not work and end up spending time alone, it is always good to show availability to chat at any stage of your customer journey.

the customer journey

Instead of the usual difficulty in scheduling a call, be prepared to talk a lot and, finally, be able to explain your processes calmly. Spend time, be personal, pay attention and share good stories. It is extremely important to show that you care about him and his problem, and to create careful rapport.

Equally relevant or even more, your support team must be trained to assist the elderly. Empathy and patience are two fundamental skills for achieving good customer support, but they should be even more helpful to older people.

A good technique is to show yourself present right after the purchase to ensure customer satisfaction and to accompany him, if it is a continuous service. That way, you can demonstrate that your brand is there throughout your journey, creating an incredible consumer experience.

6. Invest in the comfort of your consumer

If even young people, who are in their physical prime, are leaving home and opting for everything online, why would older people do this?

A differential you can bet on is comfort. Personalized deliveries, consultancies and services at home can be good solutions for them and investments for you.

Thinking digitally now, invest well in your organic traffic to be found quickly. Increasingly, the elderly just throw what they want to know on Google, but they will not spend time on long searches on poorly produced sites.

Do not think twice about optimizing your SEO strategies and maintaining a corporate blog structured to rank better and appear before your competitors.

SEO 2.0 Guide

7. Abuse of good traditional marketing techniques

Yes, the older generation is moving strongly towards the digital medium, but that does not mean that they have abandoned the old media.

Nowadays, it is necessary to adapt and remain present where your consumer is. As the elderly are in transition, it is ideal to gain space in different places.

So, how about combining physical and television actions with your digital strategy? The audience remains high and it is always good to stay present in all media that are relevant to your personas.

In addition, go strong with promotional actions that make them feel special and can be shared with friends and family, both in word of mouth and online. 2 for 1 promotions, seasonal campaigns, discount coupons are very successful.

Another great opportunity is to always remind them of special shopping dates, such as birthdays and celebrations. Big data is there to help you with that!

It is not so difficult to adopt these tactics, right? You just need to consider this part of society more than relevant when designing your strategies to ensure that they identify with your brand and are able to use it easily.

Now that you know why and how to invest in marketing for the elderly, how about knowing more about how to segment your audience with personas? Learn what Buyer Personas are and how to create them!

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